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A hair integration system is a non-surgical procedure that involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made unit. It provides an alternative to surgical methods, as well as a more natural look than traditional wigs and hairpieces. This unit, made of ultra-fine, soft mesh and shaped to fit you, is cleverly and discreetly secured to your head. Your own natural hair is then blended with the unit to create a full head of great looking hair. The base design is made of PE line and the base size is normally 0.5cm x 0.5cm.


In terms of styling, your custom hair integration can be blended with your own hair in just about any direction so you can have just the style that you want—beautifully, naturally, and easily.


One-third of women experience alopecia—more commonly known as hair loss—at some point in their lives and about two-thirds of women suffer thinning hair and bald spots after menopause. However, because the condition is less socially acceptable for women, going bald can severely affect their emotional well-being and quality of life. For women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, finding hair replacement solutions can be as simple as picking out a beautiful wig or topper. Hair replacement surgery is painful and expensive and the grafts may have a failure rate as high as 80 percent. Browse through our hair integration systems for painless and convenient hair replacement systems.


Hair integration systems may be used to solve a variety of women’s hair loss issues. They may be used to supplement hair in just the crown area, adding volume to the top of the head while maximizing the use of existing hair. This is a particularly good solution for women suffering from diffuse androgenetic alopecia. They may also be a perfect solution for women with thinning hair across their hairline or anterior mid-scalp hair loss.

When someone still has some of their natural hair remaining, this hair can be integrated into the hairpiece to create a seamless, organic look that is more flattering and more secure. This can be done through clips, elasticized bands, temporary adhesives such as heated keratin fibers, or manually braiding or threading the hair into the hairpiece. The weave of the hairpiece’s netting can be made wider or denser depending on the thickness or thinness of the wearer’s remaining hair and how they would like to secure their wig to their head. Integration hairpieces are a great choice for women who are dealing with the pain or side-effects of surgery or the inconvenience it is causing them in their everyday life.


Unlike the fashion extensions that you see in salons and on celebrities, hair integration pieces for women’s hair loss add more than volume, length, color and texture. Though we can work wonders with professional hair extensions, hair loss for many women progresses to the point where extensions are no longer an option. Hair integration was developed specifically for women to restore fullness to their hair whatever the type of hair loss or balding pattern.


For clients whose hair is too sparse, using a hair integration could provide them with the following advantages:



Hair integrations utilize your own hair and blend it with natural or advanced synthetic fibers to create such a realistic appearance that only under very careful inspection would anyone notice it on someone’s head.



Unlike dense wigs and hairpieces, hair integrations are light, airy and comfortable.



Individual strands can be cut out of hair integrations, PE lines can be added or removed and the hair texture can be altered to give you just the style you want.



Since they are non-permanent and non-surgical, your hair integration can be removed and easily refitted, there is no need to remove the tape.



A hair integration system can be made to your exact specifications. Order more rows where you need more hair and fewer rows where your hair is fuller. Specify any hair length and type of curl to suit your style. Choose from in-stock units or request a customized color or highlights. It is all down to you.


Wearing a hair integration system is an entirely non-surgical procedure as previously mentioned.


You will be able to style your hair integration system any way you choose. Hair integration systems are great solutions for women who wish to supplement their hair in the crown area, mid-scalp or near the hairline.


There are four options for the edge of an integration:






1. PU, lace, or ribbon around the perimeter of the integration will all help to keep the shape. This is a good choice for those who want a combination of different base materials. 










2. Folded PE line. This makes the integration more stable and it is also the most popular option. If you ask for a hair integration piece without specifying a preference, we will make it this way.









 3. Adding flower net. This gives a beautiful look which many women appreciate. There are two ways to make the flower net. One is to twine the line in first, then sew the flower net before ventilating the hair. The second way is to twine the line first, then ventilate the hair and finally sew the flower net. Both of these two methods make the base very durable.











4. Twine the line carefully around the edge. This is the most labor-intensive method since our technicians will twine the PE line bit by bit. This method looks more natural but it takes more time to do so these hair integration units cost more.








The beauty of a hair integration system is that you can:


  1. Enhance the appearance of your own hair
  2. Prevent the need to remove or cut existing hair
  3. Avoid wearing full coverage hairpieces
  4. Regain a full head of hair without surgery
  5. Easily maintain the unit with the occasional help of a skilled hair consultant

Since the system uses your own growing hair, hair integration systems have restored the confidence of many wearers. Wearers are relieved they do not need a full wig cannot believe the difference a hair integration has made to their overall appearance.


Hair integration systems are increasing in popularity and we are here and ready to assess your suitability for them. So, if you are interested in discussing hair integration and want to buy wholesale synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, please contact us today.

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