HairDirect Closed, How to Distinguish Competitive Hairpiece Suppliers

A couple of weeks ago, Hair Direct, one of the most well-known men’s hairpiece suppliers with over a decade of experience in this field, terminated all their business lines and shut down their website as a result. Many fellow colleagues find this shocking news in the men’s hairpiece industry hard to believe.

hairdirect closed

Hair Direct was seen as a great success with a huge sales volume and a diverse customer base consisting of hairpiece wearers from all over the world. It was definitely a role model for many other hairpiece suppliers to look up to in the hope of expanding their business scale.

The reasons behind their business termination still remain unclear. Still, this news has stunned many hairpiece suppliers to some degree as they realized that surviving such keen competition in the hairpiece field nowadays shouldn’t not only be taken for granted but is also something they need to put a great deal of effort into, or they could become the next Hair Direct anytime.

Hairdirect website closed

Yes, that is so harsh but so true at the same time. To sustain their hairpiece businesses on a long-term basis, all hairpiece suppliers and manufacturers should never stop making improvements in terms of various aspects and always prioritize their clients’ needs.

Given how fast the competition escalates in the men’s hairpiece, product quality and price are no longer the only things that distinguish good hairpiece suppliers from those mediocre ones. 

As one of the world-leading men’s hairpiece suppliers in the world, New Times Hair is going to shed light on the things that can genuinely help hairpiece suppliers impress their clients in ways they want and stand out among the competition.

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Superior Product Quality

This is always the cornerstone of your hairpiece business that everything else should be based on. And it always remains uncompromisable no matter what. Speaking of what superior product quality should be like, all hairpiece suppliers need to first make sure their hairpieces are very natural-looking on wearers’ heads and do not make them feel uncomfortable in any way.

Besides, the hairpieces should also come with a reasonably long lifespan and be very user-friendly for the wearers to attach and take care of. To achieve such goals, the hairpiece suppliers and manufacturers need to source classy 100% real human hair and base materials of many kinds for production. Their craftsmen should be very skilled and experienced in doing the job as well.

On the other hand, to ensure the superiority and consistency of their hairpiece quality, they should put in place string quality inspection practices. For example, at New Times Hair, all hairpieces need to go through two rounds of quality inspections underpinned by 6 standard procedures before they can be shipped out. And that is how top-class hairpieces are guaranteed.


Competitive Wholesale Prices

For most hairpiece suppliers and manufacturers, wholesale orders from hairpiece sellers like salons and hairpiece retailers account for the majority of their businesses. So the wholesale prices they offer remain one of the most predominant factors their clients consider when deciding whether they will wholesale from you.

The price at which each of their hairpieces is wholesaled is strongly associated with the profitability of their businesses. And they are only willing to wholesale from you when your offer allows their hairpiece business to achieve a decent profit level.

Generally speaking, hairpiece suppliers with their own factories like New Times Hair have more acceptable wholesale offers. This is because they are offering factory-direct prices involving no middleman in between.

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A Wide Range of Items Available

The number of people who wear hairpieces to deal with hair loss has never stopped growing over the past decade across the world. To meet their needs and preferences in more considerate ways, it is vital to have a rich product line, including a wide variety of hairpieces, so your clients and their customers can always find the right fit. The common types of men’s hairpieces include lace hairpieces, thin skin hairpieces, mono hairpieces, and silk top hairpieces.

Lace hair systems are known as the most breathable and comfortable type as well as very natural-looking. That is why they are prevalent in hot areas. Skin hair systems are super user-friendly and easy to take care of. While the mono ones are incredibly long-lasting and resistant to damage. Silk top hair systems, as the classiest type of men’s hair replacement system, are both very natural and comfortable, with a long lifespan at the same time, even though they are the least affordable ones.

Efficient Global Shipping Service

In most cases, orders placed for the hairpieces suppliers come primarily from overseas. So they need to have a very fast and efficient shipping service that can reach the very most areas on the planet within a short time frame.

Most hairpiece suppliers come with fast worldwide shipping. For example, New Times Hair works closely with a few well-known international couriers that can ship clients’ orders within just 3-5 days regardless of their geographical location in the globe.

