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Is It OK to Sleep In a Wig and How?

can you sleep with a wig


You can absolutely sleep with a wig on.

Use a silky pillowcase to minimize the frictions, secure your wig well on head before sleep and improve sleep quality is our suggestions to sleep well with it.

Over the past few weeks, many of our partners have got questions from their customers asking if it would be OK for them to sleep in a wig.

It is definitely not hard to imagine how relevant this question can be for hair wig wearers, especially those who have just started wearing hair systems.

Most hair wig wearers understandably prefer not to take off their wigs every night before they go to bed, let alone go through the hassle of spending their precious morning time putting them back on.

Hair wig, as a non-surgical hair loss solution that provides both men and women with complete coverage or partial coverage of the hair loss area on the head, is generally used on a daily basis.

So it matters significantly to the users whether they need to put too much time and effort into taking good care of their hair wigs. And sleeping with their wigs on would undoubtedly make their lives much easier.


So can we really sleep with a wig on a daily basis without any unwanted consequences?

Just as most people would hope to expect, the answer is yes.

Despite that, achieving that goal has proved to be not that effortless, and there are things for us to work on in order to make our hair wigs a good sleep company.

We mainly need to consider two things before sleeping with a wig on.

  • One is: would sleeping in a wig cause us any form of discomfort during our bedtime?
  • The other is: would sleeping in a wig cause any kind of damage to the wig itself?

Once we can be sure that these two situations will not happen, we will be able to go to bed with the wig on feeling wholly reassured.

Things to be Mindful of

Friction against the pillow

As many of us are not aware of, frictions against things like a pillow, especially those lasting frictions that get added up over time, can significantly shorten the lifespan of your wig by causing damage to both the hair and the wig base.

That also explains why we can see many hair strands left on the pillow when we wake up in the morning. Such hair shedding happens to owe to the frictions, and it gets added up day by day.

Besides, the hair of your hair wig is more vulnerable to such frictions than your natural hair. This is because our scalp constantly generates a natural oil called hair sebum that protects and provides nutrients for the hair. Without such nutrients, the hair is more prone to conditions like dryness, shedding, and breakage.

Aside from the hair, the base of your hair wig is also susceptible to frictions. This is especially true for those soft and delicate base materials, such as super thin skin and Swiss lace. In comparison, the Mono base and silk top base are more resistant to such frictions, given that they are stronger and more durable.


Do You Feel Comfortable Enough

For those hair wig wearers who have tried sleeping in a wig before, they probably have felt some sort of lack of comfort as opposed to sleeping without a wig on.

This is perfectly normal, especially when the wig is not secured very firmly to the head and you tend to move around a lot in your dreamland.

And sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you will find the wig is not appropriately placed like what it was like last night.

Based on our past experience, skin wig wearers and mono wig wearers reported a lower comfort level than lace wig wearers. This is primarily due to the lace base being much more breathable, allowing air to flow through the base, thus making the wearers feel cooler and less stuffy.

Actions to be Taken

After gaining general insight into how sleeping in a wig could take a toll on the hair wig and compromise on our sleep quality, it is time to look into what we could do exactly to lower such consequences to the most extensive degree.

Find the Right Pillowcase

In order to minimize the frictions of your hair wig against the pillow, it is vital for you to have a pillowcase that is silkier and less coarse.

Instead of going for regular pillowcases made from cotton and linen fabrics, why not consider getting a satin or silk pillow (or pillowcase, whichever is more convenient for you?

This seems like a trivial matter that many people would not bother with.

In spite of that, it can make a big difference in how much time your wig can be used in the long run.

As a result of a smoother surface, the frictions of your wig against the pillow will be significantly reduced, to the point that ends up with much less hair shedding and hair breakage, as well as less movement of your hair wig.


Firmly Secure Your Hair Wig

Always make sure your hair wig is firmly secured to your head before going to bed.

You are doing this to make your hair wig more of a part of you, just like your natural hair is.

By doing so, not only will your hair wig become less prone to frictions, you will feel a greater level of comfort at the same time. With that said, it is better to use tape that comes with a very strong hold when you put on your hair wig or hair system in the first place.

In case the tape is not needed to put on the wig, you can add a few more clips for a tighter hold.


Improve Your Sleeping Quality

You probably did not expect this, but having good sleeping quality plays a subtle part in whether you will get along with your hair wig at night.

By having a deep and sound sleep time, you will be less likely to feel the wig on your head, which in turn makes you feel more comfortable and less mindful of your wig. In addition to getting an excellent mattress, there is much more you can do to improve your sleep quality, such as trying to sleep in a dark and quiet room with the right temperature, cutting off the use of any electronic devices an hour before you go to bed, and taking a hot shower before going to sleep.


For those struggling with falling asleep and waking up easily at night, taking a moderate amount of melatonin has proved to do the trick. And it does not come with any side effects when used correctly.


Aside from everything mentioned above, getting the right hair wig products from the right supplier has proved to be no less critical. Nowadays, on the hair wig market, many wigs are designed in ways that allow you to sleep with, given how much people do not feel like putting on and taking off their wigs in such a frequent manner. Despite that, keeping the above recommendations in mind and sticking to them will undoubtedly be to the advantage of your well-being in numerous ways.

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