Men’s Frontal Hair Piece Installation and Styling Tutorial

Frontal hair pieces are an ideal solution to receding front hairlines; the front hairline is usually where male-pattern hair loss starts. With a men’s frontal hair piece installed, the hair will blend perfectly with the wearer’s existing hair and give him a full-head-of-hair look. Frontal hair pieces only cover the forehead area, so wearers are not required to shave a massive portion of the scalp.

How to Install a Men’s Front Hair Piece

You may now wonder how to install and style a frontal hair piece and what to watch out for when you do it. Not to worry! Watch and finish watching our video tutorial featuring our model, Stefan. You’ll see how a frontal hair piece transformed his appearance. After that, you will master the skill of frontal hair piece installation and styling.

Tips for beginners:

1. Place four fingers above his eyebrows if the wearer’s forehead area is entirely hairless. It’s an ideal starting point for the frontal hairline.

2. Use a hair clipper and a fine clipper to get a smooth surface to attach the frontal hair piece.

3. Before applying the toupee tapes, ensure the scalp is clean and oils-free for perfect adhesion.

4. Do not apply the adhesive strips in advance. Determine the perfect position for the hairline to get the most natural result.

Advanced Tips for a Super Realistic Hairline With Men’s Frontal Hair Pieces:

Notable, isn’t it? As we can see, the wearer has a widow’s peak. His scalp around the front hairline isn’t entirely bald, but almost. So here, the stylist played a trick. He took advantage of the scarce remaining hair at the front to create a super-real front hairline.

  • Shave the front area of the scalp. However, the stylist didn’t shave all the hair off but left a little tuft at the tip of the widow’s peak.
  • Same as with normal frontal hairpieces, the hairstylist stuck the frontal hairpiece to the cleanly shaved area, a little back from the forehead.
  • However, as we can see, the hairpiece didn’t cover the little tuft of natural hair left at the tip of the widow’s peak. The little clump of hair joined the rest of the hair on the frontal hair piece to form an unbeatably natural-looking hairline.

Have you seen a hairline more natural and realistic than this? I don’t think you have.

There are three key elements in choosing the most suitable hair frontal for your clients:

1, Size

Length by width: usually they are less than 2 inches in width and around 6 inches in length.

2. Color

Make sure it matches your client’s own hair color well or choose from a color ring.

3. Base type

Available in either lace or skin.

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