Just like many other e-commerce suppliers doing overseas business, New Times hair offers dropshipping service as well. In most cases, it is a type of retail fulfillment method for online stores. Instead of warehousing inventory, merchants purchase products from their suppliers as their customers place orders.

The products are then directly shipped to the customers by their suppliers. Dropshipping is a ubiquitous and efficient shipping method appreciated for saving the costs and time of both the sellers and their customers. It is pervasive among online businesses whose customers are located very far away and geographically diverse.


Professional Customization Service

Having a very specialized hairpiece customization service is a reflection of the strong expertise and skilled craftsmanship of a hairpiece supplier. Custom hairpieces are a great option when the wearers have their own individual needs and expectations for their hairpieces that stock ones do not fulfill.

In that case, hairpiece customization turns out to be what can win their businesses. Despite higher costs and longer delivery time, custom hairpieces have become a popular and common option among hairpiece wearers in many countries as wearers’ needs of their hairpieces are more diverse and demanding than before.

To customize a suitable hairpiece for the wearers, you need to first have a thorough understanding of their detailed needs. The hairpiece supplier should know what hairpiece size best fits the hair loss area of the wearer’s head.

By ordering the wrong size, the hairpiece is likely to end up looking very awkward or even unwearable. In terms of the base design, they just need to follow what their clients give them to follow. Things including hair length, hair color, hair density, hair curl, front contour shape, hair direction, and gray hair volume are totally subject to the wearers’ own preferences.


Well-rounded Branding Service

In order to stand out in the men’s hairpiece field, many hairpiece suppliers have taken on the role of offering branding support to their clients, which is basically helping their clients build and develop their own brands. It is critical for hairpiece sellers to always have brand awareness when running their business.

This is because brand loyalty matters significantly in customer retention and customer acquisition. The vendors always want their brand names to be deeply rooted in their customers’ minds.

Some hairpiece suppliers, including New Times Hair, can craft delicate private labels reflecting their clients’ brand presence on each hairpiece they offer their clients.

This will consequently help them build up their own hairpiece brand as the sales volume grows. They can design the logo as well as order packaging following their clients’ instructions with little cost. So they do not need to go for a third-party company that usually charges a lot more to perform that service.

Brand logo of a hair salon.

Accommodating Return Policies and Product Warranty

It is easy to understand that most hairpiece retailers prefer to partner with suppliers and manufacturers with accommodating return policies and product warranties. So they could make easy returns whenever they are not satisfied with their purchases to avoid any financial loss.

As the quality of the hairpieces they sell to their clients is a crucial factor determining whether their clients will wholesale from them in the future, offering well-rounded and reassuring return policies and product warranty is of great significance to both parties.

By doing so, the hairpiece suppliers manage to convey a message that they will be fully accountable for any problems attributable to their production works. At the same time, they also imply that they are very sure about their hairpiece quality.

In the case of New Times Hair, returns can be made within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or refund for stock men’s hairpieces. However, its clients rarely made returns, given how superior the quality is.

Highly Professional and Experienced Service Staff

The hairpiece suppliers need to know that their service representatives play a prominent part in whether business inquiries can be successfully converted to business deals.

Your service members should not only be very knowledgeable in your products and the hairpiece industry, but they should also be very considerate and attentive to the clients’ needs. Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills always help significantly in building a business connection with potential clients.

Things would be perfect if your customer service reps could communicate with them in a few more languages as some hairpiece vendors are not that fluent in English. At New Times Hair, our service team members can speak fluently in several languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, and German.


Valuable Guidance and Assistance in Business Operation

This should be a big plus for many hairpiece sellers who have just started their business or who are going to start one. Some hairpiece suppliers, including New Times Hair, take pride in helping their partners thrive in the men’s hairpiece field. We know what those start-ups need, in addition to the products, to be more prepared for the future of their business.

Once your start operating your hairpiece business, you and your employees will likely be responsible for teaching your customers about the use of hairpieces, such as attachment methods and maintenance tips, as well as answering some challenging inquiries.

Despite that, the right hairpiece suppliers can help you become an expert in the men’s hairpiece field by sharing with you some precious resources such as product and industry knowledge, business guidance booklet, hairpiece attachment, and maintenance video tutorials.  

