What Is a Toupee and Find the List of Top 10 Best Toupee

Men’s toupees have come a long way from their days as old ugly wigs. Now, in 2023, they are one of the best options for men to fight hair loss.

So what is a toupee?

Simply put, most men buy a toupee for hair loss. Yet, don’t be put off by the myriad of names you see online: toupee, wig, man weave, hairpiece, hair replacement, hair system. They are all referring to the same thing.

Today’s toupees are semi-permanent and are glued or taped to the top of the crown, as they are designed to blend in with the wearer’s existing hair on the back and sides.


Gone are the days of those fake-looking, heavy, synthetic wigs as you will see from a list of men’s toupees.

So a toupee can not only restore the person’s youth and attractiveness but also refresh their lives by helping them regain their confidence.

Men’s Toupee Before and After

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hs1 lace hair system before and after
mens hair systems before and after new times hair
SUNNY swiss lace hair systems before and after new times hair

As one of the best wholesale toupee suppliers, New Times Hair manufactures and supplies human hair toupees for men of the highest quality.

We stock a lot of different hair toupees because men have different requirements. It is best if you familiarize yourself with our toupees so you can learn what you can offer to your customers.

But what are our toupees like?

Go through the list of 10 of our best toupees for men, and you’ll find out. We offer great discounts for hair businesses. Click the button below to apply!

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List of Top 10 Best Toupees for Men

1. HS25-V Ultra Thin Skin Toupee for Men

A Disposable Hair System

We’ll begin our list of hair toupees by introducing one of our most popular men’s toupees: the HS25-V.

This is a very popular toupee for men because it is so high on realism thanks to its ultra-thin skin base which has a thickness of just 0.03mm.


Your customers will not notice the skin material on their scalp and the knotless V-looped hair(the most realistic ventilating technique) together with the thinness of the skin will create the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp.


This toupee is also a good option for people new to hair systems

It only has a lifespan of around one month, so it’s almost a disposable hair system. After every wear of four weeks, you can just peel it off, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. No worries about tearing it up, cleaning, or maintaining it.

This toupee comes in our standard base size of 8″ x 10″. We use smooth, shiny Indian human hair on most of our stock men’s toupees and the HS25-V is no exception. It is available in 25 hair colors including gray hair percentages (synthetic gray hair).

Reasons to get it:

  • Incredibly realistic appearance with knotless V-looped hair all over
  • A completely undetectable front hairline that naturally goes with any hairstyle
  • Optimal comfort level given how thin and lightweight the base is
  • A wide range of colors available to meet your own aesthetic taste

2. HS1-V Super Thin Skin Toupee

Extended Lifespan

Next, allow us to introduce the HS1-V. Like the HS25-V, this is a thin skin hair toupee for men with V-looped hair all over.

It still has that undetectable look, but its advantage over the HS25-V is that this men’s toupee will last longer—around two to three months – for the skin is slightly thicker but still ultra-thin.

Given that it also has a full thin base, this stock toupee for men is easy to clean and take care of.

It comes in the standard base size of 8” x 10″, which can be cut down to any size to meet your clients’ needs. The hair is 5 inches long you have 11 colors to choose from.


Reasons to get it:

  • Super natural-looking appearance for its V-looped hair throughout
  • A fully undetectable front hairline that allows you to style your hair freely
  • Very comfy yet durable to meet the needs of most users
  • A wide range of colors available to guarantee you the best fit

3. HS1 Super Thin Skin Toupee Wig

No Hair Sheddings

Continuing with our thin skin toupees, we would also like to share the HS1. Again, this toupee for men has an all-over skin base, but because of its thicker base (0.08mm), it is considerably more durable than say the HS25-V.

As such it can last for three to six months.

We still ventilate the hair with V-loops but only across the front 1/2” of the hairline—this is the area that wearers are most concerned about.

The rest of the base uses single split knots, a more durable way of ventilating the hair, reducing the possibility of hair shedding from the base.

The HS1, therefore, offers a good balance between realism and durability

All our stock hair colors are available for this men’s toupee, including (synthetic) gray percentages. As is the case with all our stock toupees, the base size is a standard 8″ by 10″, the hair density is medium-light, and the curl and wave of the hair is 3.0cm.


Reasons to get it:

  • Very durable and lasting for its 0.08mm skin base
  • The undetectable front hairline is guaranteed with knotless V-looped hair at the front。
  • Super easy to attach and clean with both glue and tape
  • A wide array of colors and gray hair options to personalize your hair system

4. HS7 Full Swiss Lace Hairpiece

Breathable and Airy Feel

Moving away from thin skin, the next hair toupee that is worthy of mention for any list of the best men’s toupees is our HS7 full Swiss lace toupee.

