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Do Toupees Fall off and What to Do If It Stops Stick?

One of the biggest concerns wearers have about hair systems or toupees is whether they will fall off

Whether outside on a windy day or working up a sweat in the gym, you want to know if your toupee will stay in place.

A short answer to this question is, with the right adhesives and proper attachment technique, the toupees don’t easily fall off or even get pulled off.


How Long Does the Toupee Stay on Head Before It Stops Stick?

For glue on hair toupee, it usually can last for about three to four weeks securely on the head. After that, you will need to go to your stylist to get it completely replaced.

How to Avoid Toupee Falling off

Here we come up with several points you need to especially pay attention to in order to ensure the toupees stick to the scalp firmly.

1. Prepare the head and toupee wig correctly.

Before you put your toupee wigs on, you need to make sure the scalp is clean and free of any oils.

Rubbing alcohol is an effective tool in dissolving and removing dirt, oils, and other debris that will interfere with your hairpiece.

Here we recommend you use 99% high concentration rubbing alcohol, which contains less water than the lower one thus it and can dissolve oils and other residues more quickly and extensively.

Ensure everywhere of the scalp is nicely cleaned with rubbing alcohol— use your fingers to rub the shaved area to make sure the oils are dissolved and then dry it with a towel. If necessary, repeat this step several times to ensure the cleanness of the scalp.

Then leaves the scalp to dry, or you can use a blow dryer to dry the scalp.

NOTE: The drier and cleaner the scalp, the more secure the toupee sticks to the scalp.

Except for the scalp, the cleanness of the hair system is also necessary. If you are going to install a completely new toupee, we suggest you shampoo it and clean it with alcohol, otherwise, you may find the hair system does not stick——as most hair systems will go through a special production process called “grease conditioning” in the production to make the hair system look more natural and lustrous. 

2. Use the right adhesives.

The right adhesives to attach your toupee wigs or hair systems are important to ensure a secure hold. 

There are many different kinds of adhesives in the market that cater to the different needs of customers.

Some are made for daily wear, some are ultra-durable, and some are made for extremely waterproofed so you can wear your hair toupee to swim without worrying about it will fall off.

However, every customer is different. Don’t expect one adhesive can fit anyone or work under any conditions.

For example, the service life of adhesives varies from several days to a month, if the wearer doesn’t expect to remove it frequently, choosing one with extended service life will ensure it doesn’t get loose before expectations.

If you are looking for a durable adhesive, Walker Ultra Hold Tape is that one— designed for longevity use and can hold strong on the scalp for 6+ Weeks.

Another problem is, although all adhesives are waterproof, they are only for daily wear basis like regular showers, less amount of sweats, etc.

When it refers to extreme conditions like large amounts of sweats and humidity, some adhesives could struggle to get a hold.

Therefore, if you are living in a hot and moist climate, or you exercise or swim often, we will recommend you use a scalp protector made especially for sports before you attach the hair system, which will help you keep everything in place no matter the sweats and humidity.

For hairstylists, having a chat with your clients to know their needs will help ensure that you are giving them the right adhesives they will be satisfied with.

For personal wearers,  if you are not sure what kind of adhesive you need, consult your hairpiece manufacturer or stylist.

What to do When Your Toupee Getting Loose

Reattaching Loose Hair Toupee

Adhesives do not last forever, even if you choose a reinforced one, the hair toupee will still get loose over time.

Especially when it often gets wet from water, rain, or sweat, the adhesives can weaken. 

However, your hair toupee will feel loose long before the adhesive fails entirely. 

If you noticed part of the edge getting loose, take some time to properly attach the loose part with tape or glue.

This will ensure the secure fit of your hair toupee on the scalp and help you rest assured it will not fall off, then you can make it stay longer on your scalp before you go to your hairstylist.

Removing and Reattaching Hair Systems

For glue on hair toupee, it typically needs to be removed, completely cleaned and reattached every three to four weeks.

You will need to dissolve the adhesives with C-22 adhesive solvent and peel it off completely from the scalp and the hair system, prepare your scalp again and finally reattach the hair toupee to the scalp.

For the complete process, you can check out our guide Hair System Removal and Scalp Cleaning.

*In case of hair system gets destroyed for improper ways to remove, for personal wearers, we suggest you ask for help from the professionals if possible.


I hope this guide has already addressed your doubts and concerns on whether your toupee will fall and how to deal with it if it happens.

Stay confident and stress-free live your everyday life with New Times Hair wig, toupee, hair systems, and more!

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