HS7 Full Swiss Lace Hair System Realistic Hairline

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Comfort and a realistic look don’t often collide. But with HS7 full Swiss lace hair system, they live in total harmony. Engineered for a soothing, breathable wearing experience, this full Swiss lace hair system seamlessly integrates 100% human hair with your client’s natural locks, delivering an utterly authentic look and unmatched comfort. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace a hairpiece that effortlessly combines comfort and lifelike aesthetics, allowing the wearer to exude confidence and elegance effortlessly.


  • Breathable: This full Swiss lace hair system keeps the scalp nice and cool through the summer heat
  • Stability: Hair in double knots and will never come off the base
  • Looking Realistic:  The full Swiss lace base and 100% human hair make it look just like the wearer’s own hair
  • Hairline: Roots bleached from the underside, looking natural and authentic
  • Availability: Ideal for wholesale, Retail, B2B, B2C, Resellers, and Hair Specialists


  • Regular shampooing and conditioning, but not too often
  • Avoid sulfate shampoos and products
  • Follow: Hair System Care and Maintenance Guide for more details
  • Avoid too much swimming with this full Swiss lace hair system on; soak the hair with fresh water before and after
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