What Are the Best Wigs for Alopecia in 2023?

Every day, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, there will be a moment when we catch sight of ourselves in a mirror. And it’s important that we recognize and like the person staring back.

In an age of social media and selfies, our societies seem to have never stressed more about how we look: clear skin, and a full head of lush hair.

But what about if you don’t fit into this stereotype? What if you don’t have any hair at all?

Before Jo, Kate, Joanne, and Michelle, four New Zealanders, tried on their first medical wigs for white women, their world was filled with tears and depressing moments that kept them humbled.

Let’s start with a short video and see what the four New Zealand females, from high school and university students to a single mother of three, had to go through while coping with the real downer, alopecia.

Four Kiwi Women’s Wig Story

I must call the episode a masterpiece presented by the dominant TVNZ. The story is so well-structured. In the end, Joanne, Kate, and Jo, with the in-time support of warm-hearted TVNZ reporter Michelle, who had also been a human hair wig wearer since childhood, all started wearing the best wigs for bald heads.

The story seems to have a great ending. All three beautiful figures are given one of the best human hair wigs for alopecia. They seem to be happy. But every scrupulous viewer can’t deny that the story will continue outside the screen without us knowing where the rest of the plot will lead.

Is the Current Human Hair Wig Subsidy Insufficient?

Michelle had been hiding her identity as a human hair wig wearer all her life. None of her colleagues knew she had been a medical wig wearer, as she’s been wearing one of the best human hair wigs for alopecia. The reporter disclosed her wig-wearing identity only to call out to people and authorities worldwide to help those women with alopecia.

Still, the NZ government’s subsidy for medical wigs at the moment is only NZ$2,900 per person and will be paid once every nine years. That amount can hardly cover the cost of a single human hair wig or a medical wig. But each woman with alopecia and styling requirements will need at least one or two of the best wigs for hair loss per year.

The Warm-hearted Reporter Has a Big Project to Accomplish

Michelle still has a long way to go in convincing New Zealand’s Ministry of Health to increase the subsidy for human hair wigs. So, many other women like Joanne, Kate, and Jo can afford the best wigs for white women whenever needed.

Like Joanne’s mom said at the end of the video, women like Joanne, Kate, and Jo shouldn’t feel they are not worth living a good life just because they can’t afford one of the best wigs for white women made of human hair.

The video makes it look like medical or human hair wigs are the only option for women with alopecia. But many people who have received primary education must have asked, “Are there no other treatments to solve alopecia?”

Before we discuss treatments or cures and why human hair medical wigs are the best way to treat female alopecia for Caucasian women, we need to clarify what alopecia is.

What Is Alopecia?

The voiceover at the beginning of the video says that alopecia is when the patient’s immune system attacks her hair cells, causing her hair to fall out. That’s partially true. She described only one type of alopecia, the most notorious, alopecia areata.

Many people need clarification on alopecia and alopecia areata. By definition, the word “alopecia” was used by ancient physicians dating back to Hippocrates. It was so named due to the fur loss in fox mange. While “areata” is derived from the Latin word “area,” meaning vacant spaces or patches.

When talking about female alopecia, we simply mean female hair loss. The word “alopecia” isn’t short for “alopecia areata.”


Patterns and Stages of Women’s Alopecia

Beginning Stage: The person starts to shed hair in a diffused pattern along the middle part line across the head. Women at this stage can try on a small-sized hair topper or hair integrations system


Developing Stage: The bald area is quite obvious. The hair on the top thins out, exposing the scalp. A medium to large-sized hair topper or a regular hair integration system will do a great job.

alopecia Developing Stage

Advanced Stage: Most of the head is bald, especially the crown area. The hair at the back and sides is also very thin. A large-sized toupee for women will suit. If they don’t feel like shaving off their natural hair, mesh hair integration systems with small holes on the top or a hybrid integration system will quickly create a full-hair look.


