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In today’s world, it seems more and more people are troubled by hair loss. Hair is, after all, a defining feature for many. Yet the reality is, you needn’t worry too much about hair loss because there are ways to tackle hair loss and two obvious ways are through a transplant or by wearing a hair replacement systems. This article will focus on how to choose a natural hair replacement systems.


If you want to choose a natural hair wig or hair replacement systems, you must first think about the most suitable kind for yourself. For example, hair color, hair length, hair wave, hair density, and hairstyle must be the same as or as close to possible to your own hair otherwise it will be a giveaway to others that you are wearing a hair system. Secondly, you need to understand some basic features of wigs or hair replacement systems. A hairpiece comprises a base material and human hair. The base materials we usually use are French lace, Swiss lace, fine monofilament, clear poly, poly with gauze, poly-coated, German net, and integration net. They are all very natural materials and we will discuss them all over the course of the blog. However, when choosing a natural wig, just knowing about base materials is not enough. You must also understand how we knot a hairpiece. That is to say, the ventilation methods that we use. Different base materials have different ventilation methods.


Let’s discuss specific ventilation methods. French lace usually has single split knots and double split knots. Single split knots are used at the front hairline because these knots are small, individual ones so they are more natural. Double split knots are – as the name suggests – two knots so they are bigger. They are used on the rest of the base. Double split knots are more durable than single knots. They are strong but not so natural and that’s why it often makes sense to use double knots on the other parts of the base. Swiss lace is very similar to French lace but Swiss lace is more delicate. It is thinner than French lace but as a result, less strong and less durable. Being thinner it is softer and more natural. However, we can only use single split knots on Swiss lace because it is fragile and cannot withstand the ventilation of double split knots to the material. Some clients are unsure about how to choose between French lace and Swiss lace. The answer is actually very simple: choose according to your needs. If you are looking for the most natural effects from a hair system, then choose Swiss lace. If you want a lace hairpiece that is stronger and more durable then choose French lace. If you want lace hair replacement systems that are both natural and strong, we would suggest French lace.


The next base material is fine monofilament which is usually referred to as fine mono. It looks like cloth. It has very small holes and is breathable and strong. Since it is a strong material we use double split knots. Both base materials and the ventilation method are strong and durable. This is what makes fine mono hairpieces the most durable type of hairpieces. However, if you look at it from a realism perspective, fine mono base material is not the best choice.

Then, there is poly material. There are three types of poly: clear poly, poly with gauze and poly-coated. If we first take poly with gauze and poly-coated, they both use single split knots. Since a layer of poly will be applied again after ventilation, single knots are durable enough. Clear poly is a material with which three different ventilation methods are possible: V-loops, injected hair, and single split knots. For V-looped hair, the hair is inserted into one side and comes out from the other side. There are no knots. Injected hair is inserted directly into the poly. It also has no knots. Single split knots is hair that is tied to poly. So of the three ventilation methods, V-loops and injected hair are the most natural. Single split knots, however, are stronger and more durable. Let’s look at the pictures below to understand these methods better.



Next, we have German net, integration net and other types of net that all usually have double split knots because they are more durable. Since these base materials are not used along the front hairline there is no need to use single split knots.

Finally, we have silk top hair systems which are a combination of French lace and silk mono. First, the hair is knotted to French lace with single knots and then pulled through the silk mono. From above, it looks just like our own scalp with hair appearing to grow directly out it to create a very natural effect for the wearer: The picture will help you understand the design process better.



By now, you will have learned that to get more realistic hairpieces, you will need more natural ventilation methods and the three most natural methods are V-loops, injected hair,  and silk tops. Contact us now at to choose the most suitable one for your customers.

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