Hair Frontal Installation and Styling Tutorial

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Hair Frontal Installation and Styling Tutorial

Hair frontals can be the ideal solution to a receding hairline. Men often first experience hair loss on this part of their head but by wearing a frontal hair piece, they can give themselves a fuller and more youthful-looking hairline. The beauty of a frontal hair piece, therefore, is that it does not require you to shave the whole of your scalp to achieve a fuller hairline. Instead, one can just be worn at the very front of his scalp to mask his hair loss.


You may now be wondering how to install and style a frontal hair piece and what you need to pay attention to when installing and styling one. Don’t worry! You can see the transformation of our model Stefan and learn how his frontal magically blends in with his own hair below.



Tips for beginners:

1. Measure out four fingers above the eyebrows to know where to position the front hairline of the frontal

2. Use a hair clipper and then a fine clipper to get a very smooth surface to attach the frontal to.

3. Before you apply the strips of tape, make sure that the scalp is clean and free of oils in order to obtain good adhesion.

4. Do not apply the adhesive strips beforehand. Determine the perfect position for the hairline in order to get the most natural result.


There are three key elements in choosing the most suitable hair frontal for your clients:


1, Size

Length by width: usually they are less than 2 inches in width and around 6 inches in length


2. Color

Make sure it matches your client's own hair color well or choose from a color ring)


3. Base type

Available in either lace or skin


Make sure you keep an eye out for more content from New Times Hair to learn more trade secrets from the hair replacement industry!


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