Best Wig Manufacturers and Companies Worldwide

The information age has allowed us to source products around the globe without bounds. Since everyone has access to the Internet, retailers and service providers can now source goods directly from the wig manufacturers instead of going through the middlemen, whom many people in the business community have addressed as a necessary evil.

It is the same with the hairpiece or wig industry. What and where are the best wig manufacturers and companies hiding? As a good wig vendor, are you keen on finding the top wig companies? Suppose you talk directly to one of the best wig manufacturers and companies. In that case, you will reduce your costs as much as possible while increasing your profit margin.

It’s not Always Easy to Identify a Manufacturer.

As all kinds of information are freely loaded somewhere on the Internet, it is hard to judge whether the information they receive through the Internet is accurate or not. And there has yet to be a supreme authority presiding over all networks around the globe; we can do nothing at this stage to shield all false information from the Internet. 

Back to our topic, there are a lot of so-called wig manufacturers. Are they manufacturers? Or are they just wholesalers or drop shippers who forged some factory photos and posted them on their websites? Are they one of the best wig companies? Who are the best human hair wig companies that supply the best wig hair?

Before our business starts and we profit, only a few people can afford to fly overseas to find out whether a so-called manufacturer is another wholesaler or a drop shipper next door. 

In that regard, we conducted extensive research, identifying some genuine wig manufacturers and companies by region and profession. Contact them now, so it may help you build a solid customer base and set up an ideal bargain for life.

Best Wholesale Lace and Lace Front Wigs Manufacturers

A lace wig, by definition, is a wig with only lace on the front half of the base, allowing the wearer to part the hair in any direction they like.

Lace wigs offer great versatility for girls who want to try different looks and they are also great options for those with hair loss problems. Quality lace-front wigs can be worn while exercising, such as swimming, skydiving, etc. 

Here are some of the best manufacturers who make top-notch lace-front wigs. When we say “manufacturers,” we mean those with a factory and manual workers who technically work in front of sewing machines to make hairpiece products. Even if they have a head office and sales team located elsewhere, they are all under the same roof, owned by the same person or syndicate. 

  • New Times Hair

New Times Hair is a full-stack B2B hairpiece portal based in China with a vast range of lace wig options like lace front wigs, hair bundles, hair closures, etc. All the products are made of human hair from ethical donors worldwide. They are arguably one of the best hair manufacturers and wig suppliers in the world.


The head office of New Times Hair is located in the Qingdao CBD precinct, with a sales team of over a hundred and forty and a factory of over a hundred manual workers, only a few miles from the Qingdao Port.

New Times Hair is dedicated to wholesale wigs to salon owners, professional stylists, cosmetology schools, wig distributors and retailers from over two hundred countries, mainly based in North America and Europe. Plus, they are the best custom wig maker, too.

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  • Ted Hair

Established in 2008, Ted Hair has been running its hair factory for over 14 years. They have yet to reveal precisely where their factory is located. But they have eight sizable warehouses in all of the biggest cities in the US. They sell hair extensions and other hairpiece products at 30%-40% cheaper than other vendors in the US. Top-grade hair bundles start from $17.50. 38600+ hairstylists and salon owners prefer Ted Hair.


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  • Nana Virgin Hair 

An excellent wig maker, Nana Hair only collects unprocessed virgin hair for its products. Their hair is imported from Brazil, Peruvia, India, etc. They mainly focus on closures, lace frontals, closures and lace wigs. Their factory is 1,300 square meters, staffed with over fifty manual workers. They are also an OEM provider, with over 300 US and UK clients using their OEM service. Nana Hair is still hungry for distributors in more US states, Canada, and African countries to build long-term partnerships.

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  • Hair Care Centres

India-based lace front wig manufacturer does wholesale only and manufactures lace front wigs and hairpieces as a side business. Their primary focus is lace wigs and hair extensions. They still need to develop a fully functional e-commerce website. The current website is mainly for inquiries, making appointments, and broadcasting their expertise.

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  • PT. Mahakota Estetika Abadi

It is a manufacturer specializing in making lace front wigs using synthetic hair. PT. Mahakota Estetika Abadi is based in Kabupaten Purbalingga, Indonesia. Though only a few products are in stock, they have clients worldwide. For synthetic lace front wigs, contact them right now.


