100 Haircuts for Balding Men on Top and Front Hairline

Most people experience hair thinning as they age, especially men. It’s a natural process where many hair follicles cease to produce new hairs accompanied by a slower rate of hair growth and smaller, less pigmented hair strands.

Those who don’t become completely bald may experience male-pattern baldness, where hair loss is restricted to the temples or the top of the head. 

Men who were used to styling thick, youthful locks now find themselves struggling to make the best of what they are left with.

Fortunately, there are endless hairstyles out there for working with every type of balding situation, and knowing which style is best for your client will allow you to give them their confidence back.

Without further ado, let’s look at some excellent haircuts and hairstyles for men with thinning or balding hair, as well as some great cases hiding the baldness with hair systems.

Haircuts for Balding Men on Top

Short Cropped with High Fade for Men Balding on Top


There’s no better method to disguise thinning hair than to cut it short.

Cut your client’s hair super-short on top, but keep it textured enough to keep things interesting.

The high fade on the sides will completely eliminate thinning there.

Crew Cut for Men Bald on Top and Front Hairline


Is your client desperate to retain some length? Go for this super simple crew cut with facial hair.

Crew cut also works well when your client has a very thin crown and receded hairline.

Instead of concealing the bald head, use the full facial hair to draw the attention lower, which makes the thinning hair less noticeable.

Grey Hair with Glasses for Older Men with Balding Crown


Are your clients seeking a haircut that can make them look younger as time goes on?

Suggest this ramped-up look for grey hair that is styled with glasses.

Choose a pair of funky glasses to give an edge, or go with classic frames to keep things simple.

This appearance is a winning combo that grabs everyone’s attention and shows off a sense of style.

Razor Shave for Balding Men


For men with thinning hair who have bald spots or uneven hair, a razor shave is the best hairstyle for.

While a full shave may seem frightening, you should remind them that it is infinitely superior to gradually losing their hair patch by patch.

While retaining a masculine style, the razor shave will keep your clients looking clean-cut and distinguished. 

Shaved Head with a Beard for Men Balding on Top


It’s common for men who experience balding to continue growing abundant facial hair for years to come.

If this is the case for your client, use it to their advantage.

For those who aren’t ready to lose all their hair, keep a full beard to draw the eye away from their shaved head.

Buzz Cut With a Beard


If a full shave is still too much for your client, go for the conventional buzz cut.

For men with thinning hair who can easily grow full—but yet neat—facial hair, this is a wonderful option.

A buzz cut with clippers and a number two blade all over create a masculine hairstyle.

A thin beard provides a touch of coolness and draws attention to the face, so it helps to minimize the appearance of a receding hairline or widow’s peak.

Short and Gray Hair for Balding Older Men on Top


As many people would not believe, more and more men are embracing their natural colors, even if as they age.

That explains why grey and pepper color is becoming more of a trendy hair color option for guys of all ages.

Even many young guys are experimenting with gray color as a fashion statement to draw people’s attention.

For another, this hair color offers them a great chance to appear mature and full of wisdom.

To achieve this hairstyle, you just need to cut your manes close, and apply some texturizing product to get the right texture and thickness, and of course with a head of gray hair.

Short Textured Hairstyle for Older Man With Thinning Hair


If your client prefers a short haircut, short textured hair is a nice option for older men with thinning hair. 

It gives a simple and stylish appearance to your clients with only very little time to maintain it every day.

What’s more, it is ideal for both formal and casual appearances., and works for both natural straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Ivy League for Balding Older Men


The ivy league is a classic haircut that has been popular for decades and is a great styling option for older men with thinning hair.

A short ivy league gives men a laid-back vibe and is suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

Salt and Pepper Buzz Cut for Balding Older Men


The buzz cut looks great with a rounded beard and is one of the greatest short, thin hairstyles for older men.

This look is enhanced further by the salt and pepper tones of older males’ hair.

Very Short Top for Older Men Balding on Top


If your client prefers a very short haircut that makes his morning routine as simple as possible, then consider a mid skin fade on the sides with a short top.

