What Makes Top Hair Extensions for Balding Crowns?

When we think of hair extensions, we may think of wefts, beads, keratin bonds, etc. Hair extensions, by definition, are pieces of real or fake hair attached to a person’s natural hair to make it look like they have longer hair.

In previous posts, we introduced hair extensions for women with thin or fine hair. The motif is that we want the hair extension(s) to be light, either attached strand-by-strand or in wefts. The less weight the hair extension puts on the wearer’s natural hair, the less likely it is to damage it.

But how about a wearer undergoing medical treatments whose crown (or top of the head) is balding? How about those with exceptionally thin hair on top?

This post has listed a few hair extensions that deal directly with women with balding crowns or a thinning scalp.

Hair Extensions for Balding Crown: Hair Toppers

Some have previously referred to hair toppers as “crown extensions.” They are also known as “crown weaves,” “half wigs,” or even “wiglets.” They all refer to the same product: a hairpiece attached to the wearer’s scalp to cover bald or thinning patches, add length or volume, and create healthy-looking hair.


Who Uses Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers are a great way to hide thinning hair on the crown of the head. They are used mainly by people who have balding crowns. Hair toppers are for both men and women, but most are made for women.

What Are the Pros of Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers are known for their many advantages. They are straightforward to attach and remove, and they cause the least to no damage to our natural hair. They have multiple styling options too. Here are some in detail:

  1. Perfect coverup for the top: Starting with the obvious, hair toppers are a perfect way to cover up thinning scalp or balding crowns. In the case of hair thinning on the top, they provide perfect volume for an overall gorgeous, thicker look. This opens the possibility of creating new hair looks and experimenting with various styling options.
  2. Convenient root coverage: A great benefit of hair toppers often overlooked is quick and convenient root coverage if the wearer prefers to disguise graying hair. Skip the dye and pop on a human hair topper for a fresh salon look!
  3. Hair health: Using a topper, the wearer can protect her natural hair, boosting growth. This benefit is often appreciated by our clients who are not experiencing hair loss. Since the topper sits on top of the head, it reduces any possible pulling or tugging of the natural hair. Carefully designed bases are made of silk, lace, and other lightweight materials for a breathable solution to give our natural scalp some well-deserved break.
  4. Multiple styling options: Toppers are super easy to style! Pop it on in just a few minutes when getting ready in the morning. Since hair toppers are designed to seamlessly blend with the wearer’s natural hair, the wearer never has to worry about using wig caps or any additional steps besides a simple clip-n’-go. You can use heat-styling tools for curls, waves, and many others.

Hair Topper for Balding Crown Before&After

Before digging into our top-notch hair toppers, have a look at how a person looked before & after hair extensions for thin hair on top:


Top Hair Toppers for Balding Crown

Now, look closely at our top-notch hair toppers or hair extensions for the top of the head.

  • IN6*6 Stock Silk Mono Hair Toppe for Balding Crown

IN6*6 Stock Silk Mono Hair Topper instills feminine charm in every female wearer. With this master hairpiece on, the wearer no longer has to worry about the thin hair on the top of her head. She regains not only her confidence but also her pride.

No hair knots can be seen on the surface of the silk-top base, which resembles the wearer’s natural scalp in every way. It creates the illusion that the hair is growing out of the wearer’s natural scalp.

The full hairpiece is made from virgin hair, available in multiple colors and lengths. It will last, stand up to high heat, and can be styled in numerous ways to the customer’s satisfaction. The thin skin base and a diamond lace patch provide outstanding comfort and keep the base from fraying.

  • SP5*6.5 Women’s Skin Topper for b Balding Crown

The SP5*6.5 Women’s Skin Topper With Silk Top adds luxurious volume and thickness to your customer’s crown or part while providing maximum styling versatility. Silk top and soft netting underneath accommodate comfort and a realistic look in total harmony.

Virgin hair looks the most natural and authentic, as it blends in perfectly with the wearer’s own hair. Well-placed pressure-sensitive clips allow for easy attachment and removal. The wearer can put it on and take it off at any time.

The hair is available in 4 colors, making it a perfect option for wearers starting to lose hair on top of their heads.


Human Hair Toppers for Balding Crown

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Hair Extensions for Balding Crown: Hair Integration Systems

Mesh integration was made to help clients who were starting to lose a lot of hair, specifically on the top of the head. It uses a type of netting (or mesh) positioned above the scalp at the root of the hair. The mesh lets the wearer’s scalp breathe well and shows off her natural hair to its best advantage.

After the mesh has been put in place and cut to size, the new hair, usually made from natural human hair, gets woven into the wearer’s natural hair. The end effect is a new head of hair that is thicker, stronger, and appears in better health than before.

