PE Line Base Designs for Hair Integration Systems

We all know hair systems are for people suffering from hair loss problems. Hair systems can not only restore the youth and attractiveness of a person but also change their life by giving them back their confidence. There is one special type of hair replacement system that people should be aware of: hair integration systems. These kinds of hair systems are not for people who have lost too much hair – they are for people with thinning hair who are trying to find a way to increase the volume of their hair to give themselves a better look.

In our latest blog, we will discuss the different types of integration hairpieces that we offer. We will focus specifically on the different PE lines that they are made from and the various ways we can seal the edge. You will then have some ideas for your own base designs for hair integration systems.

Single PE line and Braided PE line of Making Hair Integration Holes

First, let’s introduce two different PE lines: single PE line and braided PE line.

The single PE line is made of just one line and is very thin. It is less visible and more natural in its appearance than braided PE line.


Braided PE line, as the name suggests, is made of a single PE line that is braided. It is much thicker than a single PE line and is more durable as a result.


These kinds of integration hairpieces allow people to pull their natural hair through the holes of the piece. You need to choose different hole sizes depending on the exact thinning level of the hair to give a better appearance. For example, if thinning hair is not so much of an issue for your client or if she has high standards for how she looks, you would just need to choose bigger sized holes. Conversely, if your client has very thin hair, you would need to choose small holes for them. Generally, you should choose the hole size according to the volume of the client’s hair. The less hair volume, the bigger the holes need to be. Our single PE line net has different sized holes. We can offer you the following: 0.5cm x 0.5cm,0.7cm x 0.7cm,1cm x 1cm and 1.2cm x 1.2cm. Since they are pre-made, they can save you time when it comes to your orders. However, we will braid braided PE lines as and when we receive orders so it will take longer for you to receive these orders. You do though have the flexibility of ordering any hole size you want with braided PE line.

Different Ways of Making Integration Edge

As well as being able to choose the hole size of a hair integration system, you can also choose different edges for the hair integration of your clients.

Single PE line

For single PE line integration hairpieces, we can make one single PE line that goes through all the net around the edge to make a very natural edge.

Braided PE line

We can make a braided PE line go through all the net around the edge for both single PE line and double PE line hair integration systems. This kind of edge is stronger than a single PE line.


You can choose to have ribbon all around the edge. Ribbon can make the edge neater and make the shape of the integration hairpiece better too. However, you need to be aware that if you choose a ribbon edge, we have to add a layer of poly inside the ribbon to make the ribbon neater and leave it without any wrinkles. This layer of poly makes the ribbon edge stiff. If you want to sew and braid your clients’ hair with the integration hairpiece, the ribbon is not a good choice. It is, however, a good choice for hairpieces with clips. Ribbon can actually give good shape to hairpieces with clips.


The fourth type of hair integration system is PU. A PU edge is very neat and it is a very good option if you want to use tape or glue on the edge.

Flower net

If you are going to braid your clients’ hair with the integration hairpiece, flower net makes a good choice. You can pull your clients’ hair through the flower net holes and then braid the hair to ensure it stays attached to the integration piece.

Twined line

To do a twined line edge, we will first make the single PE line edge and then twine a very thin line all around the edge of the single PE line. This makes a high-quality, neat edge and leaves you with a top-end hairpiece that can sell at a high price.

Folded edge

The folded edge is the most common choice and if you do not specify a particular edge for an integration hairpiece, we will do folded edge. As the name implies, we will simply fold the edge of the integration.

About us

On an additional note, we can make integration hairpieces from the fishing line, PN line, and ribbon. Or sometimes, you need to combine the integration with other base materials like silk top, skin, and lace. You can look through the integration category on our website to see more designs of hair integration systems.

At New Times Hair we have PE line stock pieces. They are single PE lines with a ribbon edge which can be sent out within 24 working hours. We can also do custom-made orders according to your own base design. We are more than happy to guide you through this process and will offer you all the professional support you need for creating your own hair integration system base designs.

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