Haircuts for Men with Receded Hairline and Temple Hair Loss

Flat Top for Balding Temple


A great suggestion for your clients. The flat top is a more stylish hairstyle than the regular buzz cut with the front area a little longer than the rest of the hair.

The crown is cut short and flat, with both sides and back shaved.  

If viewed from the top of the head, this haircut shows a bit of the scalp.

It requires low maintenance and is an excellent choice for your clients with thinning hair and front hairlines.

Butch cut for Men with Balding Temple


For the butch cut, the hair is shaved so that it is all the same length.

It’s usually cut between 1/4 and 3/4 inches long and contoured to the shape of the head.

Any receding hairline will be hardly noticeable with this masculine and clean-cut style, which is also very low maintenance.

Diagonal Fade for Men with Receding Hairline

Diagonal Fade for Men balding on top and Receding Hairline

A combination of a diagonal fade paired with bald skin cut around the sides can be what a guy needs to make his receding hairline appear less noticeable.

It achieves that goal by enhancing hair volume on top while distracting attention from the receding hairline and thinning parts.

It is recommended to pair this hairstyle with a thick beard and make sure to fade the sideburns to the beard for a modern look.

Short and Messy for Balding Temple


If your client has a receding hairline, then a messy style like Jude Law’s short and messy cut is the way to go.

This casual style messy haircut can draw eyes from the front hairline to the top.

Apply mousse to their hair whilst it’s wet and after towel drying, this will provide some natural texture for a sloppy, just-gotten-out-of-bed appearance.

Skin Fade with Short Hair for Balding Temple


A skin fade with short hair is a striking style that gives them better control over styling and the overall appearance of their receding hairline.

The shaved sides and shortened length are a trendy look that helps to rewind the appearance.

This hairstyle will also attract attention away from the hairline and toward the longer hair on top of the head.

Slicked Back and Fade for Balding Temple


If you’ve got some length to work with on the top of the head, try slicking it back and pairing it with faded sides to give a neat and tidy look which plays to thinning hair. 

Subtle Comb-over in White Hair


Harsh comb-overs can look old-fashioned and out of style.

Done right, they can look trendy, young and best of all, disguise your client’s bald patches.

By softly encouraging the hair over to one side, a subtle comb-over will give a youthful look. 

Comb the hair over from further back, and allow the front part to fall over the forehead. This will draw the eye away from their receding hairline. 

French Crop to Hide Receding Hairline


The French Crop hairstyle is one of the best older men’s hairstyles for thinning hair.

For those who want to spend less time styling their hair, go for this clean and short, low-maintenance hairdo.

This look comes in a variety of styles, from the undercut to curls and fades. 

High Fade Slick Back for Balding Temple


Have confidence in their hairline no matter how recessed it is and slick back the hair to show it off.

A high fade is a great accompaniment to disguise thin or balding sides.

Buzz Cut for Balding Temple


As a classic and masculine haircut for men, a buzz cut has long become a trendy haircut, especially in the west.

It reduces the prominence of the receding hairline and fading temples by diverting attention to your facial features. 

What is more, there is barely any styling and maintenance jobs needed for this haircut, given how short the hair is across.

Side Part Skin Fade for Temple Hair Loss


This is a classic haircut that gives you more control over your hairstyling and the whole appearance of your retreating hairline.

The tapered hair and the trimmed sides offer you a modern look, which makes you appear younger. Hair loss at the temples appears less noticeable complemented with a long beard.

So it is an ideal style to choose if you are in the initial stages of balding.

Skin Fade Quiff for Receded Hairline


The quiff haircut with a side parting hairstyle is a great way to update and individualize the quiff haircut. The parting can be styled and shaved in with a razor.

It instantly tones down the free-spiritedness of the cut.

When styling, make sure to part the side before lifting and shaping the bangs, so a receding hairline would be well-hidden as a result.

Long Ponytail for Balding Temple


Another great look for older men with long but thin hair is the ponytail. You can slick all the hair back into a high ponytail and play to the thinness of their hair.

Man-Bun with Receded Hairline and Balding Temple


This is similar to the last one but is a much more modern look.

