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8 Male Celebrities Wearing Toupees


Hair loss is something that most males will experience in their lives. According to the American Hair Loss Association, some U.S. males start experiencing hair loss or hair thinning from the age of 21.


Going bald is natural and inescapable for some people. Even the sexiest guys on the planet, like movie stars and sports players, can go bald, and some of them choose to wear toupees or hair replacements due to hair loss.


Now, let’s dive directly into our list of male celebrities who wear toupees.


1. Matthew McConaughey




Matthew McConaughey is known to be one of the most handsome and sexiest actors in Hollywood. He always appears in public and in his movies with his beautiful curly blonde hair.


However, he actually went bald in the 90s, and now he is noticeably getting more hair, which could be attributed to hair transplant surgery or wearing some kind of hair replacement.


2. Charlie Sheen




Charlie Sheen is rumored to wear a toupee for most acting jobs and public appearances. Although he never admits it, several images of him clearly show bald spots and, on occasion, his receding hairline.


It’s understandable that he denies it. As the public is used to his handsome haircut, how would they react if they knew it was fake?


How do you hide the receding hairline with hair replacement? A frontal hairpiece can help. Check out the video below to learn!




3. Brad Pitt




Brad Pitt is one of the most attractive and sexiest men in the world, and his hairstyles have always influenced men’s hair trends. However, he is also one of the male celebrities who has experienced hair loss.


Once his bald spots and receding hairlines were spotted when he attended an event, his hair loss quickly became the top news at that time. Fortunately, the situation improved later, and now he appears in public with his trademark thick blonde hair, which means his hair restoration was a great success.


Although the public never stops rumoring about his hair loss solutions, he has never revealed the truth. Some of his fans suggest that he has done hair transplantation, whereas others believe he wears various hairpieces.


4. Jon Cryer




Jon Cryer is one of the few male celebrities who’s honest about his baldness. He has joked that he only has “four or five hairs” on his head. For most roles and public appearances, he wears a toupee.


Here, during a show, he publicly tells everyone he’s wearing a toupee, which it requires a lot of courage to do. Many respects to this man!



5. Robert Pattinson




Robert Pattinson, the actor who stole millions of female hearts in Twilight, said in an interview that he wore a hairpiece in the final Twilight film.


Unlike other celebrities who bald as they age, Pattinson’s baldness is due to over-styling and over-bleaching. His hair loss made him unable to wear the hairstyle of his role, Edward Cullen, so he chose to use a hair replacement instead.


6. Al Pacino




A Hollywood legend, Al Pacino has also struggled with hair loss. The actor has been spotted at movie promotions and public appearances with a toupee.    


Moreover, his photographs are evidence that he has several toupees, which he has worn time and again at various events.


7. Jude Law




The next celebrity toupee wearer on our list today is Jude Law, a British Academy Award winner and a talented star.


He was spotted with a short crop of hair receding at the front and sides in 2013, but in 2021 he made an appearance with a curly, fuller head of hair. The change in his hair made many people guess that he had gone bald and did some hair transplant surgery or wore a toupee to conceal it.


8. Andre Agassi




Andre Agassi, the former Wimbledon champion, admitted in his autobiography Open that the long lion-mane hairstyle he wore in the 90s was actually a wig.


He was very unlucky, as he started going bald at 19, a very young age. At first, he was very self-conscious about his baldness and, hence, wore a wig in public appearances and during matches.


However, he was so worried about his wig falling off during tennis matches that he did not play his best game. Finally, Andre Agassi chose to stop using wigs anymore and shave his head instead, which helped him feel freer on the court and led him to even greater success.


Wigs and toupees are tools to help you achieve A BETTER YOU; they should never be the chains that limit you. Newtimes Hair is a wholesale human hair wigs distributor, but we do not believe that everyone who’s bald should use a toupee. We hope you only use one when it makes you look and feel better.




Hair loss is something that most male adults, even male celebrities, experience as they age. It is not shameful, but a very natural situation—just like how everyone gets wrinkles.


Hair loss cannot stop you from becoming a better you. There are many kinds of hair restoration solutions on the market nowadays to help you get your hair back, among which a toupee or hair system is the most effective and quickest.


Unlike a traditional wig, men's toupees or hair replacements use very thin lace or mono materials as a base, which looks very natural and can be fixed to your head in a very stable way with specific glue or tape.



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