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How to Cut Hair System Front Contour from CC to A

Front contour is basically the shape of the front hairline that varies from individual to individual. It is important for hair system wearers to get hair systems with a front contour that matches with their own front contour to have a natural-looking and undetectable front hairline. There are typically four common front contour shapes for men: AA, A, CC, C, with A and CC being more common than the others. Given most men’s stock hair systems on the market come with CC front contour and many of such hair systems are bought by people with A-shaped front contour. So to have a more natural front hairline for such users, it is recommended to make a slight adjustment to the shape of hairpiece front contour by cutting the base properly.

As demonstrated in the video below, here are the right steps that you need to follow to have the front contour cut from CC into A:

Step 1: Place an A-shaped contour mould at the very middle of the front area of the base, and use a pencil to draw a line along the edge of the mould with its two ends extending further to the back.

Step 2: Place the hair system template on the hair system and use the pencil to draw a long curve along the template edge around the back. The big enclosed area embraced together by that curve and the A-shaped line you drew earlier is what you will need to cut the base into.

Step 3: Carefully cut the base along the marked perimeters of that enclosed area until all the excess skin material is fully cut off.

Step 4: Wipe off the pencil traces.

Step 5: Trim off excess hair along the base edge

The above 5 steps sum up what you need to follow to have a hair system with CC front contour cut into one with A-shaped contour in the most effective way. As a leading hair system manufacturer in the world that is known for offering well-rounded services to its partners, New Time Hair has a highly experienced base cutting team to perform such services for your customers! Simply reach out to your service rep to let him or her know your request and we will help you in the most professional manner!

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