Encounter World’s 50 Balding Celebrities

There are many balding celebrities at the moment. Yes, let’s be straightforward, balding celebrities mean famous bald people. 

Like you and I, when the balding process can’t be sorted out, every man has two choices: enjoy being bald and shaving his head, or do something about it to get back his full hair look.

A lot of celebrities have embraced baldness and had their head shaven. Some of their fans say they look better now than when they had hair. Some of their fans (either bald or not) even have their head shaven to be like them. 


Indeed everyone (or every fan, to be exact) is free to decide whatever they like about their icon. However, for the sake of objectivity, I have to say that famous bald people or balding celebrities (for short) are different from you and me. 

Celebrities can set the trend and drive the trend; we can’t. They can easily rock the world and get tens of millions to like and follow what they call ‘cool.’ We can’t. They can set or alter the world’s taste in beauty, but we probably can’t. One day if they decide not to be bald anymore and want their hair back, they…probably can. And, we probably can, too.

Let’s start our tour to get to know some of the world’s balding celebrities before deciding what to do about our hair. 

List of Balding Celebrities in the World

Bald people, including famous bald people or balding celebrities, whose balding process started with the hairline and moved backward. Here are a few examples.

Henry Cavill


Have you ever noticed the famous Henry Cavill Hairline? Everyone probably had known superman before they knew Clark Kent. Everyone probably had known Clark Kent before they knew his role-player – Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill is indeed famous, popular due to a considerable degree of his looks, a typically good-looking Hollywood hunk. His perfectly proportionated features can well define what a handsome man should be like. 

However, the balding celebrities club has him now. At the turn of 30, his hairline started moving back. He was aware of it. He’d tried to hide it while shooting his Dawn of Justice in London.

But in real life, he never tried to hide his receding Henry Cavill hairline. He never wears hats. But he was seen wearing a thick layer of styling product, like a hairpiece, so no one around him could call Henry Cavill bald.

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Jude Law


Are you losing faith in your hairline? The media never showed mercy to Jude Law for his retreating hairline. True enough, Jude Law is one of the most famous bald people in the world.

But is Jude Law Balding? When he returned to Hollywood with a new hairline (probably wearing a hairpiece or had a hair transplant), the media and tabloids never stopped bombarding him for the matter. Personally, I believe it looks fantastic paired with his full beard style. The balding celebrities club has you. 

Robert Pattinson


Too much time spent being a vampire? Robert Pattinson is also seen with a receding hairline. Did being bleached too much bring Robert Pattinson hair loss? Could excessive bleaching lead to Robert Pattinson’s hair loss?

He revealed to the media that he lost some hair due to excessive bleaching. But it looks possible that recent shots of the actor are showing evidence of Alopecia Areata, which leads to sudden patchy hair loss. O, Rob, the balding celebrities club has you. 

Brendan Fraser


What had Brendan Fraser balding? Brendan Fraser is famous for his 1999 blockbuster – the Mummy. Now it’s been over 20 years. The sign of aging is clearly marked on his receding hairline. Even the media has it that aging and genetic issues, etc., might be the factor that’s had Brendan Fraser balding. The balding celebrities club has you. 

Charlie Sheen


Is Charlie Sheen bald? Yes, he is. Here are some photos as proof, unless you’re meant to convince yourself that he deliberately got his hair cut like that.

I don’t believe that. I think anyone worldwide who has common sense believes his hair is shedding. Rumors have it that he is wearing a hairpiece or whatever. However, that proves even more that he is balding. So is Charlie Sheen bald? Yes, I believe he is.

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Nicolas Cage


From his early day blockbuster Con Air to now, we probably all can tell that Nicolas Cage has had some hair growth issues. Today, his hairline has grown into an M shape. The balding celebrities club has got your back.

Elon Musk


Now Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, seems to have a full head of hair (not to a degree to be called lush). However, back in his Paypal days, his hair was a disaster. Many of his fans believe he’s wearing a hairpiece. The balding celebrities club has you.

