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You don’t have to part ways with your hair just yet. If you are facing loss of hair and subsequently, loss of confidence, we bring you customizable hair system accessories. You can choose from a wide variety of professional quality accessories designed to suit your style.    Read More >>

Hair System Accessories

Hair replacement sellers invest a good amount of money on accessories for better quality and durability. While wigs are a classic addition to a beauty arsenal for a reason—they don’t expire, they’re reusable and they’re available in a range of designs and styles—they’ll need help to get the job done. That’s why smart shop and salon owners need to invest in accessories too. With a ton of hair accessories online, finding the right options can be a bit of a daunting task, though. Start with the basics. Look over the wigs in your business’ collection and pinpoint the accessories that sell most often. Do you always run out of that one item? Then that’s a good sign of an accessory that you need to stock up on, sooner rather than later.

Explore Your Options

Consider the styles of wigs in stock. Choose accessories based on the client’s demand to fix hairpieces or to try different hairpieces for them. We provide hair replacement tape from Walker and Super Tape, the most popular brand in this market. The other accessories we provide include wig stands, wig clips, base materials like lace mono, knotting needle, micro ring and so on. This is going to help you pick the hair system accessories that best fit your stock and clientele.

Know Where To Buy

Hair is power and part of knowing how to work beautiful hairpieces to best advantage is making sure to buy high-quality hair wig accessories in the first place. If accessories in stock are second-rate, look cheap or break down much too soon, then take steps to change and upgrade to please the customer. Shop for premium accessories from Newtimes Hair. Enjoy our wide selection of choices.

What Are The Most Common Hair Replacement Accessories

Whether buying stock or custom-made wigs, salon and shop owners need to get excellent-quality hair replacement accessories. At Newtimes Hair, our team works hard to provide trendy, stylish, and useful hair accessories online. Our varied selection includes basics such as hairpiece tape options, wig shampoo, ultra-hold minis, wig tape and more. These accessories may not be that important, but without a sturdy toupee tape, the wig will always be in danger of falling off. That’s the last thing anyone wants. To ensure that the hair replacement product is secure, use a hair system tape. At Newtimes Hair, we provide a lot of options for hair wig tape, so your customers won’t need to worry about their expensive hairpiece getting out of place.

See more of the hairpieces we have in store and check out our online catalogue for accessories that will go perfectly with the wigs. With our wigs and accessories, any type of hair will be secure and so will the customer’s confidence. Fine hairpieces are an investment, whether custom-made or off the shelf, the right accessories like the wig stands, wig clips, base materials like lace mono, knotting needle, micro ring and hair replacement tapes are properly maintained for better wig life.