Instead of a ponytail, why not slick all the hair back into a man bun? This look is perfect for those with a receding hairline as it draws the eyes to the bun instead.

Grown-Out and Textured for Balding Temple


If your client wants to retain some length but you’re worried it will accentuate their receding hairline, opt for a grown-out and textured look.

Keep it short-ish so that it can still stand up and give fullness to the style, but with enough length so you can add powder and create texture.

Two-Step Undercut for Men with Balding Temple


Do any of your clients ask for a stylish haircut?

Well, this is the one for them.

Just because their hair is thinning doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish.

A two-step undercut tidies up patchy sides and leaves room for an edgy style on the top. Perhaps a spiky front flip to draw attention to the top? 

Hair System Cuts for Men with a Bald Crown

What if a customer has so little hair around the crown area that none of the styles above seem to suit him, and he’s not yet ready to accept his a shaved head of his own?

Not to worry. Hair replacement systems (toupees or hairpieces) are excellent options for restoring a full head of hair.

When we talk about hair systems, we don’t mean the old-style, cheap wigs everyone can get at a dollar shop or supermarket for 5–10 bucks. Those wigs are primarily synthetic, looking more like hairy hats than natural hair. Most of them are made purely for entertainment purposes.

Our hairpieces (or hair systems, to be exact) are the ones most balding celebrities or famous bald people wear and recommend; like everything made at New Times Hair, they are made of 100% human hair mixed perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair and with bases designed to join seamlessly with the wearer’s scalp so that no one, even looking closely, can tell that this is a hairpiece wearer.

100 Haircuts for Balding Men on Top and Front Hairline

Top-quality hair systems like the ones we make at New Times Hair need specific, harmless adhesives or tapes to attach. It requires qualified hairstylists like you to do the job. After attaching it to the wearer’s scalp, you can cut and style it to your customer’s desired look.

The hair system will feel like part of the wearer’s head. He can’t even feel that he’s wearing a hair system. He can go swimming, skydiving, or many other extreme sports, and the hair system doesn’t go anywhere.

Get up to 50% off wholesale discount exclusive for hair businesses!

The Undercut with Lace Hair Systems

hair system before and after new times hair client feedback

The undercut is a trendy haircut. The back and sides are disconnected from the hair on the top of the head. That means very little hair on the sides and back with little to no taper and much more length on the top. The result is sharp angles, clean lines, and massive volume. An undercut can be swept, slicked, and styled in various ways. One modern styling method is the pompadour, or “James Dean.”

Our Hollywood lace hair system is lightweight and comfortable for the scalp. It lets the wearer feel good about their undercut without worrying about discomfort or an unnatural hairline. The base is solid and strengthened by a PU perimeter around the edge.

Hollywood hair system can give you or your client the perfect undercut look, whether you want it to be bold and edgy or more subtle and stylish.

Want to know how to install it? Check out tutorials on Men’s Hair Piece Installation.

Side Fade Cut with Hair Systems

Side fades, also known as side-part fades, are stylish and versatile haircuts that can suit a wide variety of face shapes and hair textures.


The side fades can be customized to fit the wearer’s preferences and personalities, whether you prefer a low, mid, or high fade or a hard or soft part.

Side fades can also be worn with different lengths and styles on top, like a slicked-back style, a Pompadour, a quiff, a comb-over, or a textured crop, to create a unique and put-together look.

Overall, side fades can add a touch of sophistication and confidence to your look, making you feel good about yourself and impressing others around you.

Overall, side fades can add a touch of sophistication and confidence to your look, making you feel good about yourself and impressing others around you.

Side Fade with a Side Part Using Hair Systems

The side part with a side fade is a classic and versatile haircut that can suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. It has been a popular men’s haircut for decades and remains in style today due to its clean and polished look. This hairstyle allows for a stylish and professional appearance while still retaining some personality with the side part.

hair system for balding men before and after

Using our N6 French Lace hair system can help the wearer easily achieve this cut. With proper care and maintenance, our hair systems can last for months, and even over a year. It is a long-lasting solution for those who want to achieve a side part with a side fade cut. Whether for everyday wear or a special occasion, our hair systems grant the wearers a feel of confidence and pride with their hair.

