D7-3 Fine Mono Hair System With PU Perimeter for Wholesale

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Introducing our cutting-edge D7-3 Fine Mono Hair System – Crafted with precision, it boasts a reinforced fine mono top and a sturdy PU perimeter, guaranteeing remarkable longevity. Available in five sizes to accommodate diverse head shapes, it ensures a tailored fit for every client of yours. We source 100% premium human hair to deliver a seamless, natural blend that effortlessly enhances your client’s style—experience quality and convenience with our D7-3 Fine Mono Hair System!


  • Breathable and durable, blends well with the client’s hair and scalp
  • PU perimeter strengthens the hair system and makes it easy to attach and remove
  • 100% human hair blends perfectly with the client’s natural hair
  • Newtimes Hair is a trusted source for hairstylists, salons, cosmetology schools, and clinics across the globe


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