How to find a Reliable Hair Extension Supplier for My Business

Hair extensions are a quick and incredible way to add volume and length to a person’s hair. Hair extensions do little to no damage to the natural hair of the person who wears them, which is why they are so popular and loved by millions of qualified hairstylists, salon owners, cosmetology schools, and local or regional distributors around the world.

The global market for hair extensions is projected to grow from $2.4 billion in 2021 to $4.13 billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 5.5% according to the forecast from fortunbusinessinsights. Providing hair extensions services or selling hair extensions will undoubtedly be a lucrative business in the next 5–10 years. 


But how do I find a reliable hair extension supplier to start a hair extension business? How do I get in touch with professional hair extension suppliers? Are you looking for wholesale hair extensions for licensed cosmetologists or hairstylists?

We’ve got your back if you have asked yourself or anyone else any of these questions.

In this post, we will show you the steps to finding a quality hair extension supplier and how to find the best wholesale hair extension manufacturers. 

1. Get Straight to the Hair Extension Manufacturer

Have you thought about starting a hair extension business online? Or are you seeking to source wholesale hair extensions for licensed cosmetologists? When we say we want to talk directly to the hair extension manufacturer to get the best price, we mean to avoid the middleman. Here are the definitions of a middleman.

  • Middleman by Definition

A broker, salesperson, retailer, distributor, or drop shipper are all names for the middleman in the hair extension business.

People have the impression that they are a necessary evil that can be hard to avoid. For a while, the middleman was always an essential link between the person who made the product and those who bought it. 

As long as what they are selling is in high demand, intermediaries can and will typically mark something up as much as they want to make a profit. 

Since then, e-commerce has changed how people usually buy and sell, making it easier for direct-to-consumer sales to grow.

A personalized shopping experience, direct customer service, and lower prices are just a few benefits of buying products directly from a producer or wholesaler. If you want to cut your spending, be aware of these strategies.

  • Digital Age Gets Us Direct Access to Hair Extension Manufacturers

You often get the product through the middleman’s website, with the money they charge you. They get a product from the manufacturer, the second-hand reseller, or even the third-hand reseller and ship it directly to you without doing much. Many so-called wholesalers say they are wholesalers, whereas they are not.

Like the hair extension industry, which is well advanced in the digital age, we have a palm full of tools to make educated purchases. We can research the cheapest direct-to-consumer brands and wholesale options with our smartphones. 

You could be duping yourself and the makers of products by supporting drop-ship businesses that could charge you more. We are in the information age. There is unlimited access to talk directly with manufacturers or genuine wholesalers. The only thing that matters is being able to differentiate them. Request a video call and ask them to show you around the factory.

If you’re still unsure, it’s worth visiting the factory.

New Times Hair is the genuine manufacturer of human hair extensions you are looking for.

With our headquater is located in Qingdao, China, we have a factory covers an area of 4000 km² and over 100 skilled craftspeople.

Our experienced factory team works with the most modern equipment to produce high-quality hair extensions. Our investment in our factory has allowed us to achieve a high level of production producing over 15,000 product units monthly.


Contact us to book a phone call or schedule a visit!

  • Benefits with the Hair Extension Manufacturer: Quality, Delivery Time, and Low Cost

One benefit of talking to the manufacturer is the highest possibility of getting the best products.

Suppose there’s a problem with quality, and you’re working with a go-between, especially one outside your physical area. In that case, finding the source and taking legal action, if necessary, will be difficult.

Another benefit of dealing with the manufacturer is the shortest possible delivery time. Soon after the product has been manufactured, they will ship it directly to you. 

You can try several different suppliers. First and foremost, we are living in the information age. Deal directly with the manufacturer. Avoid the middleman whenever possible to maximize your profit margin

Due to unanticipated middlemen, many manufacturers cut their planned margins to keep costs down. So it is worthwhile thoroughly researching your manufacturer’s operation. It’s okay if you find out that you’re overpaying for the products you’re getting.

Hence, from a strategic point of view, every E-commerce entrepreneur ought to know this basic formula: 

Profit = (Sale Price – Costs Per Unit) – Cost of Acquisition.

