Does Tucker Carlson Wear a Wig?

Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig? Does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee or hairpiece? 

Before I could possibly work out an answer to these hot questions, what rings a bell is an excellent old idiom:

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” In other words, all rumors start with a reason. 

It All Started With a LEGO Head

On his Tucker Carlson Tonight show, September 23, 2020, Tucker Carlson, the famous California-born TV host, commentator, and active proponent of the former U.S. president, Donald Trump, flipped off his hair (or wig; indeed, in this case, he was wearing a wig or a hairpiece, to be exact) to reveal to the world that what he was wearing that night was actually a LEGO hairpiece, which had been attached to a knob on his head. 

Quora, Reddit, Twitter, and heaps of other discussion forums were soon bombarded with comments on that LEGO matter. “Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig?” “Does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee?” “Does Tucker Carlson wear a hairpiece?” The list goes on…

At the same time, Carlson’s supporters packed LEGO stores, endorsing the Fox News host and purging them of merchandise.

Not only that, according to former President Donald Trump, “we should all start buying LEGO hairpieces!” The future building blocks of the U.S. economy will be LEGO. Well, that’s what followers and loyalists do, isn’t it?

Does Tucker Carlson Wear a Hairpiece? We Need a Valid Answer!

Does Tucker Carlson wear a toupee? I believe what I’ve disclosed above is pretty straightforward, and yes, Tucker Carlson did wear a hairpiece at some point. 

But I don’t think our readers will allow me to get away with this answer. They want to be sure, “Does Tucker Carlson wear a hairpiece to make it look like his real hair?” 

“Tucker Carlson hair” has since become one of the most searched terms on Google and a few other search engines.

But what happened on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show in 2020 did grab the spectators’ eyes. Millions, or perhaps hundreds of millions of Tucker Carlson fans worldwide, began to delve into his past and present, hoping to find the slightest clue that Tucker might have been wearing a hairpiece. 


Some reliable sources even pleaded with Tucker Carlson’s LEGO head case that Tucker was telling the reporters that he wasn’t aware the camera was reeling.

C’mon, Tucker! What did you put your hair up in a stud for? Did you have a party to go to after the show? Under the all-seeing eyes of your audience, that excuse doesn’t sound plausible. 

Admitted to Billy Bush?

Since that LEGO head scene, the Tucker Carson hair tittle-tattle has never died out. Fans and followers worldwide started hunting for Tucker Carlson’s toupee.

But on one of Billy Bush’s Extra shows in 2021, one year after the LEGO Head Event, Carlson did seem to reveal to the camera that he’s a hairpiece wearer. 

Extra is a U.S. syndicated news broadcasting magazine distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution and premiered on September 5, 1994. 

The program serves as a straight rundown of news headlines and gossip throughout the entertainment industry, providing coverage of events and celebrities.

On the show, Carlson was interviewed by Billy Bush, the host of Extra, over a video call. 

Billy Bush challenged Carlson by asking him, “How do you keep that hair so luscious, so thick, and so un-gray?”

“You know, it’s funny,” replied Carlson on the other side of the screen, involuntarily covering his hairline with a hand. “We’ve got this dealer in Mumbai—look, it’s 100% human hair.” He started ruffling his hair (or maybe toupee, who knows) with one of his hands.

The Extra host immediately rechallenged Carlson by asking him to pull off his hairpiece (if he was indeed wearing one) and promising he would pull off his (so Billy Bush is wearing a toupee, too?) after counting together ‘1, 2, 3’.

For the sake of the show, they both held their hair and pretended to pull their hairpieces off (assuming they both were wearing hairpieces). 1, 2, 3, shucks! Their hands slipped, and their hair (or hairpieces) remained intact on their heads. The show ended there.

Tucker Carlson IS a Hairpiece Wearer if You Believe What He Said 

Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig or something? Is there something more substantial that could solve the Tucker Carlson hair myth? At this stage, we are forced to say “no.” But assuming the world we are living in is absolutely free of white lies, what Tucker Carlson claimed to Billy Bush on the Extra show could be the 100% correct answer. 

I personally believe Carlson was telling the truth during the Extra show.

A dealer in Mumbai? 100% human hair? Both of these terms are frequently mentioned in the hair system industry. 

Yes, top-tier hairpieces or toupees do use 100% human hair. Synthetic and human hair are some of the most frequently mentioned terms when people inquire about hair systems or wigs.

“A dealer in Mumbai” also leads us to guess the source of the hair. Yes, a significant portion (or perhaps most) of all human hair used worldwide for making hair systems is indeed from India. Mumbai, India’s most developed metropolitan, where most famous Hindu temples are located and religious ceremonies happen.

Some Clues to Keep The Guessing Game Running

Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig? What’s the difference between a wig and a toupee or a hairpiece? Well, all people care about is whether or not there’s something like a wig or a hairpiece on Tucker Carlson’s head that looks like the real deal, and people cannot tell if Tucker Carlson is wearing a hairpiece or whatever. 

We fall back into the guessing game if we refuse to believe Carlson’s statement on the Billy Bush show, 2021. However, if you feel like continuing this guessing game, here are some fun details about Tucker Carlson’s hair we could possibly use as clues:

Tucker Carlson’s Almost Unchangeable Hairstyle:

It seems like Tucker Carlson’s hairstyle has never changed for almost a decade. Especially after his eminent Tucker Carlson Tonight show started in 2016, his medium business haircut with a side part has somehow remained his signature look. That’s also likely why people, even some of the most famous TV men like Billy Bush, started enquiring about Tucker Carlson’s lush, thick hair. Does Tucker Carlson wear a wig?

Tucker Carlson’s Side Part Has Been The Same for The Past 20 Years.

Some semi-reliable sources have also stated that Tucker Carlson’s retained his signature side part for the past 20 years. 

Where did they get that “20 years” from? You’ll never know who’s been watching you all the time, do you? They’ve been watching Tucker Carlson’s partition for the past 20 years, and his side part has never moved an inch. Wow!


Tucker Carlson’s Hair Color Never Turns Gray:

Some sources also stated that over the past 10-15 years, Tucker Carlson’s hair colors have switched between light brown, mushroom blonde, and black. However, it’s never turned gray. They said that’s because Tucker Carlson had to replace his hairpiece once in a while.


Hair Systems to Achieve the Thick Tucker Carlson Hair

On-screen, Tucker always stands out for his fair but super-thick hair. No wonder he got challenged by Billy Bush.

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Does Tucker Carlson wear a hairpiece or toupee? The truth is you can have a hairstyle precisely like his, only if you want.

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  1. There is no way that guy at his age has a full head of thick hair and not one gray. Hairpiece for sure.

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