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Why My Human Hair Wig is Shedding and How to Stop it Effectively

If you have ever worn hair wigs at any point in your life, you must have experienced hair wig shedding to some degree. If you are running a hair wig business, you must have dealt with many customers who complain about hair shedding problems of the wigs you sold them.

Moderate hair wig shedding is completely normal as all hair wigs come with a limited lifespan. No hair strand is supposed to stay on the wig permanently.

However, if the speed of their hair wig shedding is fast to the point that is concerning and abnormal, then there must be things you need to work on to make a positive difference.

As an experienced hair wig manufacturer with worldwide business, New Times Hair is going to shed light on the most common causes behind hair wig shedding and share with you some handy tips on how to stop wigs from shedding effectively.

Two Types of Human Hair Wig Shedding

There are mainly two kinds of hair wig shedding.

  • One is hair falling from the base, meaning the whole hair strand ultimately falls off.
  • The other is hair breakage, meaning the hair breaks in the middle, and part of it falls off.

The reasons for these two kinds of hair shedding differ significantly. We need to find out which type the hair wig shedding actually belongs to.

Hair Shedding From The Base

How easily the hair sheds from the base is strongly associated with the knotting method used for the wigs.

Hair Shedding From The Base
  • Knotless ventilation methods are more prone to get off

Hair shedding typically doesn’t happen on wigs that use knotting ventilation methods, which means the hair is tightly attached with knots. The most common knotting methods are single knots, double knots, single split knots, and double split knots,

However, in order to create a more realistic hair roots vision, some hair wigs will use knotless hair ventilation methods such as hair injection and v-looped hair. Without the tight knots, they are more prone to lose hair than others, especially when used and cared improperly.

  • Faulty Manufacturing

On the other hand, the hair shedding speed varies across suppliers for the same kind of hair wigs. That can be attributed to the workmanship quality of the manufacturers.

Hair wigs handcrafted by highly specialized and experienced craftsmen are understandably less susceptible to outside forces and last longer.

So hair wig vendors must distinguish those reliable manufacturers from the rest. When abnormal hair shedding happens to the hair wigs, you can reach out to your manufacturers for a decent remedy.

Hair Breakage

The reasons behind hair breakage are pretty diverse, but most of them can be avoided with proper care.

Hair Breakage
  • Excessive hair processing

Excessive hair processing turns out to be the most predominant factor contributing to hair breakage.

Some hair wig wearers are pretty fond of styling their wigs through hair dyeing, perming, and heating.

However, too much such processing work can make the hair vulnerable and prone to break. That is why our factory has gotten some hair breakage feedback from the users who have tried to bleach and dye their hair again.

This is not recommended as the hair is very vulnerable to such processing works.

  • Hair types

Besides, the type of hair used to produce the wigs plays a significant part as well. There are quite a few common types of hair of varying classes used for production on the hair wig market. Some of them are more resistant to hair breakage than others.

Typically speaking, Chinese hair is least susceptible to hair breakage out of all the common hair types since it is the thickest. Then it comes Indian hair that is thinner and softer. In spite of that, European hair is known for being the thinnest and softest type of hair, which is why it breaks easily.

Moreover, virgin hair, the classiest hair type available on the market, is the strongest type that lasts the longest, followed by Remy hair and regular hair. Though it is the most costly type.

  • Hair tangles and frictions

Other reasons for hair breakage include frequent hair tangling and hair friction that weakens the hair strands over time.

Tips on How to Stop Wig from Shedding

Avoid Too Much Water Contact

It has proved that excessive water contact can make your hair wigs more vulnerable to hair shedding, especially those with thin skin bases and knotless hair ventilation.

So when you engage in water activities like swimming, you could take off the wig before you go or wear a swimming cap to keep the water at bay. Besides, chlorine, commonly present in swimming pools, can be to the detriment of the hair by causing the hair to turn brittle and dry, making it break more easily. 


Avoid Hair Frictions and Physical Forces

This is also a common contributing factor to hair wig shedding. Frictions against things like a pillow can significantly shorten the lifespan of your wig by causing the hair to break.

That is why some of us can see many hair strands left on the pillow when we wake up in the morning. Such hair shedding happens due to frictions. So actions like going for a silky and smoother pillowcase can greatly reduce friction.

In addition, some people have the habit of unconsciously scratching their heads or pulling their hair. Such habits should be abandoned to minimize such frictions and physical forces.


Comb the Hair Properly

Learning the proper combing techniques can help you considerably in how to stop wigs from shedding. Instead of using a regular comb to comb the hair, try a wide-toothed one to do the combing job in our daily lives.

In the case of hair tangling, many people like to pull on the hair while combing it through, which can worsen the hair shedding problems. What you need to do first is use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair before using a brush to neaten and straighten the hair.

Please gently comb the hair starting from the roots towards the tips and always comb the hair when it is dry.


Wash and Dry Your Wig Properly

Use both shampoo and conditioner to wash your wigs, and the water should be warm. Avoid rubbing when drying the base; instead, gently press each part on a towel to absorb the water before using a hairdryer to blow dry it.

Lastly, place it on a mannequin to air dry. Plus, do not wash your wig too frequently, which could weaken the hair over time. It is recommended to wash your wig a maximum of three times a week.


Protect Your Wig from UV light

Some of you might be wondering how the UV light could cause the hair to shed. It does by damaging the hair shaft through a process called oxidation.

Oxidation takes place when the UV light comes into contact with the oxygen molecules on your hair wig, slowly changing the color of the hair while making the hair weaker and more brittle.

The effects of oxidation are definitely more pronounced in the summer months when the UV light from the sun is at its peak. So when you have to expose your wig to the UV light for an extended period of time, try to wear something like a cap to shield the hair. A hair protectant screen can also be used to achieve that purpose.


Hair Piece Repair Service at New Times Hair

Aside from a wide range of top-quality hair wig products available, New Times Hair offers very well-rounded and professional hairpiece repair services that greatly help our partners, and customers get the very best out of their purchases.

As mentioned above, hair shedding is inevitable regardless of the quality and class of the hair wigs. As time goes by, the hair volume of your wigs also declines. And it is not always necessary to get a new one to replace the old one speaking from the budget perspective.

Going for hairpiece repair could be a very ideal option for many wearers.

At New Times Hair, we can perform a wide range of repair services for you or your customers. And they are highly affordable as well. For one, we can add hair to your old hair wigs to restore their original hair volume.

And the hair will be knotted just as tight as the hair of those new ones. For another, we can repair torn or damaged base material for you or even replace certain parts of the hair wig base. So the lifespan of your hair wigs can be easily prolonged with our help!


While there is no perfect solution for how to stop wigs from shedding, the tips mentioned above can significantly help you slow the ratez of hair wig shedding when put into action properly. So you will achieve a longer lifespan of your wigs.

In spite of that, it seems more important to find the right hair wig supplier in the first place that can provide you with top-notch hair wigs. Not only do such wigs can last a very long time, but they are also the ones that can give you the most pleasant wearing experience in many aspects. 

If you are a hair wig business owner, New Times Hair is where you can wholesale a wide array of hair wigs of the best quality on the market. All our hair wig products are not only made from the best hair and base materials on the market.

Still, they are handcrafted by highly specialized and experienced craftsmen in China. What is more, all wholesale prices we offer you are factory-direct prices that are hard to match elsewhere.

By partnering with us, issues like how to stop wigs from shedding can never get in the way of your business development with our highly professional and affordable hairpiece repair services, aside from the best hair wigs you can ever find on the market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing for business inquiries or questions at any time, and we are ready for you 24/7 all year long!

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