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Enhance Your Customers’ Hair with Our Classy Hair Integration system

As one of China’s largest hair integration wigs suppliers, New Time Hair is the custom hair integration pieces factory for high-end custom hair integration pieces manufacturing.

Custom hair integration pieces always have a favorable option for those with hair thinning problems who don’t want to shave off their hair to wear a wig. With the help of hair integration wigs suppliers in China, your customers can get that beautiful full head of hair look in an instant by simply pulling their hair through the holes of the netting!

At New Times Hair, one of the largest hair integration wigs suppliers in China, all of our custom hair integration pieces are made with 100% top-grade human hair that can naturally integrate into your customers’ hair in the most seamless way.

Don’t wait! Contact hair integration wigs supplier-New Time Hair! We will help your customers return to their natural look immediately.

  • NTF8026-womens-mesh-integrated-hair-piece-7NTF8026-womens-mesh-integrated-hair-piece-7

    NTF8026 Customised Blonde Human Hair Ladies Integrated Hair Piece Wholesale

  • NTF8031-womens-integration-hair-piece-5NTF8031-womens-integration-hair-piece-6

    NTF8031 High Quality Blonde Single PE Line Integration Hair Piece for Women Wholesale

  • nt660-womens-integration-hairpiece-4nt660-womens-integration-hairpiece-6

    NT660 Custom Integration Hair Piece For Women Wholesale

  • NEW

    NSL-PE Mesh Hair Integration Collection for Women with Thinning Hair Wholesale

  • NCF2160-Custom-PE-Line-Integration-Hairpiece-in-Square-Shape-21×21cm-1NCF2160-Custom-PE-Line-Integration-Hairpiece-in-Square-Shape-21×21cm-9

    NCF2160 DIY Mesh Integration Hair System for Women Wholesale

  • PES-2-Integration-Hair-System-1PES-2-Integration-Hair-System-5

    PES-2 Hair Integration System for Women With Remy Human Hair Wholesale

  • ntf8008-integration-with-pu-front-toupee-1ntf8008-integration-with-pu-front-toupee-7

    NTF8008 Custom Mesh Integration Hair System With PU Top Wholesale

  • ntf8007-pu-line-hair-integration-toupee-1ntf8007-pu-line-hair-integration-toupee-6

    NTF8007 Custom Women’s Mesh Hair Integration Wholesale

  • nw6265-PE-line-with-20-net-womens-wig-4nw6265-PE-line-with-20-net-womens-wig-7

    NW6265 Human Hair Integration Blond Color Women’s Wig Wholesale

  • nw6524-single-PE-line-with-mono-top-for-women-4nw6524-single-PE-line-with-mono-top-for-women-5

    NW6524 High Quality Mono Top Toupee For Women Wholesale

  • nw3612-integration-with-pu-womens-toupee-3nw3612-integration-with-pu-womens-toupee-4

    NW3612 Hair Integration for Women with PU parting Wholesale

  • NW3013 Mesh Integration System With Mono Top for Women Wholesale

Tutorial: PE Line Integration Hairpieces

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What is a hair integration system?

What is hair integration system? The hair integration systems and lace front integration wigs are the best options for women who want to enhance the appearance of their thinning hair. It works by allowing the wearer to pull their hair through the mesh base to instantly present that ideal hair look with a larger hair volume. Human best hair integration systems provide an alternative to surgical methods, as well as a more natural look than traditional wigs and hairpieces.

When a consumer still has some degree of their natural hair remaining, this hair can be integrated into the hairpiece to create a seamless, organic look that is more flattering and more secure. This can be done through clips, elasticized bands, temporary adhesives such as heated keratin fibers, or manually braiding or threading the hair into the hairpiece. The weave of the hairpiece’s netting can be made wider or denser depending on the thickness or thinness of the wearer’s remaining hair and their needs in terms of adhering the integration hair pieces to their head.

Pull through hair integration pieces and mesh hair integration pieces for sale save many people, especially women, from dealing with either the pain and side effects of surgery or the inconvenience of every day full wig wear.