TK6×6.5 Mesh Hair Integration Toppers for Women with Thinning Hair Wholesale (10)

Who Uses Hair Integrations Systems?

People who want a semi-permanent way to treat their balding crowns but don’t want to wear wigs can use hair integration systems instead. These systems are created specifically for people with little hair on the top of their heads who want long, thick locks but cannot have hair extensions installed.

Hair integration systems are customized to your client’s needs. A custom-made mesh “system” connects color-matched hair to the wearer’s natural hair to make it look smooth and natural. Natural hair is carefully woven into the mesh to make it look like a natural scalp, even if it is thin and sparse. The system will stay comfortable and feel like the wearer’s hair because the mesh is hypoallergenic and allows air to pass through.

What’s so Good about Hair Integration Systems?

Top-notch hair integration systems are highly customizable. They give the most realistic-looking scalp and are longer-lasting than other commonly used hair extensions. Here are the details:

Using mesh integration instead of wigs comes with numerous benefits, including:

  1. Bespoke Hair Integration Systems: The mesh integration system is made just for your client, taking into account their hair loss and how active you are. That means the mesh fits your clients’ styles, such as length, thickness, and hair color. While the hair attached to the mesh will be the same shade as your natural hair, you can also request color changes.
  2. Immediate, Noticeable Results: Mesh integration works right away, unlike hair transplant surgery, which takes months to show results. Once your client gets a tailor-made mesh for her crown, she can have a hair system attached, and you are good to go.
  3. The Mesh Will Perfectly Fit the Wearer’s Scalp: The breathable mesh and hair extensions will fit the wearer’s head perfectly. No one can notice it, as it matches her natural hair. Stay calm about the mesh being visible when styling your hair. Since the mesh is thin and light, we can put it right around her hairline.
  4. Mesh Systems Do Not Affect the Wearer’s Normal Routine: The mesh-integrated hair system does not interfere with the wearer’s daily routine. The hairpiece and extensions for this are similar to our natural hair. Washing, styling, or drying will not affect it. The mesh is also breathable, so the wearer can work out without excessive sweating. However, it would help if you used a hair conditioner every time you got wet to keep your hair system perfect. You should also avoid water with chlorine since it can damage the natural hair in the system. If you use the right products and do what the doctor tells you to do, the system will stay healthy and last longer.
  5. Provides a Lasting Solution: Unlike temporary wigs, hair integration systems provide a semi-permanent solution to hair loss problems. We recommend maintaining the hair system every six weeks to tighten the mesh and keep the extensions in place after you’ve put them on. The mesh integration system will provide a long-term solution to your hair loss problem with proper care.

Hair Integrations System for Balding Crown Before&After

Before we get into our superior hair integration systems, consider how a person appeared before and after hair integration systems for thin hair on top:


Top Hair Integration Systems for Balding Crown

  • NSL PE Mesh Hair Integration System for Thinning Crown

The NSL PE Mesh Hair Integration System has a base mesh of single PE lines, barely visible from the top of the head. It is designed for wearers who are starting to lose hair on the crown. You can easily thread your customer’s natural hair through the mesh in a few minutes, and the base will stay close to the scalp. You don’t have to shave the wearer’s head at all. NSL PE Mesh Hair Integration System is highly customizable. Send us the base design, and we will soon forge an exact product for you to get your customers wowing!

  • TK6*6.5 Integrated Hair Toppers for Thin Hair on Top

TK6*6.5 Integrated Hair Toppers with braided PE line mesh make the most robust, thin, but super strong base. Your customer may have started balding on the top recently. She might have been frustrated. Cheer her up with this super breathable, light, realistic-looking hair integration topper. Once put on, the wearer can hardly feel it. There are multiple hair colors available. Surely one will suit her.


Hair Integrations for Balding Crown

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Hair Extensions for Balding Crown: Glue-On Hair Systems

Also known as bonded hair systems or crown weaves, glue-on hair systems for women are a method to attach a topper or hair system with tape, glue, or sometimes both. Both men and women with very little hair on the crown can use the method. They cover the bald spots on the scalp brought on by radiotherapy.


Who Wears Glue-On Hair Systems?

Glue-on hair systems are for both men and women who are starting to lose hair on the crown or don’t have any hair on the top of the head. They can also be used on the heads of wearers who are bald on the forehead and the crown. People with alopecia areata also benefit a lot from them.

What Are the Benefits of Glue-On Hair Systems?

Men and women like the non-surgical hair replacement system for numerous reasons.