Completely Bald: All hair is gone. People with this hair condition are mainly due to chemotherapy or alopecia universalis (when the patient has lost all her hair, even her eyebrows, lashes, etc.), like Kate, the university student in the TVNZ video. Out of the question, get her a full-cap wig.

alopecia-completely baldness

Unpatterned Hair Loss: This is the main symptom of areata alopecia. There are one or multiple coin-sized (usually round or oval) patches on the patient’s scalp or other spots on the body that grow hair. Mini hair patches or toppers are perfect choices for this hair condition.

alopecia Unpatterned Hair Loss

What Causes Female Alopecia?

Let’s watch and finish watching the 2-min video below to understand the five primary causes of alopecia in women.

It is estimated that over 50% of females experience hair loss. Most of the causes are alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, traumatic alopecia, etc., but cicatricial alopecia, telogen effluvium, and traumatic alopecia are the most common.

  • Anagen effluvium: caused by medications poisoning growing hair follicles (like chemotherapy).
  • Telogen effluvium: caused by an increased number of hair follicles that have reached the telogen phase, the stage where hair falls out.
  • Female pattern hair loss (FPHL)/baldness/Androgenetic alopecia/Female pattern alopecia/: this type is the most common type of hair loss. Hair thins over the top and sides of the head.

The diagnosis is usually based on a detailed history and a focused physical exam. Punch biopsies or specific laboratory tests may be required for some patients.

Is Female Alopecia Curable?

As said above, “alopecia” simply means hair loss caused by various reasons. Some can be cured, while others cannot. Like alopecia areata, there’s currently no cure for it. However, most doctors recommend treatments in the hopes that the hair will regrow faster.

Do You Know About Corticosteroids?

Most doctors prescribe corticosteroids, powerful anti-inflammatory drugs that can suppress the immune system. These are commonly administered through injections, topical ointment application, or orally.

Is Hair Regrowth Guaranteed?

Female hair loss or baldness is usually unpredictable. Like alopecia areata, hair can grow back without treatment. That happens most often when the patient has only a few bald patches. However, it might or might not fall out again after growing back.

Why Human Hair Wigs Are the Best Solution for Female Hair Loss?

Remember the four ladies in the video? None of their hair grew back, and they eventually had to start wearing human hair wigs for white women to cover their shaved and bald heads.

Lots of Medications or Treatments Do Not Work Effectively

As was already said, hair loss, or alopecia, can be caused by different things, and there are different kinds of alopecia. In some cases, the natural hair can grow back; in others, it cannot.

Besides corticosteroids, minoxidil, anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP are drugs that either promote hair growth or harm the immune system. At the same time, some of these may aid in hair regrowth. But they cannot stop the development of new bald patches if there are meant to be any.

Why Not Hair Transplants?

Before a hair transplant, every patient has to go through an examination. Not many can pass the test. Even for those who have had their hair transplanted successfully, no doctor can guarantee that the hair will stay in place.

Take That star Robbie Williams https://www.newtimeshair.com/blog/robbie-williams-hair-wig-2022-qatar/ is a perfect example of that scenario.

Also, remember that female alopecia is primarily caused by diseases, not aging. The hair may grow back again; you never know. Whether it does or not, bald patches are the problem. If you plant a hair there, it’ll likely fall out again.

Quality Human Hair Wigs Give Instant Results

Most prescribed drugs that work don’t show positive effects until months or even a year later. Over half don’t work at all. The best medical and human hair wigs for women, on the other hand, give the wearer the length and volume they desire. They are the best wigs for alopecia.


Quality Human Hair Wigs Cause No Harm

Regardless of how and why the wearer loses her hair, they can put on a quality human hair wig. Any hairstyle dominated by the world’s hottest celebrities will be achievable.

Most human hair wigs primarily attach to the head using tape or adhesive. At New Times Hair, we use chemical-free American tape or Italian glue for attaching the wig to bald patches.

