How to Remove and Maintain a Hair System

In addition to installing hair systems on your customers’ heads, mastering how to remove and clean your customers’ scalps properly is also a required skill for salon owners or hairstylists. Proper removal is important for good care and maintenance.

Tools required: Adhesive Remover( C-22 adhesive solvent), finger nail brush, shampoo, and a towel.

How to remove a hair system:




Step 1: Spray the remover on the base. Then, peel the hair system gradually and carefully from the scalp. Be careful not to pull so hard that you tear the base. This step may take some time. Be patient!


Step 2: Soak the hair system in cool water for a while to make it totally wet. NEVER use hot water.




Step 3: Place the hair system on a flat surface and clean off the adhesive residue. Use your hands to remove any excess residue with short, gentle strokes.




Step 4: For stubborn residue on the edges, use C-22 adhesive solvent. Brush it on with a finger nail brush to loosen the residue. Then, break it free.



Step 5: Wash the hair system with shampoo to make sure all of the residue has been removed. Then, towel it dry.


Learning how to remove a hair system properly is the next step in good hairpiece care and will help keep the hairpiece in good condition for a long time.

How to clean the scalp:

Removing all of the adhesive left on the scalp is essential to ensuring that you have a clean scalp ready for reattachment.


Step 1: Spray some solvent on the scalp to dissolve the excess residue and use a brush to apply the solvent evenly and thoroughly. Then, rinse and shampoo the scalp.



Step 2: Use a comb to brush out any remaining residue from the scalp.




Step 3: Do the final cleaning with a finger nail brush to make sure all of the residues have been removed. Finally, rinse the scalp off.


Now, you have a clean scalp ready for reattachment. These are important steps to remove a hair system and clean the scalp and all the preparations before reattaching a hair system. If you have other questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at We are very willing to help you.

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