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Toupees for women are a hair loss solution for ladies seeking a lasting alternative without a hair transplant. As a full-stack women’s toupee manufacturer and wholesale hair piece distributor, New Times Hair supplies a wide range of toupees and hair systems for women to thousands of salons and distributors globally. All our women’s hairpieces are made of 100% premium human hair on well-designed bases. For the best breathability and most realistic look, go for lace hair pieces for women’s crowns. Poly hair systems for women are easy to maintain and knotless. Monofilament and silk top hair pieces for women make up the most durable base that looks the most realistic. Ready to take your businesses to new heights?

Check out our collection of hair toupees for women below, or contact New Times Hair to make a custom order for your client. Order now to enjoy a wholesale discount, and expect to receive your order in 7 days!



What are toupees for women?

Also called women’s hair replacement systems, toupees for women are a semi-permanent solution for women to deal with hair loss. Unlike wigs covering the entire scalp, women’s toupees or hair systems, however, are hair pieces for women’s crowns. They cover the forehead and the top of the crown with the hair on the sides and back to form a full head of voluminous hair.

Toupees for women typically have better and more durable human hair, catering to numerous perming, coloring, and styling options.

Which is better, a wig or a toupee?

There’s no such thing as “which one is better.” Women’s toupees and wigs are for different purposes. Women’s wigs are designed for those who don’t have any hair and cover the entire scalp. Toupee hair replacement systems for women are for those whose crowns and foreheads are thinning. With the help of a toupee hair system for women, female wearers can sport and flaunt all the latest chic hairstyles.

Do toupees for women feel itchy on the head?

Most of today’s toupees for women are harmless. The adhesive and tape used to stick them are chemical-free, causing no itchiness to the wearer’s scalp.

However, very rarely, some wearers’ scalps do get itchy. Here are a few typical explanations that hair specialists have come to:

1.    Allergy: Some wearers have sensitive skin, which reacts to many substances with or without harmful chemicals.

2.    Lack of cleaning and maintenance: With regular maintenance and cleaning, there will be sufficient buildup underneath the base of the women’s toupee, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, causing the scalp to itch severely. A regular washing and maintenance habit is a must for a comfortable wearing experience.

3.    Dandruff and skin conditions: Have you ever had dandruff? When there are heaps of it, do you feel nothing? In most cases, dandruff is accompanied by constant itchiness. For many individuals, dandruff is caused by skin conditions. Trying special shampoos will effectively quench the itchiness.

4.    Hair coloring: Many women have their natural hair colored to match the color of their toupee hair. Hair coloring does cause itchiness sometimes. The best way so far is to apply some coconut oil straight after coloring your hair and massage your scalp. Let the oil stay on for a few hours to help soothe the skin and relieve itchiness.

5.    Cheap hair systems: Low-quality toupees for women are made of cheap base materials, which aren’t skin-friendly, and cause itchiness. Make sure to invest in a professionally made women’s hair system that is tested for maximum comfort and stylish appearance, like ours.

How much does a good toupee for women cost?

The price of a female toupee depends on the base material and the supplier you get the women’s hair systems from.

Human hair systems for women typically range from a few hundred to over a thousand US dollars, and it depends largely on who your supplier is. New Times Hair only manufactures human hair toupees for women. Our retail prices are generally from $100 to $500. You can also get hair systems for women at wholesale prices. Our MOQ starts only from three pieces.

How do toupees for women stay on?

Toupees for women are usually attached with hair system tape or glue.

To ensure the women’s hairpieces stay safe, every step must be taken seriously, from preparation to finish, so that the women’s toupee will remain attached to the scalp for as long as possible. Your lady clients can flaunt and shine with maximum confidence. Here are some tips to ensure women’s hair systems stay safe.

1.    Prepare the scalp: Ensure the scalp is well-shaved and oil-free. Clean it thoroughly with alcohol.

2.    Clean the underside of the base: In manufacturing, all toupees for women must go through a ‘greasing’ stage to add a nice shine to the hair. If it’s a new women’s toupee, clean it as thoroughly as possible, making sure it’s absolutely without any oil.

