Did Dean Martin Wear a Hairpiece While He lived?

Are you familiar with the Dean Martin hairpiece rumor? If not, let’s read on for more details.

“Money is a problem, a problem only the rich can comprehend.”

In the memorable 1957 musical comedy “Ten Thousand Bedrooms,” the sing-song voices of Dean Martin and Jules Munshin epitomized a classic charm.

Dean Martin’s deep, timeless crooning resonated with millions of fans for decades, establishing him as a prominent figure in jazz culture and filling the void left by the advent of rock and roll from the 1940s to the 1960s. His curly widow’s peak and soft side part remained constant throughout his performances, adding to his distinctive and iconic presence.

However, his unchangeable hairstyle also led to idle speculation among his fans: was Dean Martin wearing a hairpiece?


dean martin hairpiece - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis together


Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis” by classic film scans is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Dean Martin’s Popularity and Rat Pack

The Rat Pack is an informal group of entertainers that emerged in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Throughout the ’50s and ’60s, Rat Pack was all the rage. The popularity of the Rat Pack inspired later generations of actors, giving rise to the Brat Pack and the Frat Pack in the following decades.

Dean Martin joined Rat Pack through his close friendship and professional association with Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin’s effortless charisma, singing talent, and magnetic stage presence made him a natural fit for the group.

Some sources claim Frank Sinatra spent an excellent fortune buying Dean Martin hairpiece. That’s likelier how the “Dean Martin hairpiece” rumor started. At least it gives rise to the possibility that Dean Martin indeed wore a hairpiece.


What was About the Dean Martin Hairpiece Rumor?

Typically, actors with toupees or hairpieces prefer to keep them undisclosed. There is an unspoken understanding surrounding this topic. Imagine how their devoted fans might feel when they discover their beloved icon is bald and is a hairpiece wearer.

While concrete proof remains elusive regarding Dean Martin’s use of a hairpiece, some indications suggest the possibility. Firstly, during the 1950s and 1960s, natural-looking hairpieces and wigs were accessible to the wealthy. Surely in this regard, Dean Martin can afford a hairpiece, no question about that. 

Secondly, in a comedic scene from one of his 1968 shows, Martin shared a dialogue with his partner Bob Newhart in a department store scene concerning the return of a toupee (another word for hairpiece), subtly implying that maybe either he or Martin was wearing a hairpiece.


Hairpiece Making in the 1950s and 1960s

Though less sophisticated than today’s hairpiece-making techniques, back in the 1950s and 1960s, men did manage to produce hairpieces to replace natural human hair. The hairpiece and wig were still a luxury; the cost of wearing premium hairpieces and wigs was astronomical, and the vast majority could hardly afford them. Still, Dean martin at his time can afford a hairpiece.

However, most couldn’t afford hairpieces like Dean Martin did. But that doesn’t mean they knew nothing about hairpieces. Whenever a toupee or hairpiece was mentioned, most people knew exactly what it was and how it worked. And the golden 1950s and 1960s were Dean Martin’s prime time. If he had an issue with his hair, and in need of a hairpiece, he surely could afford one.


Did Dean Martin Wear a Toupee in the Show?


It was just a comedy show, no question about that. In the scene Bob Newhart was returning a toupee (another word for hairpiece), he insinuated to Martin that people were making fun of him because of this hairpiece.

Toupee” is commonly known as another name for a hairpiece. As Martin asked Newhart for the model of the hairpiece, he was returning. Newhart said, “I don’t know what model it is, but it’s a crewcut with a widow’s peak.”

“A crewcut with a widow’s peak?” Was Newhart trying to imply something obvious? It sounded like he was hinting at Dean Martin’s hairstyle, which may be a disguise under a hairpiece. The iconic Dean Martin hair with a widow’s peak and soft side part constituted Dean Martin’s signature look, and his overall hair length fits nicely into the crewcut category.

Was that Dean Martin hair on his head or the Dean Martin hairpiece he was wearing? It’s hard to tell. Dean Martin passed on in 1995. We may never hear him address his Dean Martin hairpiece secret to the media until judgment day when we face the Almighty. The Dean Martin hairpiece rumor may remain a myth forever.


What Is the Latest Update about the Dean Martin Hairpiece Rumor?

Numerous claims and speculations suggest that Dean Martin wore a hairpiece. Yet, there is no concrete evidence to convince anyone definitively that Dean Martin was indeed a hairpiece wearer. Like many celebrities, Dean Martin was known for his well-groomed, classic hairstyle, with a widow’s peak emphasized by a soft side part. This iconic look will be etched in the memories of millions of his fans for generations to come.


Dean Martin – a Classic Himself

“I’m not going to say, but I’m going to miss you

But I will (I will)

I don’t want to say I’m gonna cry my eyes out, baby

But I will (I will).”

And yes, Dean Martin will. As the familiar music and lyrics begin and cast their spell, many of different ages can’t help singing along with it. An album can sell well but may only sometimes become a classic and be remembered for decades. Dean Martin, however, made it.

Many born in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s and 90s who are into swing jazz can’t be more familiar with Dean Martin’s jazz tracks. I Will, Somebody Loves Somebody, Sway, etc., are all timeless classics that may grace the hearts of future generations. Dean Martin’s look and signature hairstyle will also be in the same package, though he likely wore a hairpiece throughout his peak years.


How Do I Get Hair Like Dean Martin?

You or your client have tagged yourself as a member of the Dean Martin fandom. As a follower, have you ever thought about becoming like Dean Martin? How about having your hair look like Dean Martin’s for your next dress-up party (this can be easily achieved using a hairpiece)? Here are a few tips, including the use of a hairpiece. 

