Hunting Best Haircuts for Receding Hairlines, 2023

Perhaps most of your male customers are going through excessive hair loss. Most of them may have one thing in common: a receding hairline

You might be able to share the same empathy if you put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were them, having a relaxing shower after shampooing your head and your hands were full of shed hair? 

Or one day, as you press down on your hair from the crown towards the forehead, the hair pressed under your palm is not as thick as it used to be. Is that going to make you panic?

Fortunately, you still have many haircuts to choose from.

This post will show you some of the best haircuts for your male customers with a receding hairline. Treat it as a hairstyling or hair system tutorial. 

Some haircuts may require the use of a hair system or men’s front hair piece. Some with receding or push-back hairlines may need a frontal hairpiece or other partial hair system to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

Looking for Haircuts for Receding Hairlines?

For many men, a receding or pushed-back hairline is an inevitable sign of aging. It is common for males in their late 30s and older to struggle with a hairline that recedes around the forehead and the temples.  

While having hairlines that push back towards the crown’s center can aggravate, this often-hereditary trait can be easily managed with the right haircut.

Some people hide a receding or pushed-back hairline by keeping the hair long, styling it in a certain way, or parting it in a certain way. We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for the best haircut for receding hairlines, thinning hair, or bald spots. 

There are 30 different haircuts on our list that can be used to hide a receding hairline, make thinning areas look fuller, or hide bald spots. Browse the list below to find a flattering haircut for your customers! 

Best Haircut for Men’s Receding Hairlines

A receding or pushed-back hairline doesn’t have to be a disaster. But if your customers would rather hide or downplay to create the illusion of a normal-looking hairline, any of these haircuts will help them do it.

Buzz Cut With a Beard for Receding Hairlines


A buzz cut is perhaps one of the most durable hairstyles. It can be used to hide pushed-back hairlines or as a fashion statement. 

The Encyclopedia of Hair by Victoria Sherrow says that the first known buzz cuts date back to the Roman era. 

A buzz cut is always neat and indicates cleanness. It may never be out of fashion. If a thorough shave is too much for your client, maybe try a conventional buzz cut. 

Regular clippers with a Number Two blade all over the head can give the wearer a touch of masculinity.

The short hair combined with the stubble will allow the receding hairline to fade. Preferably, with a thin beard, the onlookers’ attention will be easily attracted to the face and forget the hairline.

Short Fade With Styled Side Bangs to Hide Receding Hairline


One of the most popular hairstyles for a receding hairline is a fade with bangs that are styled over and back. 

The bangs, which are combed over to the side and slightly brushed back to physically cover the receding zones at the temples, are the longest part of this haircut.

With clippers, the top hair is faded to combine the bangs’ shorter length with the top hair’s shorter length. 

Retaining the wearer’s bangs at about 3 inches long will give enough length to cover the temples and sweep them back as stylishly as possible.

This style may require a little more effort to make and more focus from you when perming the frontal part of the hair, so it can ideally cover a large enough area of the forehead.

Mid Drop Fade With a Long, Tousled Top


As you go down our list, many of the best haircuts for receding hairlines can be more effective with the right hairstyle. Here, the wearer’s natural hair on the sides is pretty short, with a mid-drop fade that begins just below the temples (where the bald spots are).

This cut is perfect for covering a receding hairline because the longer top can be messed up with mousse or gel. The slanted line of the fade helps partially conceal the hairline.

Pompadour Slicked-Back With Short Sides for Widow Peak Hair Loss


When trying to hide a receding hairline, it may seem strange to slick the front of the person’s hair straight back instead of to the sides. But it works!

Keep the top as long as a few inches from the edge of one temple to the other. This center’s fullness is tapered in length to meet the shorter sides. The look focuses on the center, not the receding hairlines on the sides.

Try this on your customers if they need to cover the top and sides. The base covers the forehead to the crown, with a PU perimeter around the back and sides. 

Long Top Taper With Side Part for Widow Peak Hair Loss


A tapered haircut can be considered when hunting for the best receding hairline haircut. It takes away bulk and extra volume from the back and sides of the hair. By opting for a tapered haircut with a longer top, the wearer can keep enough length on the top of the head to direct the hair the way they want it to go.