3.    No bubbles: When applying glue or liquid adhesive, squeeze out all bubbles, and the toupee will stick tighter.

4.    Avoid hot water: When washing a women’s toupee, never use hot water. As hot water may potentially melt the adhesive, and the toupee loosens.

5.    Avoid washing too often: Don’t wash the hair system for women too often. Frequent washing and flushing of the hair will cause it to loosen up. If your client has to shower daily, wear a shower cap to keep the hair from getting wet.

6.    Wash and clean regularly: Wash and condition the hair system for women regularly to nourish it, and keep it clean from all buildup. Excessive dirt and buildup will quickly cause the adhesive to become less sticky, and the hair system for women will not last as long as expected.

How to attach women’s hair systems?

1.   Prepare the area of the scalp for installation: For most women’s hairpieces, contour the area on the scalp where the toupee will cover. Shave the area, and clean it, wipe it thoroughly with alcohol, making sure it’s free of oil.

2.   Prepare the women’s hair toupee: If it’s a new hair system for women, clean the base using alcohol, making sure it’s oil-free.

3.   Cut the base: If the women’s hair system is from our stock collection, and the base is bigger than it’s supposed to be, cut it into shape, following the contour line.

4.   Apply adhesive or tape: Apply glue or tape to the scalp. To use tapes, lie them around the edge of the toupee base; with liquid adhesive, brush it evenly over the scalp. Wait for the glue or tape to dry. Stick the hair system to the wearer’s scalp when it’s almost dried up, pressing out all bubbles.

How do you remove women’s hair systems?

To remove hair replacement systems for women, first, get the tools ready: Spray-on solvent, hair clips, shampoo, conditioner, a wide-toothed comb, a towel, and a dressing mirror:

1.    Comb your lady client’s hair back, exposing the front hairline, and clip the hair so that it will stay around. Be gentle to our ladies.

2.    Start from the front hairline, gently spray solvent to the base of the women’s hair toupee to wet the tape or glue, and let it soak for 30 seconds to 1 minute so the bond will loosen up.

3.    Gently start lifting from the front hairline toward the back, and peel the women’s hair toupee bit by bit.

4.    If there’s a spot where the hair system for women remains stuck, apply more solvent and let it soak a little longer for an easy peel. Let me stress again, be as gentle as possible with our ladies. Continue to do that till the whole women’s toupee gets peeled off.

5.    If there’s still tape or glue residue on the base or the lady’s scalp, spray some more solvent to remove it, and wash it clean.

How often should I reinstall the toupee for women?

Toupees for women do get loose after being worn for a while. Well-installed s that are cared for appropriately will last longer. However, most women’s toupees remain attached to the head for 3–4 weeks. Then it’ll start to get loose due to natural hair regrowth, sweat, and buildup underneath. That’s the time to peel off the women’s toupee, clean it and reattach it. The general rule is: to reinstall your toupee every 3–4 weeks.

What is the lifespan of a toupee for women?

The base thickness determines how long a skin toupee for women can last. The thicker the base is, the longer it will last. Most of our skin toupees for women typically last 3–4 months. However, ultra-thin skin toupee for women is typically considered disposable and has an average lifespan of around four weeks.

French lace hair systems for women will last for 3-4 months on average. Swiss lace ones are more comfortable for the head and breathe better; they will last about 1-2 months.

A mono toupee for women usually has a PU perimeter to strengthen it. With proper care, it usually lasts for six months to over a year.

What kind of hair do you use on hair systems for women?

We only make women’s toupees with human hair. Most of our women’s hair systems are made of human Remy and virgin hair with intact cuticles to hold color permanently and endure multiple styling options. We also have Indian human hair for women’s toupees that are not necessarily to last for a long time.

How to order wholesale women’s toupees at New Times Hair?

To order wholesale women’s toupees, fill in our wholesale application form to get your wholesale account. Put it in your cart like you usually shop online. The website will work out a wholesale price for you. When you place an order, we’ll usually ship it on the same day, and you will likely receive it in less than a week.


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