You will undoubtedly be advertising for the hair extension products you purchase. If the unit costs can be covered by the return of your ad spending, your store is making a profit. For example, let’s say you sell weft hair extensions for $200 per box and produce them for $50. It means you have $150 to make a sale profitably. If it costs you $60 to make that sale, you profit $90. 

Profit ($90) = {Sale Price ($200) – Unit Costs ($50)} – Cost Per Acquisition ($60)

Knowing this basic e-commerce dynamic will help spearhead your growth.

2. Make Sure the Supplier is Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliability is only part of what makes a business prosper. But without it, it surely is going to crumble. 

  • Reliability Is a Key 

Have you ever noticed how, in a restaurant or a candy store, one painful experience — the steak I had last time tasted like wormwood, or the fish smelled too fishy to me — can ruin the entire experience? You will never go back, and it’s for life.

This is what you do, and you hear what your friends or family share. The thing is that there are thousands of restaurants or similar businesses around town doing the same business and offering the same kind of services. Unless a massive disaster strikes, this restaurant or business becomes the town’s lone star. All people must go to them for the services or products they provide; once a customer is lost, it is lost for life. 

Reliability is essential to hair extension businesses. You need returning customers to support you. Not just your reliability but also the reliability of your supplier, who is generally the backbone of any business that trades in tangible products. You will lose your reputation if they fail to ship the products or send faulty products to the end buyer. Your reputation actually rests on their shoulders. 

  • Supplier’s Reputation is the Foundation

Before you converse with a supplier, always consider their reputation, price, and hair quality. 

About 80% of business owners source products through Alibaba. With Alibaba, always talk to suppliers labeled with the Verified Supplier tick. That means the company has been trading for at least two years, and its premises—in terms of offices, factories, warehouses, etc.—have been officially verified. Other than that, if the company had a golden Trade Assurance label on the profile page, that would be even better, which means Alibaba will not release the funds to them before you receive your goods. New Times Hair has both labels. 

First, place some trial orders with several suppliers to try them out, and see how they handle things throughout the ordering and shipping process.

Suitable suppliers can ship your products immediately with the best discounted wholesale price and quality, so you can deliver your products and service to your customers to their best satisfaction. 

As a widely recognized hair extension manufacturer in China, New Times Hair is proud to have built strong and lasting connections with a great number of well-reputed wholesale distributors and retailers from all over the world. we have over 3000 clients from over 200 countries, mainly in the US and Europe. They are qualified hairstylists, licensed cosmetologists, and end users. Contact us today to get in touch!

3. You Are Looking for a Partner, NOT just a Seller

If you think the supplier is just a seller that sells you goods and doesn’t feel like spending time with them unless you have to for your next order, you need to change your mindset. 

  • The Supplier Needs to Be Your Partner

Your supplier needs to be your business partner, not a mere seller. It is highly beneficial if your supplier considers you in the same boat and works together to offer satisfactory products or services to the end customer.

  • More Than Just the Reliable Supplier

The supplier needs to be more than a supplier to you. With an ideal business partner, you can learn all the necessary details about the product. The best way to wear, and even industry experiences. 

For example, acid-processed human hair typically lasts for 2-3 months, while Remy human hair from single donors with good care can last over a year. A good, reliable supplier could tell you all this without a problem, and that’s good enough. They don’t have to tell you anything else. Surely they should give you all the basic product details, like that it is made of natural human hair, can last for 6 months, we have return policies, etc. 

With a good business partner, they should be a team player for you and make sure you provide the best service for your customers. They should be in contact with you whenever you need them. 

New Times Hair has all that. We have been a hair extension manufacturer and distributor for over a decade, knowing the ins and outs of the industry. Our partners are salon owners and qualified stylists from over 200 countries worldwide. Plus, we can keep each production stage under close control and have managed to reduce costs to the minimum. Partner with someone like us.


If you are looking for a reliable hair extension supplier, New Times Hair is the one you can trust.

With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we have sufficient knowledge and expertise to help your hair business grow and expand. We manage product manufacturing, ensuring that you get the best quality hair extensions at a low factory price. Our 30-day free return policy and 3-month quality guarantee ensure that you get what you paid for with no worries.

4. Dropship, Branding, and Packaging

  • A Supplier Who Provides Drop-Shipping Service 

Starting your own hair extension business entails some risk. Suppose you are purchasing materials and holding inventory. In that case, finding a hair extension supplier that offers dropship services will greatly lower your risk.