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  • Gaurav Wig House

Gaurav Wig House is based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. They specialize in manufacturing and supplying male and female synthetic hair extensions and wigs, including lace front wigs. They serve both local and global customers. Their website is mainly for inquiries and making appointments. 

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  • BM Wig

BM Wig is one of the leading wig makers and sellers in India. They make and sell wigs of all different sizes, lengths, and colors. Their products include wigs, lace front wigs, wigs for men, hairpieces, hair patches, and more. They have provided services without quality issues for over ten years throughout India and worldwide.

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Hairpieces Manufacturers / Hair Replacement System Manufacturers

Generally speaking, hairpieces and replacement systems or toupees all mean the same thing. All manufacturers’ essential products are hair replacement systems and wigs. The purpose of these products is to make the wearer’s hair look natural and realistic. It is better to source them globally to get the best wholesale deal.

  • Hair Life India

Hair Life India supplies hairpieces made of Remy hair or Kanekalon. They offer factory-direct, custom, and hand-made hair systems for men and women. Wholesale prices are what they guarantee. If you don’t like one aspect of the product, they promise a full refund.

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  • Soltera Hair

Soltera Hair has yet to reveal much about itself. As promised, they are the most trusted wig manufacturer in the Philippines. The types of products they make are few. But all their products are made of 100% human hair and shipped globally.

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  • New Times Hair

Back to New Times Hair again. As a full-stack manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and custom-made hairpiece provider, hairpieces, wigs, and toupees are what they’ve been manufacturing for over a decade. Knowing the ins and outs of the hair-making industry, they have developed a new supply chain to keep every production stage under close control, to reduce the costs to the minimum without compromising on quality. Their fully functional website allows for super-efficient online orders and quick turnarounds for their worldwide clients. 


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  • A Diva’s Hidden Hair

Here comes a California-based hair maker, A Diva’s Hidden Hair. They mainly provide custom hair systems for men, women, and children. Undetectability and chic are where they take pride. That’s the most excellent attribute of Leticia Grier’s custom hair systems. 100% human hair is used for their hairpieces to mix perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair. Their customers are mainly based in the States. From design to the finished product of a flashy, authentic-looking full head of hair, they are the answer to everything. 


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  • KTS Inc. 

KTS Inc. is based in Korea. South Korea, not North One. It’s been operating for over twenty years, specializing in supplying top-quality hair replacement systems, hairpieces, and human hair wigs to its global customers from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Poland,

Bulgaria, Japan, Singapore, etc. Their supply both human hair products as well as those made of synthetic hair. Custom-making service is also available with them. 

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  • Super Hairpieces

 It has been around since August 1996 in Qingdao, China; today, Superhairpieces houses over 500 well-educated manual workers and sales representatives who share a similar vision of making the finest quality hairpieces, wigs, and extensions. With their distribution warehouses set up in Florida and Ontario, they can ship hair extensions and all other hairpiece products within 24 hours of order placement.

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  • My Beauty

Based in one of the Carolinas, My Beauty supplies extensions mainly of virgin hair, braiding, and crocheting. Most of their hair extensions don’t have attaching mechanism, only in bundles with all types of waves or curls available. 

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Wig Manufacturers in the USA

Manufacturers may be challenging to find in the US, as labor-concentrated industries like wig manufacturing have long moved overseas. But there are still a few of them. However, they are more focused on design or custom-made wigs.

  • Anton’s Hair

Again, we have Anton’s Hair on the list. They mainly hand-craft European human hair. Since his son Kurt joined and started managing the business, their mission has been serving the American Cancer Society by providing finely and trendy wigs and extensions to those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy or other diseases. 


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  • Judy Wigs 

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of top-quality European human hair wigs, Judy travels the world, gathering the highest-quality materials to create the most natural wigs. Elegant and sophisticated women worldwide adore Judy and wear Judy-style wigs as a part of their daily beauty ritual.

“Judy Hair Tech” has combined traditional hair styling skills with the newest technological advances in hair making, allowing every customer to enjoy Judy’s wigs in long-lasting luxury, style & comfort. Our extensive collection of styles, colors, cuts, and hair types offers every woman an unmistakable natural style and grace.


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  • Super Hair Factory

Based in Georgia, the Super Hair Factory makes all sorts of human hair products, from wigs to hair extensions, and distributes them throughout the States and worldwide. Besides that, they run seminars and workshops to enhance the career expertise of licensed hairstylists and salon owners to serve better and gain more customers.


