Monofilament Hair System: There Is More To Know About It

As New Times Hair’s business scope has been increasingly scaling up in the past few months, there has been a larger demand on all types of hair replacement products of our company.

For many who just set foot in the hair system industry, a special type called monofilament, mono in short, might not sound very familiar. So what is monofilament hair system? What are its pros and cons? If such questions still remain unanswered to you, this article should be the one you look forward to!


Unlike lace hair systems or skin hair systems, monofilament hair systems have a base that is constructed with a thin, mesh, nylon-like material called monofilament fabric. Every single hair is tied to this layer of mesh one after another.

The mono mesh resembles lace material to some extent, the biggest difference is it has got much smaller and denser holes throughout the base. The small holes constitute the reason monofilament hair pieces have a certain degree of breathability in favor of those from hot areas that are more prone to sweating.