Ashton Kutcher


What has got Ashton Kutcher balding? Aston Kutcher, the 40-year-old star from The Ranch, confessed to the Media that he was a baldy. He said it freaked him out when he just turned 25 and started noticing that his hair had started going. However, it is still not clear what has got Ashton Kutcher balding.

Al Pacino


Has someone ever bought Al Pacino wigs? Debuted in his “Me, Natalie” (1969), the Italian-born American actor, double Tony Award winner, Al Pacino is also a wig wearer. The media has been questioning millions of times how can an 80-year-old man have such a lush, full head of hair.

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Jesse Martin’s


The deep hairline possibly has become Jesse Martin’s iconic benchmark. His receding hairline was seen even more evident in the Flash TV series.

Vincent Kartheiser


When Kartheiser played Pete’s role as the persnickety Campbell, he noticed his hairline was moving further back. All good. He now looks more distinguished. 

Jason Statham


Statham is probably more famous for his hairline than for his other attributes. However, he’s never shied away when people start nagging him about it. He makes bald look good! Bald celebrities club has you.

Jason Alexander


Amplified the plight of short bald men everywhere as George Costanza; his subsequent career, sadly, is probably also employed of that.The famous Memorable Rogaine scene in Seinfeld will remind us of how it feels to lose your hair with too few options. At least Jason Alexander, in real life, does have plenty of opportunities for hair regrowth. You are part of the famous bald people family. 

Prince William


Even being part of the royalty can’t save you from being bald. Is that why Prince William eloped with his newly married wife, Meghan? Oh, pardon me, that wasn’t him. It was his brother Prince Harry’s doing if abandoning royalty could ever be called elopement.

Christopher Meloni


Started in Law and Order, True Blood, and Man of Steel. Baldness perhaps has been a form of elixir that’s aided his anger-based gravitas. The balding celebrities club has you.

Lord Voldemort


His massive Twitter following shows a fearful extension of his influence in the real world. Does Lord Voldemort really care? Cos, on the screen, he doesn’t seem to have much hair. The balding celebrities club indeed has you.

Kevin Youkilis


The former US professional baseball first and the third baseman played primarily for the Boston Red Sox. He is now on the Yankees. One thing noticeable is that he’s shaved his hair for over 20 years. What a loyalist of the balding celebrities club!

Verne Troyer


Suffered from dwarfism, Verne Troyer is one of the shortest men in the world. He got a break as a stunt double for a nine-month-old baby.

Dwarfism is best known for his role as ‘Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies. But his baldness may not be as noticeable as his overall stature. The balding celebrities club has got your back. 

Hulk Hogan 


AKA Hollywood Hulk Gogan, the former professional wrestler (WWF, WWE, WCW) and actor. Not many know his real name Terrence Eugene Bollea. However, the famous Hollywood Hulk Gogan would be seen as tired of covering up his dome by wearing Bandannas. The balding celebrities club has you.

Jamie Hyneman


Co-hosted the popular show MythBusters, Jamie Hyneman is yet to bust the “berets hide baldness” myth. Granted, he’s never been photographed or videoed without his hat on. C’mon Jamie! Surely a loyalist to the balding celebrities club.

Stanley Tucci


Stanley Tucci has rarely been seen on the screen having one single hair. The list goes on: TerminalShall We Dance, Transformers, etc. Maybe he’s more used to the iconic image he established for his fans, to himself as someone without hair all the time. The balding celebrities club has you.

Todd Greene


Inventor of GQ-endorsed Headblade. Maybe shaving has become his career, and he has always kept himself shaven as a perfect example. Are you interested in the balding celebrities club, too, Todd?

Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck has presented great blockbusters to the world for sure. To name a few, triple Frontier, Justice League, and The Accountant. Unlike his successor, his hair started leaving him quite a while ago. Some tabloids have often seen him flaunting hairstyles perfect for men losing hair. His grey, receding hairline, and bald patches are on his head quite a bit. Welcome to the balding celebrities club, Mr.Affleck!

Michael Jordan


It’s pretty hard to equate hair with virility. For Jordan, it doesn’t matter. Famous for his Jordan’s signature mid-range jump shooter, Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest (if not the greatest) and most incredible athletes of all time. Guys around the globe have been shaving ever since. Balding celebrities club has you, the most incredible Jordan, Michael Jordan!