The dropshipping business model is simple. An online retailer (you, in this case) sets up a shop where customers purchase items online. When an item is purchased, the order goes directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer ships the purchased item directly to the customer. That’s precisely what New Times Hair has been doing with our dropshippers. Apply to join our dropship program!

  • Suppliers Who Offer OEM Service

Owners of a dropshipping business model are responsible for creating an online brand and ensuring that only quality products are sent to customers.

You should create your own brand as an online retailer or hairstylist who wants to do hair extensions for a long time. New Times Hair provides OEM service. If you have your brand and logo, you are more than welcome to put them on our products. If you’re struggling to find a designer, we can design for you, too.

  • Suppliers Who Provide Packaging Service

Look for suppliers who provide packaging services. When a product is sent to the customer, a stylish, trendy-looking package adds points to the product. It will impress your customer, especially the packaging of fashion and beauty products like hair extensions. It will hit them with a sense of professionalism and aesthetic connotation.

Apart from being a manufacturer, brand, and logo designer, New Times Hair also designs and makes top-quality packaging boxes and gift bags for the products you purchase from us. Simply send us an email, and we will contact you back to arrange online consultations to sort it out. We will design, make samples, and send them to you. We’ll keep doing this until you like the way a sample of the packaging looks and feels.

5. Fast Response Time

The supplier’s reputation is critical, and their fast response is too. Your job is to ensure you’re working with a supplier who will answer your questions quickly, no matter where they are, be it local or overseas.

Besides a well-organized factory, New Times Hair has a head office of over forty staff members working 24/7, dealing with customer queries across the globe.

Whether it’s related to our product or quality issues, leave a message, or lodge an email, and our friendly staff will be with you in no time. 

6. They Allow for Online Shopping

Only a few B2B type wholesale hair extension suppliers have websites, among which most don’t allow for shopping online, and most rely mainly on email or phone to cope with inquiries on pricing and product details. Usually, starting from the day you send an inquiry to the day you place the order, you need to spend a few days or even longer.

As a professional and experienced hair extension supplier, New Times Hair website has made it possible for you to order wholesale hair extensions online, no matter whether you are a hair extension seller, salon owner, qualified stylist, or licensed cosmetologist. You can order anytime and anywhere, saving time, energy, and communication costs.

7. Find out The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ

When dealing with a B-end company, you must touch upon this topic. At the beginning of the conversation, ask them how many items I have to order at least to get an ideal wholesale discount. They may say, “You have to order 10 pcs as the minimum or 100 at least. to get $1 per item.” Compare that with your budget. If their MOQ doesn’t serve your business goal, and there’s little room for negotiation, don’t waste your time and move on. Keep in mind that MOQ will vary significantly depending on the product.

At New Times Hair, there is no limit to ordering our hair extensions. However, if you want to enjoy our low wholesale price, the minimum quantity is 3pcs.

8. Short Turnaround Time

No matter if you are looking for one of the hair extension wholesale suppliers in the USA, it will be challenging to decide what’s the shortest turnaround time without first creating a prototype, so it’s preferable for you and the manufacturer to agree on a timeframe so you can begin making future plans. Time is always a factor while conducting business.


Last but not least, why should you source through New Times Hair? We are a highly experienced hair extension manufacturer who’s been coping in the hair extension, toupee, and wig industry for over a decade.

We have a well-operating factory with the world’s top-notch hairpiece-making technologies.  With our proficient industry knowledge through our years of experience, we have figured out a new supply chain to keep every stage of production under close control, which has allowed us to reduce costs to the minimum while retaining product quality. 

We have all the world’s top-notch hair extension methods, such as fusion, tape-ins, halo, nano-rings, etc., available in multiple colors and lengths. They are all made of Remy human hair from single donors in various colors.

Upon your request, we can curl, perm, or pre-style hair extensions before we ship them to you. Also, as mentioned above, we can design brands, brand logos, and packaging for you from scratch. If you are thinking about starting a hair extension business, we can supervise you and take you through all the steps. Whatever you have thought about, we have them in our toolbox and ready to serve.

Do you agree that New Times Hair is the most professional hair extension supplier? Contact us now to make your first step.

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