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No Longer a Man Pleaser


No Longer a Man Pleaser

A Short Bio of a Hairpiece Entrepreneur

“Too few people understand the power of stereotyping,” said Tod enthusiastically to the camera. He seemed perfectly relaxed. His scalp, from the forehead to the crown, was clean-shaven. During the whole conversation, he never stopped fiddling with a monofilament hairpiece sitting on his lap. He repeatedly popped it on and off his head at his leisure. With the hairpiece on, the well-defined hairline and quiff made him look like Robbie Williams in his prime. Without it, he looked more like Vin Diesel. We had to train our eyes to adjust between these two famous portraits and marvel at how fabulously a hair system can transform a person’s looks.


What’s so Bad about Stereotyping?

Tod has been wearing hairpieces for over 30 years. When he first started, hairpieces and high-end wigs were a luxury for most hair-loss sufferers. Only a few people could afford them. Between spending a fortune to lead a lifestyle of wearing expensive hairpieces and being forced to accept a bald and humbled self-image, Tod chose the first. Of course, it was a hard decision for him.

“You started caring about how people looked at you. You can’t help it. Most people won’t be bothered by why you look the way you do.

“Before you sense the spell of stereotyping,” Tod continued. “It’s already started nibbling away at your confidence and reshaping your personality into that of a subordinate without your knowledge.” He kept popping the hairpiece on and off. Perhaps our salesgirl’s cozy smile through the camera made him feel too at ease, so he didn’t have to worry too much about sitting still and looking good in front of us.

If he’d allowed us to record the video call and we edited the clip of him frequently popping on and off the hairpiece and added some light, fast-paced background music, it would be a perfect Tiktok ad.

A Scrupulous Examiner

Tod is Canadian. When we first became acquainted online, he gave us the impression that he was someone who was very picky, hard to serve, and crazy about full-lace hairpieces. When he sampled our products, he used magnifying glasses to view every thread and crinkle. That pushed on our nerves. Some of our guys even cringed each time they saw Tod’s new emails hitting our mailbox in bold. The guys feared that once they opened the email, they would read something like “a tear on the base,” “hair loss,” “the wrong color was sent,” etc., things like that, so they had to refund the order. Praise God! Nothing like that has ever happened to us. Tod liked our products, and his detailed-mindedness has been our drive to go the extra mile with each and every client of ours.

Our secretary flew to Las Vegas last year to attend the grand annual Cosmoprof North America (CPNA). She and Tod ran into each other at the famous Bellagio Hotel’s fountain and joined each other for dinner that night. Over a few glasses of martini, when asked why he had such a passion for hairpieces, Tod let out his story wholeheartedly.

Who Made Him Wear Hairpieces?

Tod was one of those good-looking college guys who stood out from the crowd. At 23, for some unknown reason, his hair started to go. At first, the experience felt like nothing other than a nightmare. He was irritated when he saw heaps of hair under his feet after each shower and woke up to see a layer of hair on his pillowcase, like after a haircut.

“It was a very humbling period.” Tod released a sigh. “Whatever I feared would happen did happen. You know how that feels. You were one of those good-looking ones for the first twenty-five years of your life, and all of a sudden, they can’t recognize you from thirty meters away. At age 25, I looked 50.” Tod patted his head, laughing sarcastically. Then he turned quiet. He opened his mouth again in a few long seconds. “And I lost my girlfriend.”


Tod met Stephanie at his last prom before college. They’d been together for four years by the time Tod lost all his hair at the front and the top and was well qualified to be called a baldy. Stephanie was a beautiful, well-mannered young lady who had been courted by a few boys since high school. After Tod and Stephanie’s relationship started, they were known as the “golden couple” in college.

“As I started losing hair, Stephanie encouraged me a few times, patting my shoulders, you know. She did what a good-natured girl would do. But I felt terrible about myself. Unwittingly, I had to smile more and curve my back a little, fearing that others might give me a hard time for how I looked. I felt like I was no longer good-looking. Whatever I had to keep myself proud, I lost it all.