Aside from all the points mentioned above, reputation remains a highly reflective thing that can tell a lot about hairpiece suppliers. The world has already entered the information age with a massive amount of online activities, which gives rise to plenty of platforms for hairpiece vendors to leave their reviews for the products and services offered by a hairpiece supplier. And this gives others a quick and direct way to judge the hairpiece supplier before making up their minds.

A trustworthy hairpiece supplier generally has a much larger share of positive reviews than those negative ones. Such reviews come from the hairpiece sellers that have already purchased from the supplier. So they are a strong predictor of whether they will be satisfied with their future partnership with that hairpiece supplier.

At New Times Hair, we are always hoping to become your treasured long-term hairpiece supplier. Once you know about what our products and services are like, you will better understand what you can expect from the right suppliers.

For any hairpiece business inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us by emailing, and we will be more than glad to assist you!

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June Chen

Sales representative


June is detail-oriented, excellent at simplifying complex issues, making them understandable to all our clients, particularly those new to our services and products or unfamiliar with China.

Originally from Weifang, China, known as the hometown of kites, June moved to Qingdao in search of a better work-life balance. This has been her first job ever since. Over the years working at Newtimes Hair, she has cultivated a friendly demeanor and a sense of humor. June considers Newtimes Hair her second home, a place where she invests her passion wholeheartedly.

Her role extends beyond just solving problems; June acts as a bridge between our team and our clients, embodying our commitment to impeccable customer service.

● What hobbies and interests do you have?

I enjoy exercising. That’s a very important part of my life. I’m a super active person.

● Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

No, not that I know of. I’m a very realistic person. If you mention outlandish stuff like aliens, monster in the bush, I’d be out of my mind.

● What is something you would love to do in the future?

I want to learn how to swim. I know it might sound a bit sarcastic, as I just mentioned that I enjoy doing exercise. Unfortunately, swimming hasn’t been on my list. I think I better catch up on that.

● What wig would you wear if you wore one and why?

I’d give HW1 a try. It looks natural and beautiful. Though we categorize it as a medical wig, almost any female can wear it. It’s got a lace mesh base, breathable, and flexible. You don’t need glue or tape to fix it to your head. Pretty easy, and it gives you all the long hair look a girl could want.


Sherry Sui

Sales representative


Are you new to China or the hair-making industry and feeling a bit lost about where to start? Sherry is your go-to expert. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of our products and services, Sherry will help you identify the perfect product combo aligning with your business needs and client requirements.

Grew up in Yantai, and moved to Qingdao in 2015 with a medical background, Sherry’s thoughts are beyond simply selling hairpieces. She cares about the end user’s health, too. In the process of sourcing the most suitable hairpieces for your clients, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to what Sherry says in terms of scalp health and hairpiece maintenance. You can think of her as a comprehensive, yet concise hairpiece encyclopedia, equipped to offer you top-notch recommendations and ideas for exceptional customer service.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

At our end-of-year conference, my colleagues agreed that I’m a warm hearted, positive, and easy-going teammate. It gives me a sense of reward.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t like being confined in a very small space. I believe it was due to a childhood experience. When I was six years old, I accidentally tripped and fell into a shallow well. I had to wait for two hours before I was found. Since then, I’ve found I just can’t tolerate the idea of being alone. I guess that makes me an active team player.

  • You are happiest when…

This may sound boastful, but it’s true. It’s just part of my nature to help others. When I actually see that what I did for them has helped them achieve something, it just makes me excited.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

I recomend HS25V. Oftentimes I’d introduce this model to my new clients to start with, so they can introduce this to their new clients see if hair systems are what really suit them, before they carry on with lace or mono hair systems.


Winni Yu

Sales Representative


Born in Weifang, China’s kite capital, and moved to Qingdao in 2013, Winni has never looked back. Since joining Newtimes Hair, Winni has been a dynamo of efficiency and innovation. She is a problem-solver brimming with ideas and has become a vital part of our team.

