How We Grade Our Hair

Before we can think about treating hair or ventilating it to our hair replacement systems in our factory in China, we first need to sort it into different lengths. That’s because most of the time, the raw human hair that we receive from vendors do not meet our hair length standards as there is often too much short hair mixed in amongst the bundle. To ensure our finished hair units have the correct hair length, we need to pull out the short hair and grade our bundles of hair to bundles of different lengths. In this blog, we will explain the steps we take to sort our hair into bundles of the same length hair.

First, we will pull the raw hair through a large steel comb that is mounted to a table to get rid of the short hair. This process also helps to smoothen out the hair.

Next, we will take a wooden paddle and pat one end of the hair bundle to make one end of the bundle very neat and even. This makes the next stage of the grading process a lot easier.

We will clamp the hair down in the large steel comb using another steel comb. Now, it will be obvious to see which of the strands of hair are of different lengths. We will take some small pincers and little by little, pull out the hair of different lengths. We will do this methodically by pulling out strands of hair that are of a similar length so we will be able to create new, smaller bundles of hair with hair of the same length. We can repeat this process to create bundles of different lengths i.e. 16”, 14” etc.

Once we have our bundles, we will tie up the hair at one end.

At New Times Hair we guarantee that at least 75% of all hair on our hair replacement systems meets the relevant hair length requirements for a given hair system. If you would like further information on how we grade our hair then please feel free to send an email to

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