How Much Does Hair Systems Cost an Individual User Per Year?

As statistics demonstrate, 85% of men go bald before age 50. With hair loss, most people would seek a permanent cure as a matter of course.

Take that star Robbie Williams had a successful hair transplant, but the newly planted hair fell again in less than ten years. He tried medications after, but they didn’t work. After all, he decided to go for human hair wigs or hairpieces, also known as hair replacement systems. Did he make the right choice?

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Hair replacement systems have now become the ultimate solution for people to deal with hair loss. But how much does a hair system cost? How much does using hair systems cost per year? Practically and realistically, people have to ask these questions when seriously considering hair systems.

This post will answer all these popular questions and help you create a better budget for using hair systems.

How Much Do Using Hair Systems Cost?

Before we try to figure out how much your yearly cost will be for hair systems, you must know that hair replacement systems are not a permanent solution.

That means you will need to pay for it in the long run——which includes paying for a new hair unit after each one wears out, and the payment for regular maintenance or “touch-ups” from time to time.

How Long Does a Hair System Last?

Most hair systems on the market have an average lifespan of three months with good care.

However, their lifespan can differ from a month to a year based on the base materials used for the hair system. If you want to know the lifespan of a specific type of hair system, please check our blog“ Expected Lifespan of Different Hair Replacement Systems” for more details.

Base Material


Skin 0.03mm

Around 4 Weeks

Skin 0.06mm

2-3 Months

Skin 0.08mm

3-4 Months

Skin 0.1mm

3-6 Months

Swiss Lace

1-2 Months

French Lace

3-4 Months


6-12 Months

How Many Hair Systems Will You Need Per Year?

Depending on the specific type of hair system you choose, generally, you will need 4-6 hair systems for a year’s wearing.

How Much Does a Hair System Cost?

Depending on suppliers, hair materials, and designs, a hair system can cost a few hundred to thousands of dollars. A well-versed, hand-made human hair system will typically cost no less than $100 to manufacture today.

Always consider their cost when ordering hair systems. Ordering cheap hair systems will make you more likely to get synthetic wigs or bad-looking hair systems.

How Often Should You Reattach a Hair System?

As mentioned above, when asking, “How long does a hair system last?” we talk about the lifespan of a hair system. And that means from the moment you buy a hair system until it can’t be worn anymore, you have to chuck it and get a new one. That’s a hair system’s lifespan. That’s how long a hair system will last.

However, reattachment refers to the regular touch-up of a hair system. As we sweat and our natural hair grows underneath the hair system, the hair system will get less sticky on the base side, and the base starts to peel. So you will need to visit a stylist to get the hair system cleansed and reattached to your head. On average, it takes about 3-4 weeks between reattachments.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain the Hair System?

Reattaching a hair system also costs money and adds to the cost of the hair system.

The costs for reattaching and maintaining the hair system vary from salon to salon, but generally range between $50-$300 a month for proper maintenance. You can consult your salon on your first visit.

How Much Does the Hair System Cost at The Hair Club?

People who first wear hairpieces usually go to well-known hair replacement salons to get them attached. For example, Hair Club is the first place hair losers will consider when it comes to hair loss.


Sy Sperling started the Hair Club in 1976 when his hair started to go. The company has been advertising on TV through commercials and infomercials for decades. Now, they are indeed the most professional salon chain for hair replacement. Their salons are located throughout the United States. Their motto reveals how much they care about their customers.

However, Hair Club’s top-tier services are backed up by their astronomical prices. Many people with hair loss get upset when they find out that putting in a hair system could cost them a whole month’s salary. This excludes biweekly reattachment and three or four replacements per year.

Since the establishment of Hair Club, they’ve never been free from blame for their unbelievably high hair system cost, and more than half of the country’s genuine hair loss sufferers are scared away.

One of their clients complained about their high costs on Reddit. The first salon visit, which includes a new hair system and the attachment, will cost him up to $1,695. And then he will need to pay $288 monthly for regular maintenance. The fiscal rundown of his hair system got him highly disappointed.

