How to Measure Head for Wigs

Now you have a keen customer begging you for a custom-made wig. You’ve got the supplier down the line and her dream hairstyle in your head. But first, you may have to figure out how to measure head size, as all custom-made human hair wigs are required to fit the wearer’s head impeccably.

Simply run through this short post. In a couple of minutes, you will master the simple steps on how to take head measurements for wigs.

Step1: How to Measure Head Circumference

Step1. Circumference

First, determine where the wig will cover precisely. Contour it out with a pen or marker. Then, firmly stretch your measuring tape around the contour line, and note down the measurement. That is the circumference of the wearer’s head. You’d say it’s simple. And yes, you’ll soon tell how easy it is to take head measurements for wigs.

Step 2. How to Measure Between Front and Back

Step2. Front to Back

Find the middle point of the front hairline, and mark it. Starting from this point, wrap your measuring tape toward the back, following the arch of the skull, and end at the neck bend. Note down your measurement.

How to find the neck bend: The neck bend is not exactly the bottom of the nape, though close. Place 3 or 4 fingers at your client’s nape. Ask her to tilt her head back. As she does,  the skin around her nape will fold in. We call the fold his neck bend. End your tape just above the neck bend. That’s the front-to-back measurement you need.

Step 3. How to Measure Ear to Ear over the Front of the Head

Step3. Ear to Ear over the Forehead

Start about half an inch above one of your customer’s ears, and wrap your tape across the front hairline (following the circumference contour line) down to the other ear. Now you have her ear-to-ear forehead measurement. What do you think about taking head measurements for wigs? As simple as the beginning.

Step 4. How to Measure Head Width

Step4. Ear to Ear over the Top

Starting about half an inch above one ear, wrap your tape around the top of the head down to the other ear. Now you have her ear-to-ear measurement over the top.

Step 5. Measure Temple to Temple over the Back of the Head

Step5. Temple to Temple over the Back of the Head

Touch the back of your customer’s head, not entirely down to the nape, and you’ll feel a slight increase in her skull. Let’s call it Increase. Starting from one side of the head, where the front hairline meets the temple area, wrap your tape across the back of her head, passing through that Increase to the same spot of other side of the head. The temple-to-temple measurement is ready.

Step 6. How to Measure Neck Width

Step6. Neck Width

The so-called neck width is in fact the width of the back hairline. Starting from the tip of one mastoid bone, wrap your tape around the back of the neck to the other mastoid bone. Here you have her neck width.


Ah, I knew you would say it’s easy. Taking head measurements for wigs may seem like an elusive expertise, out of reach for many. But now, as a new trade, you’ve mastered it splendidly. Have some fun now!

If you have any queries about human hair wigs, don’t even hesitate. Leave us a comment below or contact us immediately. We’ll help you sort them out. We’ll regularly publish educational video clips to answer all your needs.

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