Taper Fade High Using Hair Systems

hair system for balding men before and after

This haircut features a gradual fade on the sides and back, which blends into longer hair on top, creating a sharp and defined look. It is a versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit many face shapes. It also suits multiple hair types.

Achieving a taper fade high using our D7-3 Fine Mono Hair System is an awesome idea. The base is the most durable type, strenghened by a PU perimeter around the edge. 100% human hair mixes with the natural hair perfectly, granting the most realistic look.

Fade Haircut for Balding Men on Top with Lace Hair System


This long French crop fade haircut is created with a lace hair system on top to cover the crown baldness.

As this client still has some hair on the back and sides, thus the hairstylist creates a skin fade that blends well with the hair system in a very undetectable way.

All Back with Hair Systems

The all-back haircut has become popular among men with hair loss, especially at the crown. It involves cutting the hair short and close to the scalp all over the head.


The all-back haircut offers a stylish and low-maintenance look for men. It works well for all face shapes and hair types, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look better.

Men losing their hair at the crown can get a natural solution with our HS1M thin skin system. The hair system comprises 100% human hair with medium-light to medium hair density. It will blend in perfectly with the rest of the hair. It has over ten colors available, from black to light blonde, and it is ready to ship.

Buzz Cut with Full Lace Hair Systems for Afro

The buzz cut or French crop is a classic hairstyle with short hair on the sides and back and slightly longer hair on top that is styled forward. With a kinky afro flavor added, the wearer gets the best of both worlds: a stylish, low-maintenance look that boosts their confidence.

Watch the transformation

The HS7FAFRO African American male hair unit is carefully made to blend in with the wearer’s natural hairline and cover the balding crown so well that it is impossible to notice.

Whether the wearer wants to make a bold statement or keep it subtle, this combination can help you quickly achieve your desired look. If you or your client prefer, we can curl and coil it before it arrives at your door.

Side Fade with a Hint of Mohawk Top Using Hair Systems


The Side Fade with a Hint of Mohawk is a trendy and edgy hairstyle that combines the clean and polished look of a side fade with the bold and daring elements of a mohawk on the top.

This haircut is ideal for those who are keen on showcasing their individuality. Our D7-5 lace toupee has a perfectly breathable lace base, and a PU perimeter around the edge is an excellent option for achieving this look. It it offers a natural and undetectable hairline, allowing for a seamless blend with the wearer’s natural hair and scalp.

Slick Back for Balding on Top with Thin Skin Hair System


This slick back hair look is achieved paired with the supernatural thin skin hair system.

Skin base material is absolutely transparent and invisible on the scalp, which makes it possible for your client to challenge those looks with hair combed back. Match this great hair system with a slicked-back hairstyle and your client is ready to go. 

Man Bun With I Tip Hair Extensions

man bun for balding men with hair extensions
Watch the transformation

A man bun is a typical and timeless hairstyle that can be rocked by anyone, regardless of age or gender.
Using our fusion hair extensions, a man with a bald crown can obtain a trendy man bun that provides a sense of confidence and style.

The hair extensions are fused into the wearer’s natural hair strand by strand. The keratin bond is the same as the wearer’s natural hair color. It is melted into the wearer’s hair as one piece, others can’t see.

With these hair extensions, the wearer can achieve a full and natural-looking head of hair, which can help him feel less self-conscious and more comfortable in his own skin.

Hair System Haircuts for Receding Hairline And Faded Temple

For your client who has receded hairline and wants to conceal it, go for a front partial hair system.

The front partial hair system is perfect for when the hairline is quite recessed, but they still have a good amount of hair on the rest of their head.

The hair system offers partial coverage, dealing with the hair loss in the front region of the scalp. 

Here are the cases of how our partnered hairstylists successfully transform their clients with frontal hairpieces.

Slick Back with Lace Partial Frontal Hair System


The hairpiece used in this look is a lace one. Lace can also be a great base material for the front hairline area as it enables bleaching on it.

