A Complete Guide to Measuring Hair Length of a Hairpiece

Hair length is an important part of choosing a perfect hair system. Perhaps you are not very clear about how to order the correct hair length for your customers. Don’t worry as this blog will guide you through the whole process as well as highlight some important points to ensure you take the correct hair length measurements.

Men’s Toupees

  • Measure from the roots to the tips and from different sections like the top, crown, or back.
  • If the hair is curly, straighten it first and then measure.
  • Your customer may find that the hair is a bit shorter on the front and perimeter. That is because the return hair on these sections is longer to ensure it won’t be too short and stick up after cutting which would create a strange appearance.
  • At New Times Hair we guarantee that at least 75% of all hair on our hair replacement systems meets the relevant hair length requirements for a given hair system.

For men’s hair systems, the hair almost always comes with the same length all over because men’s hairstyles are usually very short. For example, the hair length of our stock toupees is 5” (except for the INS model which is 6”-7”). Our clients will then usually cut and style the hair for their customers after purchase.

Women’s Wigs

  • Make sure your customers are clear about “hair length” (the length of some strands of hair from different areas) and “finished length” (the whole wig – not just a strand of hair – from the crown of the wig to the tip). Your customers will find that the finished length is usually longer than the hair length. So, if your customer gives you a measurement, check if they are talking about the hair length or the finished length.
  • For wigs with different layers, the hair length and the finished length can be different as the following illustrations show:

Our human hair wigs come in a variety of different hair lengths (up to 24”) to meet your customers’ individual demands. You also have the choice of being more specific about hair length by placing custom-made orders.

We hope this has given you a fresh insight into how to correctly measure the hair length of a hairpiece. For more information about hair length, please contact us at info@newtimeshair.com.

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