Our HS7 has an entire Swiss lace base for the ultimate in comfort and realism.

Swiss lace is naturally soft, light, and airy making it a very comfortable base material.


It’s ideal for your customers who live in warm climates or frequently exercise as lace allows the scalp to breathe. We do bleached knots all over the toupee so your customers will have many different styling options. 

This hair toupee will last for about three months.

We use 100% Indian human hair and since the dimensions of the base are 8” x 10”, it will fit most head sizes.  The HS7 is available in all our stock hair colors including gray hair percentages.


Reasons to get it:

  • Extremely breathable and comfy with its full woven lace base
  • Bleached knots all over make for an appearance of superior naturalness
  • Very durable with a lifespan of up to 4 months
  • A wide array of colors and gray hair options to fulfill your true needs

5. HOLLYWOOD Lace with PU Toupee

Lace Toupee for Easy Clean and Maintenance

Now, we will introduce one of our toupees for men that combines two different base materials: Hollywood.

You will now know that thin skin and lace are two very popular base materials but the beauty of the Hollywood toupee is that it uses both!

This toupee is very light and airy thanks to the Swiss lace but it has a thin skin perimeter that runs around the back and sides and through the middle of the front.

Customers will find this strip ideal for attaching tape or glue to and they will still have the advantages of a bleached-knot, Swiss lace front. Unlike the previous stock hairpieces we’ve mentioned, the Hollywood hair toupee is available in four base sizes: 6″×8″, 6″×9″, 7″×9″, and 8″×10″.

The other distinguishing feature of our HOLLYWOOD hair toupee is its front contour which will better represent the receding pattern of your customers. You can choose from 12 hair colors.

Finally, the HOLLYWOOD has a lifespan of around three months.


Reasons to get it:

  • Super breathable and resistant to sweating that guarantees the coolest feeling
  • Bleached knots at the front allow you to style your hair freely without looking unnatural
  • Very user-friendly by being very easy to attach and maintain with little hassle
  • Different colors and sizes are available for you to pick the right fit

6. N6 Swiss lace with Clear PU Toupee

Solidity in Base Shape and Contour

The N6 is another of our stock toupees for men that combine Swiss lace and skin to offer wearers the best of both materials.

Like HOLLYWOOD, it has a base made of Swiss lace and has clear PU on the back and sides.

Swiss lace is, of course, very breathable and high on realism whilst the slightly thicker PU skin material offers more solidity to the toupee as well as a clear and smooth surface to apply tape on.

Unlike HOLLYWOOD, we use the stitching technique all over the toupee, which helps reinforce the hairpiece’s shape and contour.

The front of our N6 toupee is entirely Swiss lace and we slightly bleach the knots here for better realism. 

This human hair toupee will last about three months.

It has our standard 8” x 10” base and is available in over 25 hair colors, including (synthetic) gray percentages.


Reasons to get it:

  • Extremely breathable and resistant to sweating as an ideal summer wear
  • Knot bleaching throughout the lace facilitates how realistic it appears
  • Thin skin on the sides and back adds to its durability and ease of use
  • A large variety of colors and gray hair options available for your choice

7. SUNNY Full Swiss Lace Hair Replacement System

Ultra Soft and Lightweight

We offer another full lace stock toupee for men called SUNNY, made of Swiss lace.

Swiss lace is the finest, lightest, most natural and soft of lace materials.

To all extents and purposes, our SUNNY hair toupee will be undetectable on your scalp.

We enhance its realism by using single split knots across the front 1/2” of the hairline and we bleach the knots across the whole of this men’s toupee.


However, your customers should be aware that since Swiss lace is so fine and delicate, it is very fragile so its undetectability comes at the expense of its lifespan which is about two months.

This men’s toupee also has 100% Indian human hair.

It has a base size of 8″×10,” and you can choose from 13 hair colors for your customers. Aside from its Swiss lace base, the other aspect that differentiates this human hair toupee from our others is its light to medium-light density.

Reasons to get it:

  • Exceptional breathability and comfort levels for its finest and softest lace material
  • Unparalleled undetectable and natural appearance with all the knots bleached
  • Unlimited ways of styling your hair without compromising on its naturalness
  • A large amount of colors available to cater to your own preferences

8. HS27+ Fine Mono Toupee with Skin Gauze

Ultra Durable

Another hairpiece that must be on our list of best toupees for men is HS27+ because of its ultra-durability.