All the hair roots on this hair piece are well bleached, creating a non-glare knotless appearance as if the hair grows from the scalp.

It is undetectable even from a close view, making this slick back hair look so natural.

Just simply apply gel and position the hair in a slicked-back hairstyle that looks cool, edgy, and youthful. 

Check out our tutorials on how to attach the front partial hair system for your client!

Undercut with PU Frontal Hair System


This hairstylist uses special tricks when attaching this frontal hairpiece.

As the client is only balding on the temple area, so he left some hair in the front hairline to blend in with the hairpiece, which makes the hairline even more natural.

This hair system pairs perfectly with a trendy undercut.

Haircuts for Men with Fine, Thin Hair to Add Volume

Short and Spiked


A short taper on the sides and slightly longer pieces on top give rise to a casual-cool look that is very easy to style.

One can just use some get to push the hair forward and texturize into spikes.

So it is a great option to choose for people who want their scalp to appear less visible!

Textured Crew Cut to Look Thicker


This is undoubtedly one of the most common haircuts among guys nowadays.

A textured crew cut diminishes the appearance of thinning hair as the shaved sides make the hair on top appear fuller.

If you have a bald spot at the crown, this cut should be cut very short so it blends with thinner hair.

Besides, it is also an ideal option for making a receding hairline less obvious.

Volume-Touched Small Quiff


Not sure what to do with the front of their hair?

Add volume to it by creating a semi-side-swept quiff.

Make sure your quiff has texture and nobody will believe that the hair is thinning.

Temple Fade for Men with Thinning Hair


To hide receding or faded hairlines, temple fades can be used.

This haircut for balding men is perfect for those with male pattern baldness who’s thinning around the temple area and need a way to disguise it. 

Quiff with Taper Fade


When it comes to taper-fade haircuts, there are a number of style options to choose from.

The quiff, like the pompadour, looks best when any remaining hair on the top of the head is a little longer.

A quiff is a great option for making clients look both younger and more distinguished.

This youthful cut and style can convince anyone there are no signs of hair thinning or receding to be seen.

High and Tight for Men with Thinning Hair


High and tight, like the buzz and crew cut, this is a military-inspired haircut.

It may not be the most flexible cut in terms of styling, but it is functional, easy to keep, manly, and will allow you to conceal balding signs.

Chop the sides high and tight and faded to a very short length whilst leaving the top with a longer patch of hair.

This shifts the focus away from the hairline and into the longer locks.

It also helps to define face features that may otherwise be obscured by thinning hair.

Simple Fade Haircut for Men with Thinning Hair


What better option to cover up hair loss for those wanting a basic yet stylish look.

The subtle fade transition in this haircut for balding men is one of our favourites, and you can suggest matching it with a dense beard for something really eye-catching! *chef’s kiss*.

Razor Ends Short and Medium


This hairstyle can flawlessly conceal a receding hairline for men who are experiencing thinning hair.

To create this look, cut the hair to a medium length all over, except on the sides and then trim the edges to a short length with a razor.

High Fade with Shaved Design


Fades are popular among people of various ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Design a pattern to be cut into the sides and back to show off some extra artistry.

This look is extremely flattering on black men’s hair.

The Short Crop for Men with Thinning Hair


The hair is cut finger length on top and tapered shorter on the sides and back for this style.

This look can be enhanced by a short, clipped beard, but make sure your clients keep it neatly trimmed and shave the neck on a regular basis.

An unruly beard on an older man tends to make him look, well, older. 

Side Swept for Men with Thinning Hair


Cool and casual, the side-swept haircut has proven popular for many years.

The reason is that it’s really easy to style, and it’s great for any hair length.

The longer the hair is on top, the shorter it has to be at the sides, so bear this in mind when pitching it to your client.

It’s a great style for men with balding hair because the longer hair on top can detract from any thinning happening at the sides of the temple.

Taper Fade with Short Pompadour


A taper fade includes cutting the hair short on the sides and gradually fading it down to bare skin.