    • Grow Your Hair Correctly

If you have abundant hair on your crown and forehead, grow it up to 6 or 7 inches. Because our natural hair grows all over the head at the same rate. To keep a decent look for us to go to work or school, we’ll never want our hair the same length all over our head. You have to trim or taper the sides and back regularly. When the hair on the top and forehead reaches 7 inches, it’s about time for a Dean Martin cut. For any occasions, if you want an instant transformation, you can try a hairpiece.

    • Get an Experienced Hairstylist to Style Your Hair

To achieve that iconic Dean Martin hair, it’s essential to ensure you have an experienced hairstylist who excels at cutting and styling hair based on reference photos. Please bring a picture or poster of Dean Martin’s signature look to the stylist, show it to him, and leave the cutting and styling in his capable hands. With hairpieces, almost every stylist can style them into a Dean Martin look.

    • Pompadour for a Flat Forehead

Are you a hairstylist? If your client has a flatter forehead, you should minimize its exposure while highlighting Dean Martin’s widow’s peak and the soft side part; consider styling the hair at the front of the forehead into a slight pompadour. This can help style a more balanced and flattering look, maintaining the charm of Dean Martin’s iconic hairstyle. This style can also be achieved using a hairpiece.

    • Keep Your Dean Martin Hair Using Mosse

The stylist has styled your hair identical to Dean Martin’s. To maintain the style, avoid using wax, which makes your hair look oily and weighs it down. Hair gel or hairspray can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. Instead, opt for the mousse to provide a natural shine and keep your hair balanced and healthy-looking. A hairpiece will also work for this style.


Hairpieces Can Be Used to Gain the Dean Martin Hair Look

Now we know how to cut and style our hair and make it look like Dean Martin. But what if you or your client has very little hair on the crown or forehead? Again, it’s time to lean on hairpieces.

The statistics show that 80% of men, by age 50, will develop either a receding hairline or a thinning crown. But premium hairpieces like those Dean Martin used are made to blend perfectly with natural hair.

Hair systems, hairpiece,  or toupees, are a non-invasive, easy recipe for hair loss, alleviating men’s hair loss for all reasons, such as alopecia, chemotherapy, male pattern hair loss, etc., and giving the wearer instant length and volume.


All our hairpieces have 100% human hair sourced from ethical donors. They blend perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair and are allergy-free. All our base materials, such as French and Swiss lace, are imported from Europe. The top base quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed with these hairpieces.

Our hairpieces can naturally blend in your hair to create the most realistic look you can ever imagine. Check out the feedback from our clients below!


Before and after a New Times Hair client has a hairpiece attached to his head


Before and after another New Times Hair client has a hairpiece attached

Our hair system collection will help you achieve Dean Martin hair.


HS7 Swiss Lace Hair Piece

Swiss lace hairpieces are the softest, most breathable hairpiece in the world. HS7, however, is an upgraded lace hair system with a base of full Swiss lace, which is even more comfy for the head. The lace is invisible and colorless when placed on the wearer’s scalp. No one can tell you are wearing a hairpiece.

This hairpiece is perfect for having Dean Martin’s timeless curly hair. It features long strands that can be easily curled into any desired pattern. You can cut and color this Dean Martin hairpiece to match any of Dean Martin’s iconic hairstyles effortlessly.


HS1 Thin Skin Hair System

HS1 is the ultimate hairpiece in our collection of poly hair systems. With its remarkable natural aesthetics and long-lasting durability, this unique, whole, transparent thin skin hairpiece will amaze your clients. It’s easy to wear and maintain, making it ideal for new wearers.

HS1 hairpiece has 100% natural hair in 5″, which is the perfect length to achieve Dean Martin’s hairstyle. Each hair strand is meticulously injected into the hairpiece, eliminating any visible knots and creating the illusion of natural hair growth from the wearer’s scalp. Especially if you need to style a pompadour, HS1 hairpieces will be perfect.

Hollywood Lace Hair System with Thin Skin Perimeter and Lace Front

Crafted with a poly skin perimeter to enhance grip and adhesion, this men’s lace hairpiece ensures comfort and convenience. This hairpiece’s easy attachment and removal process leaves no damage, making it a top choice among clients seeking a hassle-free solution.

You can attach tape or glue to the underside of the poly skin bridge spanning across the top of the wearer’s head to give it a solid grip. The PU bridge strengthens the hairpiece and doesn’t move an inch. You can easily style Dean Martin’s unique widow’s peak using this hairpiece.

Walker Lace Front Tape Contours 

Lastly, Walker lace front tape contours effortlessly follow the shape of the hairpiece’s lace front, ensuring a seamless attachment. You can achieve the perfect style for Dean Martin’s iconic widow’s peak with various available shapes, from A to C. It accompanies all types of hairpieces.

Click to view a complete collection of premium men’s hairpieces and supplies.


Dean Martin is a classic contemporary figure whose definitive voice and image have impacted fans for almost half a century. His unchangeable hairstyle has led many to believe Dean Martin was a hairpiece wearer. However, before Dean Martin died, his hairpiece rumor wasn’t proved with concrete evidence. The Dean Martin hairpiece rumor may keep us guessing for another while.

Many Dean Martin fans want to sport a Dean Martin hairstyle. With an experienced stylist, achieving a Dean Martin hairstyle is easy. hairpieces will be an excellent option for those who don’t have enough hair on the crown or forehead. Hairpieces are painless, non-allergic, and the ultimate solution for hair loss sufferers.

New Times Hair only makes human hairpieces. Human hairpieces blend seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair. Our base materials, such as French and Swiss lace, are imported from Europe, ensuring the most premium quality. Want to obtain Dean Martin hair with modern hair systems? Contact New Times Hair now.

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