Quality human hair wigs cause no harm at all to the scalp. That TVNZ reporter, Michelle, whose family has been buying her human hair wigs since high school, could do most of her favorite sports, such as hockey while wearing her wig. There have never been allergic reactions on her scalp since she started wearing human hair wigs.

Best Human Hair Wigs and Toppers for Women With Alopecia

What are the best wigs for hair loss? What are the best wigs for alopecia? We recommend human hair wigs if you are experiencing alopecia because they blend perfectly with natural hair and make the wig look the most natural. Human hair wigs and hairpieces last much longer than their synthetic counterparts.

Also, ensure the base blends in with the wearer’s scalp so that the hairline isn’t visible and the hair parts look natural, too.

If you want a wig that’s more real and practical than the wigs the four New Zealand females wore in the TVNZ video, contact New Times Hair.

Here are some of our top-notch human hair wigs and hair toppers for white women in particular.

All the wigs and hairpieces for women sold at New Times Hair are of 100% human hair, with unified direction and intact cuticles, smooth and free of matts and tangles.

ANN Women’s Lace Hair Topper With a Silk Top

ANN is one of our double-lace hair toppers with a silk top; it is an ideal human hair wig for white women. French lace makes the most breathable base, perfect for users vacationing on tropical islands.


The double-lace base is covered with a silk top, the best material that resembles the natural human scalp. 100% Remy human hair is knotted to the double-lace base and threaded through the silk top layer without any knots, giving the most realistic look—a full head of smooth, lush hair; no one can tell this is a wearer of human hair wigs.

Four pressure-sensitive clips are positioned strategically on the underside of the base. The wearer can easily attach it to her natural hair any time and anywhere she wants, without the help of a stylist.

For Hair Loss StageBeginning Stage, Developing Stage
Base TypeSilk top
Base Size14cm×16cm, 13cm×15cm
Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length25cm, 30cm
Hair Color (NLH COLOR RING)Natural Black
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Swiss Lace Women’s Hair Toupee

The super-breathable Swiss lace base, which is natural and realistic, makes for the best wearing experience.

The front of the base is bleached to give the most realistic-looking hairline.


A clear PU perimeter runs around the back and sides, strengthening the base. Simply apply tape or adhesive around the perimeter and stick it to the wearer’s scalp, and you’re done!

For Hair Loss StageAdvanced Stage
Base Size7″x9″
Hair Length14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair TypeIndian hair
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#1B, #2, #4, #6

Mesh Hair Integration System For a Thinning Crown

One of the best hair integration methods for women with a thinning crown. The user can have it put on instantly.

No need to shave the head. Simply place the mesh over the wearer’s natural hair, and pull the wig hair through the holes. It will easily mix with the wearer’s hair, giving a natural, full-head-of-hair look.


There are Multiple base designs available to fit different shapes of balding areas and positions.

For Hair Loss StageBeginning Stage, Developing Stage
Base Material4×4mm and 1×1cm PE lines, Mono top 9×13cm and PE lines 1×1cm, Silk top parting 5×11cm and PE lines 7×7mm
Base Size6″x6″
Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair Color (NSL COLOR RING)Natural Black, #2, #4, #6, #8, #613
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Clip-in Mono Hair Topper for the Thinning Crown

However it looks on our model, it could look better on you. Monofilament is the most robust base material. The PU perimeter strengthens the base even more. Four pressure-sensitive clips are positioned around the base for the most secure fit.


100% unprocessed virgin hair is used to endure heavy styling needs. Sew-on clips are installed for easy attaching. The wearer can attach and remove it at any time. Multiple colors are available, including mixed highlights and ombre colors.