Bruce Willis


Not famous for this, but Bruce Willis did write the book on middle-aged virile baldness. The long-time Hollywood hunk isn’t seen with hair for quite a while, but his charismatic charm and confidence have kept the ladies swooning. Welcome, Bruce, to the balding celebrities club!

Jeff Bezos


As the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has made more one-click impulse buys than anyone in the world’s history. But, free shipping offered will be great. He’s the man without hair, yet with it, he could be hardly recognizable. 

Samuel L. Jackson


Jedi knight, fugitive chemist, Federal anti-snake agent, slave-hating Uncle Tom, research scientist eaten by velociraptors, etc. Samuel L. Jackson is another man of mark, yet without hair. When balding becomes an issue, who cares, and everyone knows that he has to shave all the time just to be recognized? 

Dave Chappelle 


Comedic genius. Another baldy. The famous Chappelle’s Show should never have us forget the catchy “I’m Rick James, bitch!” dialogue. That might have led to him spending the last several years off the grid. Finally, he seems quietly returning to the public eye; we can only hope he’s as skeet-tastic as he ever was.

Vladimir Putin


The Ex-KGB agent, Russian president for life. There’s not much we have to say about the man unless some gutsy reporters could take us on tour to the Kremlin and have us sit by for questions about why the modern-day tsar’s hair is pretty thin.

Pope Francis


The new pope, making conservative clerics everywhere. Is he bald? Is he not Bald? He looks bald. Are you crazy? Who cares? C’mon, he’s the pope. What can you say about him? He is also one of the balding celebrities for sure.

Shaquille O’Neal


A multi-talented celebrity is also one of the balding celebrities. NBA legend, rapper, U.S. Marshal, TNT analyst, Diesel, The Big Aristotle… basically, the real Homer Simpson of world-famous athletes. Is he bald? From most of his posters, we can still see the significant shade of hair, hinting at a not-so-backward hairline. Well, wrap it up! he is into any hairstyle, okay? If having head shaven is a hairstyle, then he is.

Dwayne Johnson


Put away, Dwayne Johnson! Keep the Rock! A Hulking Miami Hurricanes lineman transformed into an iconic hulking WWE wrestler and again into this hulking action star. Stop thinking that lifting weight is just for vanity. However, some audiences may still be after that long-haired Scorpion king, long-haired Hercules… In those blockbusters, the Rock didn’t seem to have a much forward hairline. Even if he allows his hair to grow back, he still could keep some ladies swooning. Well, maybe he just enjoys living shaved.

Charles Barkley


One-time NBA MVP & Round Mound of Rebound. He is now everyone’s favorite hardly intelligible TNT analyst. Is he balding, or just regularly shaves his head? Maybe both. Someone from the media says he is. We may like to see him perform on the court more. But it doesn’t hurt to count one more into the balding celebrities club.

Magic Johnson


The most fantastic NBA point keeper of all time. Now we are guessing his son, a “junior at New York University, studying event management & design, also interested in fashion, journalism, media,” probably won’t follow in his dad’s footsteps. Talking about baldness, well, considering his age, he might also join the club of balding celebrities.

Marc Andreessen


Once the co-creator of Mosaic and Netscape, Marc Andreessen was instrumental in creating web browsers as we know them. But I don’t think people would care much about his hair loss. And bald, well, isn’t that what most programmers look like? Should we have him in the club as one of the famous bald people?

Sean Connery


Here we have Sean Connery. From Russia with Love, Power Suit, Power Donut, etc., the classic 007 hunks indeed. Now: Retirement, But C’mon, give a break! The aged knight has the right to look classic and be called good-looking for whatever looks he’s wearing. He has nothing to do with the word ‘bald,’ the famous bald people club should never have Sean Connery.

Ben Kingsley


Colonial nomad he is. The Gandi on screen. Never intentively brought that in mind, the Gandhi actor was actually a British knight in life. Why should the family of famous bald people count him in? Well, he is bald with a receding hairline, alright. 