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  • Infringe Studio

Infringe Studio is based in New York, created by Anthony and Pat Mascolo. The business is more focused on the artistic side of hair-making.  

Go to them if you want a set of custom-made hairpieces for some high-end customers.


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  • Hairline Illusions

Hairline Illusions manufactures and distributes unique, realistic-looking hair scalp, facial, limb prosthetics, and hair extensions for patients affected by various diseases or trauma conditions. Their expertise is also more on the artistic side in design, preparing a client’s head for knotting complex partings, etc. 

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Wig Manufacturers in China

We can only list a few Chinese wig factories on this list. As some of us may know, China has the world’s most complete industry chain. They have far more manufacturers than other countries do. Here we are only listing the top ones in terms of efficiency. 

  • New Times Hair

Landing on Chinese turf, we are obliged to make mention of this leading hair maker again, New Times Hair. From making the products to getting them to customers, they have done everything well to offer customers from over 200 countries the most choices, the best wholesale prices, the highest quality products, and the fastest shipping. Plus, if you want OEM, their design team will help you design the top-notch packaging and brand logo from scratch. Get them, and you will get the world.


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  • Ali Queen Hair Products

Ali Queen Hair Products was established in 2005. Another Chinese manufacturer only accepts unprocessed virgin hair for their wigs and hairpieces. With over fifteen years of wig-making experience, Ali Queen has become one of the region’s leading manufacturers and distributors. They make hairpiece products, ranging from full-cap wigs, lace closures, and lace frontals to hairpieces, extensions, etc. Their clients are all over North America and Europe. 

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  • Xuchang Weiken Hair Products

They do not have a website as they are purely a wig and hairpiece factory that sells wigs and toupees to North America (41%), South America (20%), and Western Europe (20%). Find them on Alibaba.

At the same time, they are a wholesaler who owns their own sales team. They provide OEM service worldwide as well. They also make custom orders on request. Sample processing and graphic processing are all part of their services. Contact them now and negotiate a fantastic deal. 


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  • Yuzhou Ruidoli Hair Products Co., Ltd.

Yuzhou Ruidoli Hair Products Co., Ltd. is another wig manufacturer in China that still needs to develop a website. Still, they have been a weathered and devoted manufacturer of hairpiece products for years and years. All their clients are repeat clients from America, Europe, Africa, and many other countries or regions. They have set up physical stores in Nigeria. Their products come in more than 1,000 styles. Their factory is in

the east of Yuzhou City, 7000 square meters. One hundred twenty manual workers are working for them, making wigs, closures, etc.

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Wig Manufacturers in Indonesia

Indonesia is not a major wig-manufacturing country. However, Indonesia is the source of much of the world’s high-quality natural human hair. To start a hairpiece business, getting in touch with Indonesia’s wig-manufacturing tycoons is worthwhile. 


PT. ASTIKA SAMBO HAIR INTERNATIONAL is Indonesia’s (not one of them) leading wig manufacturer. They specialize in the development and marketing of hair and beauty products. 

Having been in the business for over 20 years, Sambo is committed to quality. They have experts in all fields who have helped them develop multiple quality control methods and trained numerous hair specialists to keep hair quality under close control. 

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  • PT Mahkota Mahkota Estetika Abadi

PT Mahkota Mahkota Estetika Abadi is another sizable wig manufacturer in Indonesia. They are an OEM manufacturer of wigs and hair extensions. They mass produce full machine wigs, lace wigs, and mono top wigs. Again, they are a lace-front wig manufacturer as well.

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  • Hair Production Indonesia

Hair Production Indonesia manufactures wefts, closures, wigs, etc. It supplies natural human hair in bulk to the rest of the world. Their hair is provided in all styles, pre-permed into various wave types, and ready for your pick.

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Hair Wig Manufacturers in India

India is another wig and hairpiece product-manufacturing country besides China. Plus, most human hair is sourced from India to be made into top-quality wigs and hairpieces. India has smaller-scale hair wig manufacturers, but there are heaps of them throughout the country. 

  • Hema Hair

 Hema Hair Wigs makes human hair wigs for male and female cancer patients. They mainly send medical wigs to North America and Europe. China and a few other Asian countries buy natural human hair from them. Their products include wigs for both men and women, clips for hair extensions, patches, frontals, and closures for women. 

