How to Control the Direction of Hair on Hair Systems

For a hair replacement system with V-looped hair (HS25-V, HS1-V) or single split knots (HS1, HS15+, HS1R), people usually have problems controlling the hair direction. This is because both ventilation methods use two strands of hair that are tied together on the base and when tied, the strands of hair face the opposite direction. Therefore, our technicians will press and rub the hair roots with their fingers to ensure the hair lies down on the base and stays together in the same direction. However, this effect will not last a long time.

So, what can you do to deal with this problem?

You will actually just need a hairdryer and a comb (or a hair dryer brush). Turn the dryer to the warm setting and start to blow the hair from the hair roots as the video shows. At the same time, comb the hair in the same direction as the hairdryer. By following this technique, the two strands of hair will have the same direction. Repeat several times across the hair system. Finally, turn the dryer to the cold setting so that the hair stays in place well.

After just a few minutes, you will have fluffy hair on the hair system which you will be able to style as you please.

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