For Hair Loss StageBeginning Stage
Base MaterialFine mono
Base Size5″×3″
Hair TypeVirgin hair
Hair Length10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair Color (NHJ COLOR RING)#60, #6-10, #18-22, #T3-22, #T4-8-60, #Tarey-P
Hair Density130%
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

Best European Human Hair Wigs for White Women with Shaved Head

A master hairpiece for Caucasian ladies with a shaved head. 100% Europan human hair is injected into the PU skin base, resembling the knotless natural human hair scalp in every way.


European hair is the finest, rarest in the world. It mixes perfectly with Caucasian ladies’ natural hair, giving them the most natural, elegant look.

Simply apply adhesive to the PU base, and attach it to the scalp. You are done! They are super easy to maintain and offered at affordable wholesale prices.

For Hair Loss Stage0.127 kg
Base MaterialInjected thin skin 0.08mm
Base Size8″x10″
Front ContourCC
Hair TypeEuropean hair
Hair Length6″, 8″, 10″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair DensityMedium
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #20

Silicone Wig for Shaved Head

All four females in the TVNZ episode looked great, wearing some of the best wigs for white women. Our silicone wigs are great options for women undergoing chemotherapy or other diseases resulting in alopecia. It is an ideal wig for cancer patients.


Top-quality Remy human hair, and silicone base, make for the most straightforward attaching technique. The wearer simply puts it on, and the wig will stay. Hair is freestyle and can part in any direction, giving you multiple styling options.

For Hair Loss StageAdvanced Stage
Base TypeSkin, Silicone
Hair TypeProvided hair, Chinese hair, Chinese Virgin hair, European hair, Mongolian hair
Hair Length18″
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, Follow hair sample
Curl & WaveNatural Straight, Body Wave

Medical Wigs for White Women

Again, this is another excellent medical wig for white women undergoing chemotherapy. The human hair wig has multiple fancy colors, including the most popular T-color options.


The stretch mesh method is adopted in the base design for perfect comfort and a realistic look. Plus, it can flexibly adapt to different head sizes. There are four unique base designs for four unique installation methods.

100% silky Chinese virgin hair is used, giving the most lustrous and realistic look and accommodating multiple styling options. French lace front presents the most realistic-looking hairline. Quiff, push-back, etc., the wearer can bravely show off the hairline. No one can tell this is a wig wearer.

For Hair Loss StageCompletely Bald Stage
Base TypeMono, Lace front, Mono top, Wefted
Hair TypeChinese Virgin hair
Hair Length14″, 18″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#4, #6, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #1740T, #2020T, #6244T

Hair Patches for Ladies with Bald Spots

More than a treatment, more than a look, these hair patches just feel like part of the head. The wearer can flaunt their hair again with regained confidence and pride!


These nonsurgical hair patches are ideal for women with alopecia areata, featuring solid hold and being the most affordable. You just need to glue the patches of the correct sizes to the bald spots where they are needed.

Three sizes are available, 1 “*1”, 2 “*2”, and 3 “*3”. Each patch can still be cut into smaller sizes and various shapes for an exact fit.

For Hair Loss StageUnpatterned hair loss
Base Material0.08mm thin skin
Base Size1″×1″, 2″×2″, 3″×3″
Hair Length14″
Hair TypeRemy hair


Nearly half of all women go through alopecia either temporarily or permanently. The word “alopecia” simply means hair loss. Different diseases cause alopecia, such as alopecia areata, anagen effluvium, etc.

Doctors prescribe medications and other treatments for hair to grow back more quickly. But they usually take a long time to see positive results, and many medications don’t work. Hence human hair wigs became the ultimate and the most suitable treatment to fight alopecia.

New Times Hair has worked in the hairpiece industry for over a decade. We are well-versed and know the ins and outs of the industry. We have developed a new supply chain to closely watch every step of production. That allows us to keep costs to a minimum while retaining quality.

Our mission is to ensure every man and woman going through hair loss can afford a medical wig or human hair wig. Welcome to our collection of women’s hair systems, human hair wigs and medical wigs for Caucasian ladies. Surely one will suit your client at the most affordable price ever.

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