The HS27+ is made of fine mono, a harder-wearing, more durable base material making this human hair toupee can last up to six months

It is a woven material, so it is also breathable.

The base design of the HS27+ combines skin gauze and lace front to leave a hair toupee that offers the best of different materials.

Skin gauze is another durable base material whilst the one inch of front lace makes brushed back hairstyles and other hairstyles that expose the front hairline possible. 

This stock men’s toupee has more volume of hair than the other toupees we have introduced as it has a medium density.


It measures 8 by 10 inches, but it can be cut down to fit most head sizes. The HS27+ is available in 25 hair colors including (synthetic) gray hair percentages.

Reasons to get it:

  • Outstanding durability mostly resulting from its strong fine mono top
  • Bleached lace front presenting a natural hairline however you style the hair
  • Very user-friendly for being easy to attach and clean assisted by skin perimeter
  • A large number of colors and gray hair options are available to be chosen from

9. DURO LACE Hair System

Lace Toupee With Extended Life

DURO LACE full lace hair system comes with exceptional durability compared to regular lace hair systems. It is becoming a very favorable wholesale option for hairpiece sellers to add to their product line.

DURO LACE has exceptional durability just as its name suggests by employing stronger and more resilient lace as its base material.

With good maintenance, it can last for three to four months.


Durability doesn’t sacrifice its realism.

By using the bleach knots technique on the base of the full lace hair system, we create an invisible knot effect on the scalp and hairline of the toupee.

Reasons to get it:

  • 100% top-grade Remy hair characterized by a silky touch and sleek appearances
  • Strong and resilient lace offers extra durability, as well as the most breathable and comfy feeling
  • Extremely natural-looking and undetectable facilitated by bleached knots all over
  • A great number of colors and gray hair options for you to choose from freely

10. HS15+ Lace Front Skin Hairpiece

Combo: Skin Toupee Plus Realistic Lace Hairline

The HS15+ also has 100%, naturally shiny Indian Remy human hair, natural, shiny.

The base construction of the HS15+ men’s toupee is a 0.08mm transparent thin skin base with a lace front which creates a very natural hairline.

This Remy hair toupee will last about three to six months.

The base size is 8” x 10” so you can expect it to be big enough to fit the size of any of your client’s heads. It also has a wide range of hair colors for you to choose from.


Reasons to get it:

  • Carefully-sourced Indian Remy hair featured superior fineness and appearance
  • Remarkable durability and ease of use owing to its 0.08mm skin thin base
  • Bleached lace front making up an undetectable hairline to avoid disclosure
  • An abundant amount of colors options considering your own needs


That concludes our list of the best men’s toupees of the year at New Times Hair.

By now you should have a much better understanding of what a modern toupee is and how they can differ from one to another.

Different toupees for men will suit different people but at New Times Hair, we are confident that we can supply you with the toupees to suit all of your customers.

 If your customers are in urgent need of toupees then all the toupees on this list can be shipped immediately so they can have a new toupee in just a few days.

We can also customize hair systems and make toupees exactly to your requirements or those of your customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@newtimeshair.com and remember that we can also customize hair systems and make toupees exactly to your requirements or those of your customers.

Know that you can order from us safe in the knowledge that we will remake or repair for free of charge, or refund your money after receiving your returned units for any manufacturing defects or any problems with quality for up to three months after shipment.

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  1. Postseditor Emma
    Postseditor Emma

    That’s a really awesome idea. Thank you for commenting!
    Glueless hair systems do exist. It was a very popular concept a few years ago. At the moment, most glueless hair systems have a thin layer of special adhesive that won’t go dry on top of a base made of silicone. Glueless hair systems have indeed improved the user experience to some degree. But their weakness is that the adhesive used on them isn’t as strong as the adhesives that we commonly used. That makes them easy to peel off, and the wearers feel unsafe about it. Moreover, the adhesive will get less sticky as time passes. That’s also part of the reason why the glueless hair system hasn’t become a mainstream product. If you want to try one out, we recommend getting it custom-made. You can contact us at info@newtimeshair.com.

  2. While all of the hairpieces look natural and have advantages over toupees of years past, they still have the same old methods of attachment i.e. glue or tape. With all of the new materials out there, why can’t someone invent a simple put on take off system of applying the systems without the use of irritating, inconvenient glues and adhesives? Thank you.

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