  1. Hair systems integrate our natural hair. A unique method offers an excellent approach to supplementing the wearer’s naturally growing hair with brand-new hair for women with a bald crown. This creates a smooth and full-head-of-hair look.
  2. Women’s hair systems fit snugly and comfortably. It is tightly bonded. Your client’s hair system will never come loose or slip off. We can offer hair systems that fit super securely to accommodate any lifestyle involving physical activities.
  3. Women’s hair systems are easy to maintain. Your clients don’t have to worry about burdensome upkeep with their hair systems; maintaining hair systems is just as easy as caring for their natural hair.
  4. Multiple Styling Options: Whether your client wants to replicate her natural hair or try something bold and new, pop one on. You can quickly and confidently style it into any look you want.

Glue-On Hair System for Balding Crown Before&After

Before we unveil our products again, let’s look at some perfect examples of wearers before & after wearing glue-on hair systems.


Top-Notch Hair Systems for Balding Crown

  • INSEUW Women’s Injection Hair System for Crown Area

The INSEUW Women’s Injection Hair System is perfect for Caucasian women suffering hair loss on the tops of their heads and even on their foreheads.

The hair used is 100% European virgin hair, the rarest in the world that has never been processed. It is heat-resistant and can be freely styled into most European hairstyles.

European hair is usually thin and soft, so it blends in perfectly with the natural hair of a Caucasian wearer. The base is made of PU skin, and the hair is injected into it. This means the hair is knot-free and looks like the wearer’s natural scalp.

  • WPT Hair Patches for Bald Spots

WPT Hair Patches are more than a solution for the wearer. MPT hair patches are a perfect confidence redeemer for women suffering from alopecia areata or other balding issues.

All hair patches are in various sizes, and each patch can still be cut into smaller pieces to precisely fit the shape of the bald spot. It is the most affordable solution for all women with bald spots and balding crowns.


Women’s Toupee

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How to Attach Hair Extensions for Balding Crown

As was said above, hair extensions for balding crowns or thinning hair on top include hairpieces, toppers, hair integration systems, etc. Many women going bald can use any of them to help with their hair loss problems, based on their specific needs.

We’re now talking about attachment. Here are several ways hair extensions for thinning hair or balding crowns usually get attached.

Clip in

Clip-in is most commonly used on hair toppers and hair integration systems. Pressure-sensitive clips are placed around the base to give a good hold. Clip-ins cause minimal to no damage to the wearer’s natural hair. They are easy to use. The wearer can attach or remove them whenever they want.


The beaded method, also called “microbeads,” is a semi-permanent method to add length and volume to thinning hair or crowns.

It works for most hair toppers, hair integrations, and hair systems.

First, clip a hair topper on the top of the wearer’s head, then you will use micro rings to fix the hair topper to the client’s natural hair—— thread the topper’s hair and the wearer’s natural hair through the holes of the microbeads to hold them together.

The beaded method works best for people with a lot of hair around the edges of their heads. Finally, it’s your job to style it into the wearer’s desired look. do not get the micro rings too close to the scalp. Always keep the rings down to keep it nice and flat on the scalp.

Watch the 2-minute video below and finish watching it. You will get it.

Sew in

The sew-in method is another semi-permanent option for hair extensions for thinning or balding crowns. The sew-in method is ideal for wearers who have very little hair on their scalps. There’s not much hair on the scalp for clips to clip on and not enough hair that can be threaded through the holes of the hair integration base.

Most hair toppers, systems, and hair integration systems can use this method.

So you need to lay the mesh on the top of the wearer’s head, thread the hair through the mesh holes, and stabilize it with micro rings. After that, sew the topper or a hair system to the net along the edges.

Watch and finish watching the 1.5-minute video; you will master it.

Glue on

For those clients who are experiencing aggressive hair loss or thinning hair on the crown, they can use glue-on hair systems or toupees. This type of attachment is straightforward to apply. Simply shave the area where you want to place the hairpiece, and stick the hairpiece on with tape or adhesive. Most hair systems have PU or lace bases.

Watch this 2-minute video and finish watching it; you will be able to do it in the next minute.

Many ladies prefer to keep their hair intact when doing glue-on hair systems.

Here is a video tutorial for those who wish to avoid having their hair shaved.

Final Words

It is all about categorization. When talking about hair extensions for thinning hair or balding crowns, the most commonly applied methods are clip-in hair toppers, hair integration systems, or glue-on hair replacement systems. They can choose any type that suits their needs.

For various levels of baldness, clip-in hair toppers are easy to use. The wearer can put it on or remove it whenever they want. People who still have enough hair on their heads can use hair integration systems. The sew-in method is for the wearer who hardly has any hair on their hair, and glue-on hair systems are typically used by men and women who are almost bald on the crown and forehead.

Shop with us to find a wide range of high-quality hair extensions for balding crown.

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