Keep the hair on top a little longer and roll it back into a pompadour.

This will make a receding hairline or widow’s peak appear less prominent.

Regulation Cut for Men with Thinning Hair


The regulation cut is actually a play on a famous army hairdo from World War II.

The hair on the sides is either tapered or totally shaved to achieve this style. The top of the hair is almost combed over, but it’s kept tighter.

The regulation cut, like many comb-over styles, incorporates the hairline into the style by making it a feature of the hair parting.

Short Caesar Cut for Men with Thinning Hair


In this cut, the hair is clipper-short on the back and sides and left finger length on top.

To style, the front hair is brushed forward with fingers after being groomed with a light pomade or gel.

This will hide both a receding hairline and thinning hair on top.

Medium-Textured Style for Men with Thinning Hair


This is a fantastic option for men who only have a little thinning on top.

The hair is cut short all over (approximately 3 finger-widths on top), with a subtle taper on the sides and back.

Apply a tiny quantity of putty to damp hair and evenly spread it throughout to style.

Make a mess of the top hair with your fingertips to give it a rough texture.

This will help you give the most coverage while also reducing the appearance of thinning.

Grown Out with a Beard


Another wonderful method is to slick back the top with a little product while keeping the ends and beard lived-in.

The use of a hairbrush is essential for ensuring that the hair stays put but doesn’t appear overly rigid.

Hairspray can be brushed out to keep it from seeming stiff while yet maintaining a style. 

Gently Spiked Forward Bangs for Men with Thinning Hair


Let’s talk about bangs.

Bangs are the perfect, edgy and stylish haircut for men with thinning hair because they draw the eyes away from thinning areas.

You can use them to cover balding patches on your clients and show them how to style properly. Opt for a short chop with the hair growing longer from back to front, allowing you to play around and gently spike it. 

Short and Spiky for Men with Thinning Hair


Don’t have much hair to work with but want to create a look that is cool and casual?

This haircut is perfect.

The key is to not overdo it with hair products to make sure the hair retains a natural look.

Otherwise, the hair may end up looking greasy, and even thinner than before.

Short and Tapered for Men with Thinning Hair


This shortcut is timeless, and even with a receding hairline, it manages to be sophisticated.

The sides are substantially shorter than the top for this style, and you can throw in a short beard for even more character and added coolness.

Greased Backsweep for Men with Thinning Hair


Any hair with grease looks thin, which is why it’s surprisingly a great hairstyle choice for men with thinning hair.

Add grease to the hair and sweep it back drastically so that people will assume it’s thin because of the grease, not because they actually have thinning hair.

The lack of volume will essentially look like a style choice. Clever.

Undercut Faux Hawk for Men with Thinning Hair


For males with thin hair, the undercut faux hawk provides a beautiful disguise. Go for close clipping on the sides, and cut the top short with texture, blending the thinner portions of hair.

Long Slicked Back Curls for Men with Thinning Hair


Long slicked-back curls for fine hair are a great style option for adding volume. To help construct the transition for the curls, the fade is kept low and gradually increases to the top.

Ivy League with Drop Fade 


This is a classic gentleman’s hairstyle with a modern punch; this ivy league haircut with a tapered fade gives retro-cool vibes.

The Classic Taper for Men with Thinning Hair


A classic taper—the iconic men’s haircut that never goes out of style.

You can’t go wrong with this look, no matter how old your client is.

The hair is tapered short on the back and sides, whereas on the top it’s longer.

Hair can be parted neatly to the side for a more formal approach or let loose for a more relaxed vibe.

Funky Side Sweep for Men with Thinning Hair


Did you know you can still keep some length in the hair even if your client is balding? This hairstyle is the perfect example of this.

Textured Curls for Men with Thinning Hair


Add texture and volume to thinning hair with curls. You can even adjust their positioning to cover up any balding areas.

Quiff Comb-Over Fade for Men with Thinning Hair


A fade will hide any balding on the sides of the head while a quiff adds volume on top of the head. 

Ultra-Curly for Men with Thinning Hair


We’ve already discussed how effective curls can be at hiding balding. So why not go all out and do a perm? This look has been making a huge comeback in recent years, and for good reason.

