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Human Gray Hair VS. Synthetic Gray Hair – How We Should Select

When buying hair systems, the first thing that most people always judge by must be whether it appears natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable, especially on public occasions. As many of us know, the most significant determinants of the naturalness level of men’s hair systems are undoubtedly the base design and hair type. However, aside from these two, another factor that can make big differences in how realistic the users’ hair systems look is actually the amount of gray hair mixed in the hair systems, largely depending on their age range and own gray hair volume.

Types of Gray Hair

On the hair system market, there are typically two types of gray hair available: human gray hair and synthetic gray hair. Both of them are widely used for the production of hair system products. In spite of that, there still remain several differences between them that hair system users should be knowledgeable about in order to find the right hair system option for themselves.

Comparison Between Human Gray and Synthetic Gray

When comparing these two types of hair, you will see little difference in how they appear when mixed in a hair system. If you look closely, you might find out that synthetic gray hair appears a little shinier than human gray hair, which is therefore not as realistic. So for hair system wearers who give a great deal of importance to the naturalness aspect, hair systems with human gray hair might be better options.

On the other hand, human gray hair has proved to prevail over synthetic gray hair in terms of resistance to damage. As many of us might not know, frictions against things like a pillow and a helmet can lead the synthetic gray hair to deteriorate and result in a frizzy appearance as time goes by. So if the hair system users expect a relatively long lifespan out of their hair systems, then human gray hair should be what to give a thought to. This is especially important to keep in mind if the wearers tend to perm or straighten the hair of their hair systems. This is because human gray hair and synthetic gray hair differ considerably in how vulnerable they are to heat. The video at the beginning shows you a direct comparison of how heat causes each type of gray hair to change.

Even if human gray hair is seen as a more natural-looking and long-lasting hair option, synthetic gray hair has its advantages as well. As a very fine plastic filament made primarily of modacrylic fibers, synthetic gray hair requires little maintenance. Unlike human hair, synthetic hair barely needs any styling work after washing, meaning the wearers can just shake them out and look stunning. For another, synthetic gray hair is less prone to color change and oxidation compared to human hair, so the color will last longer as it’s more resilient to the damaging effects of UV rays. Synthetic hair is known as an ideal option if you have any gray hair mixed with your natural hair color as it will not absorb the hair dye if your hair system is colored. Lastly, synthetic gray hair systems are a more affordable option compared with those human gray hair ones due to a lower cost. And this is valued by a large number of users worldwide.

Human Gray Hair VS. Synthetic Gray Hair: Does Coloring Conditioner Work on Them

Human grey hair is soft but easily changes color in the sun. If you want to dye the customer’s hair toupee another color or curl for the customer’s hair toupee containing human grey hair, you should be very careful because the human grey hair might change color during that process. For example, if the men’s toupee is color #4 with human grey hair, if you dye color #4 into color #3, the grey hair might also become darker than before.

Synthetic grey hair is man-made hair. It is rougher than human grey hair but does not change color under any treatment. So even if the sunshine is very strong, it will not change color. And even if you dye or perm synthetic hair it will always keep its original color.


The above sums up the main differences between human gray hair and synthetic gray hair, as well as how the differences matter to hair system wearers’ purchase decisions.

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