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There are many types of base designs for hair replacement systems, such as full lace bases, full skin bases, mono bases with skin or poly coating perimeter, lace bases with skin or poly-coated perimeters. Though the base constructions are different, installation methods are much the same and New Times Hair will give you a detailed explanation.


In short, it is very easy to wear a toupee: just secure it to the head with toupee tape or glue. But many people worry that they are wearing their wig incorrectly and that it is, therefore, very noticeable to others. For a hairpiece to be natural, proper attachment is important but so is the craftsmanship, base design and hair itself.

If your clients have strict requirements about their toupees, we recommend you order a tailor-made hair system for them.

Since they have 100% real human hair, it can not only wash and perm but also use a variety of hair care products, you can change the hairstyle according to match your mood.

Men's hair replacement systems are handmade by technicians who ventilate each strand of hair to the base. Hair can cover a part of or the entire head to solve someone’s hair loss problem or just add volume to their hair. For custom made hair systems, ventilation takes around one month.


A month? Why does ventilation take so long?

If the ventilation process is fast done, the ventilation may not delicate, then the overall effect maybe not so good. However, if this process is done in a very neat and uniform manner, it may take a longer period of time, but the direction of the hair and effect will be good. Ventilating hair on hair systems is an art. It is meticulous and painstaking work.


Technicians also have different professional capabilities. The technicians in New Times Hair have rich experience in crocheting and are proficient in all kinds of crocheting and knotting methods. They can replicate the exact look and nature of human hair on the scalp.


Can I attach the hairpiece for my clients without first cutting the hair?

Absolutely NOT. Because our technicians only ventilate rough hair to the hair systems, the hair length is equal, no styling; Please make sure to wear it on the customer's head according to their face style and their expected effect by a professional hairstylist.


Is human hair really the best choice? Why is it so expensive?

Compared to synthetic hair, the cost of human hair replacement systems is higher. However, a human hair is more comfortable and more natural in its appearance which is appreciated by many clients. Though the cost of raw materials, processing methods, modeling, etc. increase year on year, New Times Hair is committed to ensuring the best quality raw materials, precise ventilation, comfortable base designs, a natural look, and more than reasonable prices for our customers.



Why do human hair toupees look so natural?

There are four factors:

1. The raw material of the human hair is real and can be perfectly blended with your client's own hair.

2. The hair is all ventilated by hand. Our technicians ventilate the hair strand by strand and according to the way hair naturally grows. This could not be done by a machine.

3. We can make some natural-looking bases such as silk tops or use ventilation methods like lace injection, skin injection, V-loops where the hair will look like it is growing directly out of the wearer’s real scalp.

4. Add a professional haircut that suits your client’s face shape by your stylist to a highly natural hair system and no one will be able to detect your client’s hair system.


How to install a hair system to your client’s head

Installing a system to your client is patient work but it is important that you follow all the steps below.


With a wet towel or cloth, wipe the scalp clear of any hairpiece adhesive residue. Wash the entire head, scrubbing the scalp thoroughly with some exfoliating scalp scrub. Rinse, and repeat. Fully dry your head and add a layer of waterproof sealant.

Apply hairpiece tape to the base of the toupee. Place the tape as close to the outer edge as possible. Make sure to peel off the backing of the strips so that the tape will stick to the scalp.

Spray the scalp with an alcohol-based formula such as Adjust-a-Bond. This spray prevents the toupee from sticking right away and will give you a few precious minutes to make adjustments.

Carefully place the toupee onto the head. Adjust the toupee into place, applying pressure to every area where you placed the adhesive tape. Lightly mist the toupee with water and add a dash of spray-on conditioner.

When it comes to removal, remove the toupee from back to front. Use the tips of your fingers to feel for the back edge and gently peel up the base with a fingernail. Slowly peel the toupee off your scalp, a few inches at a time. Take care not to pull so hard that you stretch the material out of shape. Use adhesive remover if necessary.


Which men’s hair replacement system factory should I choose as my regular supplier?

You should consider the following five factors when deciding on a wigs supplier: quality of the product, delivery, price, after-sales support, and reputation. These factors are all connected! Only customers who have purchased the hair system can judge whether the quality is good or the price is fair, and their purchases should allow them to experience after-sales support. Different customers will give different evaluations and eventually a reputation will be formed!


We invite you to visit our factory to learn more about us. If there is anything we can do to support your business, please feel free to contact us. All queries are welcome!

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