Fade and Braid for Men with Thinning Hair


The fade alone is a great option for balding men, but throw in a braid and you can create a super unique look.

Choppy Short Comb Over for Men with Thinning Hair


Instead of spending ages trying to hide their bald patches, you should look for ways to inventively style it. Even though you can still tell the hair is thin, this look remains stylish and looks great.

Side Part for Men with Thinning Hair


A sleek side part is a great option for older men who want their thinning hair to seem denser. This hairstyle will only work if you avoid using too many styling products. A styling paste or hair gel will only weigh down fine hair. 

Short Textured Hair for Men with Thinning Hair


Short textured hair is the ideal men’s hairstyle for thinning hair if your client wants a short hairstyle. This is actually a very popular hairstyle because it is easy to maintain and has a simple appearance. It’s also suitable for straight, wavy, and curly hair. 

Vintage Hairstyle for Men with Thinning Hair


Is your client experiencing thinning, but also has longer hair on top? This look is perfect for them as you can brush the hair to either side to help with coverage.

Mid Bald Fade for Men with Receding Hairline


A great option for warmer climates and summer months, the mid bald face will keep the head cool and with the added bonus of being super low-maintenance. It’s also great if there are any bald spots on the side and back of your client’s head.

Crew Cut with Side Taper


A longer crew cut with a side taper is a perfect option for senior men. The side part and side sweep give retro vibes and as it’s finished off with a nice taper on the sides the overall look is very polished.

Retro Sweep Back


For older men with balding hair who like to re-visit styles from their youth, this is a great retro option.

Sleek Comb Over for Men with Thinning Hair


If your client still has some length to their hair, go for a sleek comb-over. Paired with short beard, this haircut will give your client a masculine and rugged look.

Forward Brushed Curls


Curls add volume and make the hair look thicker. If your client’s hair isn’t naturally curly, consider giving them a loose perm, and then brush the curls forward to disguise any thinning areas or a receding hairline.

Caesar with Bangs that Hides the Hairline


One of the best haircuts for men with a receding hairline is the textured Caesar haircut.

The fringe hides the hairline part, while textured styling thickens the hair and conceals thin patches. In contrast to the faded sides, the hair on top appears fuller.

Messy Side Quiff for Men with Receding Hairline


This style is really easy to create as it doesn’t need to be neat or tidy, the messier the better.

Use some hair putty and run your hands through the hair to mess it up and add volume. Then sweep it over to one side. The more volume you can create, the more dynamic it will look. 

Tousled for Men with Receding Hairline


For clients who hate styling their hair, good news.

The tousled look is essentially when you leave the hair ‘messy and unkempt’ on purpose.

In other words, you don’t style it at all. Groomed, brushed and combed hair can look thinner than messy and dishevelled hair.

This is because when you neaten it up, the hair will give the scalp less coverage, whereas scruffy hair is more voluminous and gives greater coverage. 

Combover Fade Haircut with Line


If your client likes the look of a beard but doesn’t want to go overboard, try a style that has been around for generations. With a thick beard and a clean-cut top that isn’t afraid to expose a little grey, this style is classic.

Undercut with Edgy Spikes


For clients who are more of an edgy type, go for this haircut that incorporates high spikes arching forward.

Shave the sides and gel the top for a hold that will last the entire day.

This haircut for men with receding hairlines is a unique style that’s also a lot of fun to wear!

Sides Go Bare


Shave the sides totally off, leaving a fashionable tuft of hair up top, for an amazingly easy-to-maintain haircut for men.

No one will notice they’re losing their hair, and if being too exposed is a concern, facial hair can help to balance things out.

Tapered Sides and Long Top


The key to this look is to use clippers on the side to achieve a tapered fade, and then use a blow dryer to create dimension and volume on the top. Hair gel and oils should be avoided because they will clump the hair together and make it appear much thinner.

High Skin Fade


The high skin fade is a low-maintenance style that will allow your clients to go longer between haircuts. Remember this key trick: the higher the fade, the less noticeable the receding hairline is. 