Does integration system hair ruin the wearer’s hair?

As a completely non-surgical hair thinning solution for women who want to add more volume to their hair, and spend low integrated hair solutions cost artificial hair integration is free from any side effects. It has not been proved that hair integration systems can damage one’s hair in any possible way if worn properly.

How to install a hair integration system properly?

To properly install a hair integration system, you need to have your hair evenly pulled through the holes of the netting across the head first, and make sure the hair is well-blended with your hair. Then some attachment tools such as clips, elasticized bands, or temporary adhesives will be needed to have the hair integration secured to your head. As hair integration installation is a very demanding and skilled process that is challenging to perform by yourself, it is recommended to go for a professional to have it installed and taken care of.

Why is hair integration a very ideal option for women with thinning hair?

For women with thinning hair problems, wearing a hair integration comes with several benefits that other types of hair thinning solutions do not have.

Highly Customizable
Hair integration systems can be easily custom-made to go with your style, including things like your hair length, density, and color. While the hair on the netting is usually in the same shade as your natural hair, color changes can be requested by the wearer.

Convenient & User-Friendly
Generally speaking, hair integration systems do not interfere with your daily routines. You can freely wash, style, and dry your hair as always without the worry that the hair or the netting might be damaged. The integration base is also extremely breathable with a great number of large holes, which means you can work out without being bothered by sweating. In addition, it would be better if you use a hair conditioner every time you wash your hair wet to keep it in a good condition. In the case of wearing a hair integration system, you would not need to keep having it removed and reattached as often as you would with a regular hair wig.

No Need to Shave or Hide Your Hair
This is the most important thing that makes hair integration systems become an increasingly popular hair thinning option among women across the globe. Unlike most men who do not mind having their hair shaved off to wear a hair system for presenting a full hair look, women, in general, are very resistant to shaving off their hair to wear a hair wig. Even without the need to shave off the hair, they still want their existing hair to be visible instead of hidden. So, by having their hair integrated into the hair of a hair integration system, they can get that fuller hair look based on their existing hair volume.

How long does a hair integration system last?

How long hair integration systems last depends on several factors such as base material class, hair type, integration wigs human hair suppliers by which they are produced, and how well the hair systems are taken care of. When it comes to the base material, it is usually the case that the stronger and the more well-knitted the netting, the longer the hair integration system tends to last. Most hair integration systems on the market can last more than a year for most wearers speaking from the customers’ experience of our partners.

Besides, the type of hair used in the production of hair integration systems also plays a part in the lifespan. With hair materials of top-grade put into use, it would not be a surprise that your hair integration manages to outlast its expected lifespan since such hair materials are less vulnerable to breakage and shedding. So, when wholesaling hair integration systems to fuel your business growth, it is very important to select the right women’s wig manufacturer that comes with a high-quality standard and excellent expertise.

Another thing that also accounts for the lifespan of hair integration systems is actually how well they are taken care of which explains the varying lifespan of the very same hair integration systems produced by the same manufacturer across the wearers.

Can everyone wear a hair integration system?

Hair integration systems are mostly worn by women with mild to moderate hair thinning problems to achieve a fuller hair look. With that said, the wearer must have a certain amount of existing hair to be blended with the hair of the hair integration. If they are at an advanced hair thinning stage with really thin hair, it would be difficult for the hair integration to be secured to the head or it could cause too much weight pressure imposed on their existing hair for them to feel uncomfortable. Hair integration systems are generally recommended to those with at least 50% hair volume.

Therefore, other types of hair wigs such as full cap wigs and hair toppers would instead be the right option for women with severe hair thinning problems. Another thing to note is that hair integration systems go better with long hair instead of short hair given the special way they are designed. That is also a reason why there are very few guys wearing hair integration systems and intralace hair system usa. So, if your hair length is very short, it would be hard to have a very natural and undetectable appearance by wearing a hair integration That is also a reason why there are very few guys wearing hair integration systems and hair integration system cost.


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