If the hairline is receding, try a side part with this haircut to help downplay the hairline shape and draw the eye of onlookers to the fullness of the hair along the part. 

90’s Heartthrob Long Taper


We never thought these popular 90s hairstyles would be back so soon, but we’re excited they are! Try a throwback look that may remind us of Leonardo DiCaprio. The wearer’s hair should be 5-6 inches, a minimum length to pull this look off and cover your hairline adequately.

High Top Bald Fade for Men’s Receding Hairline


Ever watched a magician perform a sleight-of-hand trick? This cut is the equivalent of pushed-back hairlines. Bring the fade line high up to blend the receding line right out.

The length and volume are concentrated on the top to draw the eye upward. The shaved design is also an attention grabber, keeping others’ focus off the wearer’s hairline and on the cool features of the cut. 

This is the best haircut for black men with receding or pushed-back hairlines. Usually, the African hair texture is lush, kinky, and thick. Unless fully bald, the kinks and coils can quickly expand or shrink to cover the areas with less hair. Cutting a tapered hairline for the wearer may also do the trick.


Side-Swept Pompadour With High Undercut for Men’s Receding Hairline


This cut has two components that help cover the hairline: the high undercut and the side-swept pompadour. Leaving the top a few inches long gives you a long section of hair to style to the side (ideal for covering the temple area) or straight back.

With a high undercut, the hair around the temples is kept very short so that the hairline doesn’t stand out. Together, these two components make a hairline-disguising cut that works for any hair type. 

Styled-Forward Long Top Crop to Hide Pulled Back Hairline


If your customer has quite a bit of length around the top and front, use this style to your advantage to cover up the shape of their receding hairline. Cut the sides and back into short, tapered crops to clean up the sides and back.

Leave the front and the top of the sides longer than the rest, so you can style them forward in this piece look to cover the temple zone. What receding hairline?

Quiff Taper for Men’s Receding Hairline


The back and sides of this tapered haircut have shorter lengths than the top and temples. This keeps the volume around the top and temples. The longer hair on top (quiff) must be styled expertly to hide receding hairlines.

Direct the center forward and up for a boost in height that draws the onlooker’s eye to the center of the face. Direct the sides of the face down over the temples to hide the shape of the hairline. 

High Bald Drop Fade for Men’s Receding Hairline


This stark, high-contrast look can cover the receding hairline at the temples. It is easy to conceal a receding hairline without having to grow the hair. Maintaining this cut is easy with regular trims.

Do a high bald drop fade for your customer, and keep the hair on top about an inch long. A high bald fade involves shaving the natural hair from the temples downwards to make the hairline less obvious. 

Slightly Feathered Taper for Temple Disappearing


Gradual tapering brings in the length while you get closer to the nape. This will keep all the volume and focus on the top, where the hair is the longest.

Make a side part with a dab of mousse in the damp hair before brushing it back to the side to achieve this slightly feathered look. The feathered hair in the front effectively disguises a receding hairline.

Burst Fade Extended for Men’s Receding Hairline


Help your customer cut the hair short on the top and shave around the ears in large part to create a giant burst-fade look. Typically, burst fades will not take up this much area on the sides.

But making the fade extend up to the temples eliminates the problem of a receding hairline. The burst fade should keep going slightly behind the ear to give a balanced look. 

Masculine Pixie Cut for Men’s Receding Hairline


You might have always associated pixie cuts with ladies, but this versatile, short-style haircut works wonders on men with a receding hairline, too. The hair gets cropped super short around the sides and back, with additional length remaining on the top.

To make this cut work for your customer’s hairline, styling the length on the top forward is the key. This helps disguise the hairline and avoid centering it like many other short haircuts.  

Medium Side-Swept Taper for Receding Sides


This medium-short cut is tapered along the sides and the back to keep the most extended portion on the top. 

The front and top are swept over to one side with a little help from the medium-hold gel.

Sweeping the front over to one side hides the temple areas that are thinner, where the hairline usually recedes. 

Caesar Crop for Men’s Receding Hairline


The Caesar crop keeps the hair at the front longer and combed forward, so it leaves a short fringe across the forehead. This is an excellent idea for anyone with a receding hairline that needs covering.

Leave the bangs a bit longer if you need to cover the entire temples as you brush them forward. The back and sides should be shaved in a mid-bald fade to get this contrast.