From your first contact with Winni to the moment your orders are delivered, Winni ensures a smooth and exciting experience. With her at the helm, the business isn’t just easy but exhilarating, and every challenge becomes an opportunity for innovation.

Transitioning from a client developer to a retention specialist, throughout the years, Winni has successfully assisted numerous clients in solving their issues, particularly concerning product details, logistics, or custom hiccups.

  • What hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m into so many things. All the popular stuff you name: Swimming, badminton, running, all for keeping me in good shape.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

They keep calling me “pretty Winni pretty brainy.” I’d take that as a compliment. I’d say I’m generally pretty fast in term of thinking and figuring out solutions. My teammates often turn to me for help, too. And It turned out that most of the time my ideas worked for them.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

I’m a typical town girl, you know. I’m into cats and dogs. But things like snakes, all sorts of insects, and hamsters; they are not my cup of tea. So, never get them near me.

  • Which mens/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that?

Most of my clietns are after Q6. And their clients happened to be guys who are into hair systems that are durable and natural. Q6 is a pretty good pick for them. With proper care, it should easily last 6 months.


Tori Zhang

Sales Representative


Tori or Victoria to be exact, originally from Heze, brought her passion for life to Qingdao in 2016. An avid reader with a Teacher’s Qualification Certificate, Tori is known for her professional yet intriguing persona at the office.

As a quick learner, Tori always looks at customer’s needs from a tutor’s perspective. She has a sharp mind, is capable of picking up anything her client is unclear with, and offers the explanation in detail, making sure you understand it.

At Newtimes Hair, Tori thrives on the thrill of a sale, her triumphs now fueling the empowerment of her peers. Her journey at Newtimes Hair is marked by three profound words: abundant, proficient, and revolutionary.

  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself other than your qualifications, your job.

I’m always fascinated about an exotic lifestyle. I really wish I could travel a lot, go to many different countries, and try their local gourmet food, and get in touch with the locals to actually have a feel of their culture.

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I’m always afaid of heights. With any tall buildings, be it a chimney or TV tower, I look at it, and imagine I’m looking down right from the top, it will give me sweaty palms.

  • Do you have any pet hates?

Not at all. I generally love all pets. Dog, cats, guinea pigs, rabits, etc. I love them.

  • Do you have a favourite quote?

When you feel tired,it means you are walking uphill. I believe this quote as a truth that gives me a lift whenever I’m down. I believe there’s no gain without pain. Without trying, we can’t achieve anything.

  • Which men’s/women’s hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

With me personally, the best-selling hair system has been HS1. It has what it’s required out of a good quality hair system, in terms of a natural-looking hairline, undetectable scalp, etc. Most wearers and salon owners are familiar with it. Plus, all our clients have faith in the quality of this hair system. According to their feedback, this is an easy-to-attach, easy-to-maintain hair system for both men and women.


Ivan Mu

Sales representative


Born and raised in a quiet town named Binzhou, China, where the Yellow River whispers its final secrets to the ocean. Ivan’s life was set to transform in ways he could hardly imagine. After completing college in Qingdao, young Ivan little knew that this vibrant coastal city would capture his heart and chart a new course in his life.

Ivan joined Newtimes Hair in mid-2022 soon after his graduation from his master’s. As a trilingual and someone with a professional understanding of Western cultures, Ivan plays a critical role in establishing customer relations in the US and Europe. His approachable nature and a mind of precision make him an invaluable asset to the team.

  • How would people in the office describe you?

I eardrop, and I hear them talking about me. I’m optimistic, proactive, and very friendly, and eager to help.

  • What is something you would love to do in the future?

I love basketball. And I’m a basketball freak. You can call me that. That’s just me. I’m looking at organizing a basketball team in the near future. 

  • Do you have a phobia? If you do, what is it?

I don’t know why I share the same gene with Doraemon. I’m scared of rats. I’m a 6’3″, but I hate rats; seeing one really freaks me out.

  • Which men/womens hair system do you sell the most? Why that model?

New Australia. When it first came out in early 2023, it made me top of sales. I think most wearers like it because at the design statge, our experts considered all possible aspects people could want from a hairpiece, such as a natural look, a level of comfort, and affordablity; it’s similar to lace, but most wearers can afford.