KAILANI High-Grade Remy Human Hair Topper With Fine Mongolian Hair

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Picture this: the girl next door isn’t just any girl—she’s a fairy from a realm of legend, unforgettable and utterly mesmerizing. That’s the transformation Kailani promises. With this luxurious Mongolian remy human hair topper, your clients can easily captivate anyone, leaving a lasting impression that’s impossible to forget.

Crafted from the finest Mongolian hair, its silky texture and enduring color invite admiration and close encounters.Plus, its expertly hand-tied lace base guarantees comfort and naturalness.Kailani isn’t just an accessory; it’s a ticket to enchantment, ensuring your clients become the center of attention and desire.


  • High-grade Mongolian hair for a touch of luxury
  • Hair is dyed slowly to keep it natural, and the color never fades
  • Hand-tied lace base for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Scientifically placed poly strips keep the base strong


  • Wash regularly but not too often
  • Avoid sulfate- and paraben-rich shampoo and products.
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Mongolian hair

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5.5"×6"(14cm x 15.2cm)

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Stock Kailani Remy Human Hair Topper and Turn the Client into a Fairy!

Imagine how the perfect hair can transform your client’s look into the epitome of luxury.

Silky, shiny, and flawlessly straight hair isn’t just a dream—it’s a statement. Introduce Kailani, the premium Mongolian remy human hair topper that embodies all this and more.

kailani remy human hair topper rooted color (2)

Crafted from 100% exquisite Mongolian Remy human hair, Kailani is a masterpiece of natural beauty and luxury. Its strands are carefully dyed to preserve their natural sheen and ensure the color remains vibrant for years.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there; every cuticle is kept healthy and intact, guaranteeing that silky-smooth texture that clients adore.

kailani remy human hair topper rooted color

The base is a work of art—hand-tied French lace with poly strips that promises enhanced breathability and naturalness.

kailani remy human hair topper lightweight breathable mono base


Thoughtfully placed poly strips reinforce the base, making attachment effortless, while four strategically placed comb clips ensure the topper stays secure and comfortable all day.

kailani mono base hair topper with clips

Designed for everyday elegance, Kailani allows your client the freedom to transform their look anytime they want.

With Kailani, boost your client’s hair game to unparalleled sophistication and style.

kailani remy human hair topper super natural hair part


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