Wedge Mohawk for Men’s Receding Hairline


Looking for a bold cut for your customer that will showcase his personality while minimizing the look of a receding hairline? This cool wedge mohawk should end your search.

The shaved sides create a contrast with the mohawk stretching from the front hairline to the nape. The hair is longer towards the front hairline (if still visible) to create a unique wedge look. Shaving the sides entirely eliminates the hairline there, so there are no more issues with a receding hairline!  

Styled-Up Top With Low Burst Fade


This style has a longer top that attractively contrasts with the low-burst fade on the sides.

The top section’s height and volume draw attention there, while the low burst fade causes the eye to move down and to the sides.

By making the receding hairline appear to be a natural part of the haircut, you can further conceal the hairline by styling the top down or with a side part.

High Up Undercut With a Greaser Pompadour


You’ll adore this hairline-hiding alternative if you enjoy bold haircuts and styles! The back of the greaser pompadour is slicked back and swirled in the middle.

This gives the top of the head a wonderful lift in volume, which draws attention there and away from the temples. To hide the hairline, the hair is shaved in a high undercut from the temples to the bottom.

High Bald Drop Fade With Designs


Disguising receding hairlines can be done subtly or with a flourish. This cut most clearly falls into the latter category.

For this style, leave a few inches of length at the top to create loads of volume and height (it draws the eye up).

The sides are styled with a high bald drop fade, starting high up at the receding sides, which is shaved to the skin at its shortest point, then dips downward in the back to provide extra scalp covering. 

Try adding some freehand designs to this cut to make it look more unique and personal.

A Side-Swept Taper With a Long Top for Men’s Receding Hairline


One of the best methods you can implement for a receding hairline is to keep some length on top (unless your hair is thinning on top).

Keep your customer’s hair at its current length on top of growing it out, but get the sides and back tapered to successively shorter lengths. 

In order to disguise the receding hairline, style the top with a side part.

High Skin Fade for Men’s Receding Hairline


This is a straight cut that is easy to achieve. A #3 high-skin fade leaves the hair on top approximately 3/8″ long, which is neat and short for easier maintenance.

The hair gradually decreases in length from the top to the sides and the back, where it shaves down the skin because this is a high skin fade. 

To conceal any receding hairlines and blend out your hairlines, the fade starts high up at the temples.

Mid-High Fade With Line-Up for Men’s Receding Hairline


The fade line starts around and below the temples and falls between a mid and high fade. This way, it blurs the area where the hairline recedes the most.

A crisp line-up around the edges adds the finishing touch. It can be used to define desired edges to mimic a natural hairline.

Tapered Bowl Cut Fade to Hide Receded Hairline


The classic bowl cut fade has a modern update – and hairline covering powers – when you pair it up with a taper fade.

The hair on the top and along the top sides is left long enough to be combed down and forward for more hairline coverage with this haircut. 

To avoid the dreaded bowl-cut bloated look, it gradually shortens toward the nape thanks to the taper fade.

Slicked-Back Quiff Taper for Men With Receded Hairline


What if your customer has thick, luxuriant hair with a prominent widow’s peak?

These traits are ideal for minimizing a receding hairline without actively attempting to cover it up. The widow’s peak helps balance the higher line of hairline around the temples.

The eye is drawn to the fullness of the hair up front. The top is the longest section of the cut, which progressively gets shorter as you get closer to the nape since the length is tapered.

Faux Hawk Bald Fade for Men With Receded Hairline


With this haircut, you can see how skillfully hiding or reshaping your customer’s hairline may be accomplished by properly styling and directing the hair in front. 

The hair on the top and down the back taper in the back and is longer in front. It has a drop fade on the sides, where it is faded short and then to the skin.

The short hair around the sides is directed forward and neatly hides the thinning hairline. Use medium-or-firm-hold gel to create a faux hawk from the center up.

A Casual Wavy Pompadour Combined With Undercut for Men With Receded Hairline


If your customer’s hair has some waves or curls, especially if it is long on top, you can use this cut to expertly hide a receding hairline. 

This hairstyle has a long top (about 4 inches) that ends abruptly in a short, high undercut.