“And you know, I had to adapt to the people around me. And that was like a new experience, a new environment. You have to get used to it. Slowly, I lost all my reasons to be proud of myself. One day, Stephanie called me. She wanted us to meet at the old school fountain where we first met.

“Stephanie was in tears that day. Of course, just like many other beautiful, well-mannered young ladies. And like many other typical young ladies who had never faced typical life adversity and felt that spending the rest of their lives with a guy they no longer had feelings for would be embarrassing, she decided to end our relationship.”

Tod was in tears, too, that day.

“That’s how I started wearing hairpieces,” Tod explained through his closed jaws. “That’s how my hairpiece passion started. I set a budget for myself. I just didn’t want to give up. I worked part-time through college. I developed an excellent habit of saving. You know. I just didn’t want to lose when you know there’s something you can do to keep yourself looking good so you can keep others humbled.”

We were deeply moved by Tod’s passion for hairpieces. To me, he was like a fighter who wouldn’t easily give up. When reality turned against him, he seemed humbled by it. He would keep fighting. Whatever he can do, he’d do it to win.

From a Hairpiece Wearer to a Successful Entrepreneur

After he graduated from college, Tod started a job at a hairpiece company. He put all his mind into the job he was doing. His passion drove him to try his best to redeem all hair loss sufferers worldwide. After he had worked for the company for five years, he registered two patents for the innovative changes he made to the hairpiece base. He was doing exemplarily well. However, as he entered management, he started thinking seriously about whether to leave or stay.

“I didn’t realize until they gave me the project manager role. Then, as I checked our inventory, I realized that people make a considerable margin from hairpieces. I’m not talking about 30% or 50% of the profit margin they make. They were making 200 to 300 percent profits. That’s not right. They were ripping people off.


“You know, I suffered so much from hair loss myself, knowing that the whole hair industry had been ripping me off throughout the years. They can’t do that. I couldn’t allow them to do that. Their hairpieces were good—maybe not as good as today’s ones, but they were good and did the job. But selling an average hairpiece or wig for $600-$700 is ridiculous!

“Most guys don’t have to be dumped by their girlfriends just because they couldn’t afford a quality hairpiece.”

Why New Times Hair?

With the same passion for hairpieces, Tod resigned and started his own hairpiece business.

Thank God, that’s how we met. Hairpieces that blend perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair and the base joins seamlessly with the wearer’s own scalp so that people can’t tell he is a hairpiece wearer used to cost $600-$700 but are now $100-$200.

We Are Simple to Deal with

Tod did thorough research on the Internet, and our fully-functional website got him hooked. New Times Hair does everything as a full-stacker, manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing, and even providing custom-made services.

Everything from online video conferences, and negotiations to finding the nearest salon or beauty shop, etc., can be done efficiently online. Order over three items, and you can enjoy wholesale prices.


Today, Tod owns a multi-million dollar hairpiece distribution company based in Canada.

Our products, especially our lace base toupees and Chinese virgin hair units, were the most sought-after ones. According to him, most of his competitors can’t get units of the same quality.


We are Cheap and Good

“I like you guys, of course,” said Tod confidently. “I tested your products, and I used your products throughout the years. I know them. I’m not sure if you’ll find another vendor who can provide me with cheap and high-quality hairpieces like you do. I’m used to them. I only order what I know. And last, I want you guys to make me three tons of lace toupees.” He laughed out loud.

Yes, we will, Tod. We can rock the world if you trust us and believe in both you and our joint effort.

Having worked in the hairpiece industry for over a decade, New Times Hair is well-versed. We have worked out a new supply chain to closely watch every production step, so to enable us to keep costs to a minimum. We have over three thousand clients from over two hundred countries worldwide. They are salon owners, qualified hairstylists, cosmetology schools, etc. Besides, we have helped tens of our clients grow their businesses by top-quality sourcing products and helping them improve their hairpiece structure and customer services.

Contact us if Tod’s story has inspired you and moved you to become the next hairpiece giant.

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