Kobe Bryant


Sadly the notorious Simpson plot has our Kobe killed. What a bad omen. Our brilliant basketball giant is gone now. I hate the Simpsons! Bring our Kobe back! Just be quiet about the word bald. Look at them. All basketball players are like that. You give me one player who’s got hair. Keep the hole in your face shut about our Kobe Bryant until you find one. 

Vin Diesel


Don’t tell me you haven’t watched (not all, but even one) Fast and the Furious series. Well, Vin has set his iconic image, a guy without hair. That’s it. You can leave our Pacifier alone now. But you can if you want the famous celebrities club to have him.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is our leading scorer in NBA history, right? Welcome to our famous bald people family. Why? To find out why his hair is thinning. Or maybe he’s another basketball player who doesn’t keep his hair.

Phil McGraw


Dr. Phil McGraw, or Dr. McGraw for the sake of respect? Just keep Dr. Phil, so everyone knows whom you are talking about. Again, you’re talking about America’s most-trusted one-hour TV psychologist, Dr. Phil. Hmm, a perfect doctor’s image. To me, he is! Bald on top, with hair around the crown. He seems pretty natural with his typical look of a doctor and bald. I believe Doctor Phil will enjoy himself the most in the bald celebrities club.

Patrick Stewart


Captain Picard in the Star Trek series. Also, he was one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of his generation. By the way, he can join the bald celebrities club, too. 

Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is balding, too? Maybe he is. For his age, let’s try not to be too surprised to see some of his hair go. From memory, does anyone recall that Mike Tyson’s ever got hair since the day he started punching? Humm, think twice before we consider him as one of the famous bald people.

Ving Rhames


Which of the following is not starred by Ving Rhames movies? Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, Evil Angel, Day of the Dead, Shooting Gallery. Every preposterously sinister one of these is a Ving Rhames movie. Because he is the best at being terrifying.

Terry Crews


Gained his fame in The 6th Day. There he is! And just like the Rock, Terry has pulled off the bald plus goatee.



Former rapper of the famous duo Big Tymers. He is now an astoundingly successful entrepreneur who is behind the YMCMB crew. However, his baldness has now become a canvas for a dozen head and face tattoos. You can definitely join the balding celebrities club.

John Travolta


John Travolta’s hairline is possibly even more famous than that of Jude Law, who went from buzzed & balding to a full head of hair. Maybe we should consider whether to keep him in the balding celebrities club before we figure out if he’s wearing a hairpiece.

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LeBron James


When it looked like LeBron James had been struggling with his hairline, we could see it on the front page of all sports entertainment websites and on Twitter for quite a long time. Now it looks like he’s regrown his hairline. Either way, he’s always a first-class act. Maybe he can sign off being one of the balding celebrities.



Perhaps Everyone knows Sting’s famous deep M-shaped hairline. It is pretty iconic. It just looks as solid as a buzz cut. But everyone probably remembers his catchy Shape of my Heart better than his M-shaped hairline and that he is a member of the balding celebrities club.

What’s the fuss about the famous bald people?

What shall I say about being famous and bald at the same time? Well, our views may vary. Famous people are probably more stressed than us the first time they notice their hair is starting to go. However, their stress is different from ours regarding hair loss.

You are not alone. There are tens of millions of baldies out there. If you prefer to be bald, it’s up to you. If you choose to shave your head. It’s up to you. But if you want to do something about your shiny, hair-deficit crown to regain your hairstyle, confidence, and long-lost passion. It’s totally up to you.

As shared right at the beginning, celebrities, including balding celebrities, have the power to set the trend and drive the trend. Their living environment and ours are absolutely different. They more likely have achieved things that everyone yet on this planet could only dream about. Yet we are still looking for work. We are still trying to advance our careers. We are still looking to open a small business just to merit a few more options to eat. So a good look or bright personal appearance may mean more to us than to balding celebrities or famous bald people. 

So to some, I’m only trying to help you open your mind to positivity. It’s nothing wrong with caring about your outer look. You work hard to get a promotion. You study hard to get a good job. You groom yourself, so others may like you, and you feel flattered and motivated that you’re set to make even further progress. 

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Encounter World's 50 Balding Celebrities

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