The wavy pattern of the top gives the center a height increase and deters the eye from the sides. 

The high undercut shortens the area around the temples and below them. This makes the wearer’s hairline less noticeable.

High Comb Over Drop Fade for Men With Receded Hairline


For a thinning hairline, a high comb over with drop fades is the perfect haircut. 

The difference between the before and after pictures demonstrate how much thicker the hairline appears with this cut!

The hair on top becomes the focal point by shaving hair below the temple zone all the way down to the skin. 

It’s a neat and tidy appearance that will make the wearer look younger and revive your hairline with a side part, and the hair brushed over to the side.  

Conceal Receded Hairline With a Hair System

Slick Back for Massive Receded Hairlines With a Hair System

Hair System for Receded Hairline before&After

Suppose your customer has a pushed-back hairline, balding from the forehead up to the crown.

In that case, a skin-based hair replacement system may be an excellent option for him. 

The skin base is PU skin and melts seamlessly into the wearer’s natural scalp. The hair system’s hair is 100% human and mixes perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair. Even with the hair combed back, no one can tell he is wearing a hair system. 

Once put on the scalp, the new hairline will look perfect. You can easily cut the hair into a style and achieve a perfect-looking slick back.

Check out how to install a men’s hair system.

Slick Back with Partial Frontal Hair System for Receded Hairline

Men’s Frontal Hairpiece for Receded Hairline before&After

If your customer only wants his front hairline fixed, a frontal hair system is much easier to use. Compared with a typical hair system, a frontal partial hairpiece is smaller and covers just the front hairline. Thus, it is more suitable for people who are suffering from a receding hairline but not massive baldness on the crown.

Shop lace frontal hair piece used on this haircut.

Check out how to install a frontal hair piece.

Side Part With Frontal Hair System for Hair Loss in the Widow’s Peak

Men’s Frontal Hairpiece for Receded Hairline before&After

This haircut is also achieved with a men’s frontal hairpiece.

It’s more to do with the hairpiece attaching trick than with the haircut itself. 

The wearer still has some hair on the forehead but nothing significant. It is more like a widow’s peak. 

You can shave the forehead, clearing the area for the hairpiece. But leave a few strands of the natural hair right at the bottom of the V-shape so that after the hairpiece gets installed, the natural hair in the front will join the frontal hairpiece to make a natural, most authentic hairline.

This hairstylist used this PU frontal hairpiece to create this look.

Things to Consider Dealing With Receding Hairlines

Choosing the next haircut for your customer is going to be a lot easier. We’ve just listed 30 haircuts ranging from classic to the top trends, and they all work well to cover up or downplay a hairline that has been receding. 

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Long hair in the front to cover the temples: growing the hair out in the front to create “bangs” will help you style it to the side or straight forward. This method will physically cover the temples to create the illusion of normal hairlines. 
  • High fades and undercuts to blur the hairline edge: If you’re not into long hair on top or having bangs growing out, go for a high fade or high undercut. A high bald fade, in particular, is a great way to blur the hairline edges and make the recession less obvious. Fading or shaving from your temples down will help get this hairline-erasing effect. 
  • Line-ups will help create a faux hairline: Use clippers and a razor to line up or edge up the hairline border. This way, you will be able to create a false but normal-looking hairline even if your customers are receding. Shave backward to bring the hairline back a little, so it will minimize the depths of your regressing sections. 
  • Befriend with wavy or curly textures: Anything that can add volume and coverage on top of the customer’s head will help you cover a receding hairline. The wavy or curly texture is encouraged to better disguise hairline retraction. Use gel or mousse in your customer’s hair and ruffle it in a scrunching motion while the hair’s still damp, and let it dry to accentuate the natural texture of the hair. 

Final Thoughts

A receding hairline is commonly complained about by men as young as in their 20s. But this doesn’t have to be a consistent struggle that manipulates our everyday life.

Try any one or more of the haircuts on our list will perfectly help disguise or minimize a receding hairline for your customer. It will make your customer’s hair look fuller and him looking healthier and younger, and he’ll love the confidence boost a fresh new haircut has offered!

As always, if the wearer doesn’t have much hair, have a thorough look at the top-notch hair systems by New Times Hair. We have custom options, too, to get hair systems tailor-made exactly for your client’s desired look.

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