Slicked over Side Part


One of the most accommodating haircuts for men with receding hairlines is a side parting with a taper fade. Because of the asymmetry and shorter length of the temples, you can entirely reinvent the hairline, creating curves and angles that are functional and cool. 

High Fade with Facial Hair


With a high fade, there will be less hair on the sides of the head, so keep the hair on top somewhat longer to balance the look. Add some well-groomed facial hair to the mix and you can create a striking hairstyle that’s great for a receding hairline.

Taper with Rounded Line-up


This cut, like the razor fade, tapers the hair until it almost disappears into the skin.

By inserting additional curves around the ear and sideburns, you can balance out the natural curve of their recession. The shadow beard is a wonderful addition that matches this cut perfectly.

Tapered Faux Hawk for Men with Receding Hairline


Hairstyles for a receding hairline aren’t just for older men. With some men noticing hair loss as early on as their twenties, there need to be styles that are appropriate for younger men. One option that screams youth is the faux hawk and matched with a tapered cut on the sides of the head this edgy style is kept from feeling too dramatic.

Preppy Quiff Haircut for Men with Receding Hairline


The quiff is a unique mix of the pompadour, mohawk, and flattop hairstyles.

This hairstyle does take some time to create because you’ll need to blow-dry the hair up and away from the face, as well as apply product while it’s still wet and after it’s dried.

Practice makes perfect for this look and once you mastered it, it’ll be so worth it for this oldie but goldie.

Shaved Side Comb Back for Men with Receding Hairline


For clients who need a haircut for their receding hairline but can’t decide between short and long hair, don’t give in to the mullet. Leave the top portion long and buzz the sides. To create a modern, slicked-back look, blow dry away from the face, and secure with gel.

High Skin Fade with Spiked Hair

Some men with receding hairlines may not have thinning hair all over. To draw attention to thicker areas of hair, go for a high fade. Finish with spikes for a bit of texture and to draw the eyes further.


Classic Clean Cut for Men with Receding Hairline


Some men don’t want to have a haircut that’s tricky to style, others don’t want to draw so much attention to themselves. For clients that fall into this category why not keep it simple? Opt for this low maintenance, simple and ready to go style with a neat trim.

Undercut for Men with Receding Hairline

The undercut is one of the best ways to balance out a receding hairline. It requires a short back and sides, making it great for hiding thinning hair and receding hairlines. For a versatile, short side and long top haircut, create this edgy, modern look.


Taper Fade for Men with Receding Hairline

Another classy and stylish look for men with receding hairlines is the taper fade haircut. With so many various fades to choose from, men can truly customize their look with this hairstyle. A faded hairline will pull attention away from bald areas and towards the thicker, longer hair on top. 


Slicked Back Hair

The slick back is a seductive retro haircut that, instead of trying to hide or disguise, plays to receding hair. The slick back undercut and slick back fade, in particular, are trendy options that are simple to achieve, quick to style, and universally attractive.


Mohawk for Men with Receding Hairline

The mohawk is an ideal haircut for men with receding hairlines because it has shaved sides, meaning no one will be able to detect their receding hairline. Clients can wear their hair on top long, medium or short, depending on how brave they are. 


Thin Faded Undercut for Men with Receding Hairline

Anyone suffering from receding hair should choose a thin fading undercut. The hair on top will appear longer and thicker if the sides are shorter.


The Classic Caesar for Older Men


Another men’s hairstyle that pretty much never goes out of style is the classic ceasar. You probably recognise this look because Goerge Clooney rocked it for years, making it iconic.

Brushed Back Hair for Older Men


A smooth and sexy look, the brushed back hairstyle is perfect for men with thinning hair who still wish to be the centre of attention. The brushed-back hairstyle is most commonly seen in office meetings, although it may be worn for any occasion or function. 

The Bottom Line

And there you have it. 100 trendy hairstyles for men with thinning hair, men with balding hair, and men with receding hairlines.

No matter their age, or the amount of hair loss your client has experienced, there is a style or a hair system out there for them. 

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