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  • BM Wig

Here we have BM Wig again while in India. As they said, BM Wig has been manufacturing, supplying, and trading hair wigs in various sizes, lengths, and colors. They are experts at making wigs, hair wigs, hairpieces, patches, lace patches, lace front hair wigs, and hair wigs for people who have lost a lot of hair from chemotherapy, all done under one roof. 

Their products are catered to both domestic and international customers. You can also order them in bulk at a wholesale price. Their medical wigs are super lightweight and specifically designed for people going through chemotherapy.

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  • Allure Premium Hair

 Allure Premium Hair is another wig manufacturer and supplier based in India. Their website is still under development. All sizes and models are virtually available for inquiries but have yet to be made available for online purchase. 

Besides being a hairpiece and wig manufacturer, Allure Hair Products is expert in processing, supplying, and exporting quality human hair, including Indian single-drawn Remy hair, virgin bulk hair, machine weft hair, and multiple curly hair options, Remy double-drawn hair, and lot more. 

Allure-made Remy hair extensions are all made of virgin hair, with cuticles arranged in the same direction from root to tip. That will enable you to style it however you desire without worrying about damaging it. Talk to them if you want first-hand quality virgin Hair!

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  • Hair and Nature

Hair and Nature is another India-based wig manufacturer with over twenty styles in all colors, including multiple types of waves and curls. 

100% natural human hair is used for all their products. They have a factory of around ten people, with relevant sewing machines apportioned to each of them, making wigs and hair extensions. 

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  • Gaurav Wig

While in India, we have to cover Gaurav Wig House again. A New Delhi-based company holds expertise in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting male and female wigs and hair extensions. Besides hair wig manufacturing, their services also incorporate synthetic hair restorations. 

Vietnam-Based Wig Manufacturers

Vietnam has been a competitor to China and India in making high-quality hairpieces for a long time. However, most of their products are targeted at women only.

  • Lynhair – Best Vietnamese Hair Factory 

Before you continue reading, be reminded their products are for females only. Lyn Hair Factory is the #1 wig manufacturer in the country. They supply high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions, ranging from hair bundles, raw hair, weave hair, tape-ins, keratin, closures, frontals, etc., and wigs. Lyn Hair Factory is the best to start your hair business if you are looking for hair wigs or extensions at wholesale prices. Contact Lyn Hair to import directly from the Vietnam human hair factory.


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  • Vietnam Hair Suppliers 

Again, they only manufacture and distribute female products. Vietnam Hair Suppliers is a joint stock company, incorporating Sunny (Hair) Vietnam Trading and Import-Export Investment, founded in the early2010s. They manufacture various hair extensions, wigs, wefts, etc., and stock and channel Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, and Burmese. All their hair is finely processed and known for a smooth, natural look and soft feel.


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  • Vietnam Hairs

Again, only for females, Vietnam Hairs is a by-product of (Vietnam Hair Star Co., Ltd & Hair Century Industries, JSC). They manufacture and distribute hair extensions and wigs in Vietnam and overseas. They work closely with hundreds of human hair

collectors. They have become one of Vietnam’s largest hair transfer stations, allowing them to offer the most competitive prices to all hair or wig buyers worldwide. Currently, they are exporting to China, Thailand, India, Brazil, Angola, Europe, North America, etc., with a total of 3000 kg monthly.

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  • Khair Vietnam

Yes, we are still in Vietnam. That may be why their products are only for females. Khair Vietnam has been a leading reputable human hair wig manufacturer and distributor for over fifteen years. Their hair is mainly sourced from women living on high mountains, whose hair is top-quality virgin Hair that’s never been processed. 

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  • Bibo Hair

Being a supplier of custom-made and mass-produced wigs and hairpieces, Bibo was born to make women’s hair perfect. Their products vary in colors, lengths, types, and hair textures. Contact them now and negotiate a super deal.

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Last Words

Choosing the right supplier or manufacturer for your business, be it a lace front manufacturer, follow these guidelines: the one who manufactures top-quality wigs, fast-response time, a fully functional website for speedy online orders, the best wholesale price, and the one who provides after-sales services, as well as offering OEM service for your private label products. Preferably, get one who can even design labels and packages for you or one who can supervise you to start a business from scratch.

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