Pros and Cons of Hair Club

You get what you pay for. No one can argue much about that.

Hair Club has the country’s top hair specialists working for them as hair consultants. The quality of their products and services is indeed top-notch. Most of their hairpieces are custom-made, from taking measurements until you get them on. Besides, they will follow up, checking every single detail of your wearing experience.

However, their top-notch services well deserve the top prices people pay to see them. That’s why a lot of hair loss sufferers get scared away.

Annual Cost for Hair System at Hair Club: $8000+

How Much Do Hair Systems Cost at an Independent Salon?

In terms of costs, independent hair salons definitely have more competitive prices than salon chains like Hair Club. They are more adaptable to market changes. Salon owners can basically decide how to price their products or services. Plus, with salon chains, they have franchise fees to pay, which have to be shared by salon visitors.

For example, according to the London-based salon called “Hair Replacement London,” their first visit only takes £579, which includes a new hair system and the attachment. Monthly touchups will take £175.

Some hair salons may have installation fees included, and some don’t. You can consult your nearest salon to get precise information on the hair system cost. But remember, you will never need to cover the franchise fee for the owner like you do for salon chains like Hair Club.

Benefits of Getting Hair Systems Installed at Independent Salons

Visiting an independent salon will save you a lot of money on hair system costs. Without franchise fees, unnecessary hair products, and reduced service costs, you will probably spend half of that amount. That includes all the hairpieces you get throughout the year, regular touch-ups and maintenance.

Tips for Finding a Hair System Salon Near You

If you have any trouble finding a hair system salon near you, New Times Hair can help. As a reliable supplier of hair system salons and hairstylists worldwide, we can freely help you build a connection with them. Click to get in touch with us.

Watch this video from Dan, one of our business partners and brand ambassadors, about what his hair system salon looks like.

Annual Cost for Hair System at Independent Salon: $4000+

How Much Does Hair System Cost Per Year Install By Yourself?

Having your hair system installed by a professionally qualified hairstylist is ultimately recommended. However, if you are one of the few who got everything sorted and can do home installations, that will surely cost you the least. Doing it all by yourself means you do not have to pay for the salon anymore, and you just need to pay for the hair systems and some necessary tools like tape, glue, etc.

How Much Does a Hair System Cost at Online Retailers?

Online retailers will help you save a vast amount of money compared to offline stores. In terms of hair system cost, online hair shops in China beat local hair distributors and sellers in North America and Europe by a wide margin.

How much does a hair system cost at online retailers?

For example, Lordhair and LaVividhair are both well-established retailing brands. Lordhair is the number one online retailer that sells men’s hair systems or wigs. The average unit price for hair systems sold online is around $200-400.

How much does a hair system cost from wholesalers?

Hair system wholesalers can reduce your cost even lower than retailers when you order in bulk.

For example, at Newtimes Hair, we can help you reduce the unit price to $100-$300. You can get our wholesale price by ordering any three hairpieces from us (fill out our wholesale application form to get it).

New Times Hair has worked over the years to improve hair-making technology. We made a new supply chain so we can keep a close eye on the production line. We are one of the few who can keep hair system costs to a minimum while retaining top-tier quality.

Contact us now, and you will be dealing with the hairpiece factory and getting factory-direct prices.

How Much Does Hair Systems Cost an Individual User Per Year?

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Annual Cost Have Hair System Installed by Yourself: $1000+


Everyone suffering from hair loss with various budgets can choose a hair replacement plan made just for them. But the cost of hair systems per year may need to be considered.

Hair system salons are a good choice, especially for people just starting to use hair replacement systems. There may be issues related to hair systems that they need help to sort out for themselves.

If you know how to wear hair systems and can put them on yourself, buying directly from the supplier or manufacturer will be your top option.

If you have any questions or concerns about hair replacement systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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