A Men’s Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

So you’ve got a premium hair system or toupee for your client? Time to attach it! You’ll need superior toupee tape or glue for a solid hold. Top-notch toupee tapes and adhesives are supposed to be harmless and hold the hair system effortlessly in all common life scenarios, and the hairpiece won’t go anywhere.

This post has listed some of the world’s best toupee tapes and glues for you to choose from. Read on, and you’ll know what to look for. Remember, men’s hair piece installation requires the best toupee tapes and glues.

Characteristics of the Best Tapes and Glues for Toupee

We most commonly attach toupees using tape or glue. Here are the attributes the best hair system tapes and glues share in common:

  • Provide strong and lasting hold.
  • Easy to clean and handle.
  • Causing little damage to their hair systems.
  • Make the hair systems appear natural-looking.
  • Comfortable to wear and won’t irritate the wearer’s skin.

A List of the 12 Best Toupee Tapes and Glues

Here are the 12 best toupee tapes and glues recommended by New Times Hair, considering their hold time, flexibility, effectiveness, etc., and based on their customer feedback.

No Shine Hair System Rolls- Walker Tape—Most Invisible Tape

As one of my all-time favorites, the Walker No Shine Hair System tape boasts a dull finish, making the hairpiece invisible. The wearer will rest assured with this hair system attached.

Besides, no-shine toupee tape rolls accommodate all skin types. The toupee tape roll is made from a harmless substance called urethane, making it easy to remove and clean the hair system.

The toupee tape roll has a width of 1.5″, perfect for full head coverage. Another thing that accounts for its vast popularity is its few limitations with all base materials.

Walker Tape Lace Front Support Tape Contour-Best Tape Contour for Front Hairline

This is another of the best toupee tapes that can stay firmly attached for a long time. Walker Lace Front Support Tape is favored for its dullness and firm hold. It goes well with all base types and is ideal for the skin base, as its dullness reduces the shine to make it invisible, which is why it is excellent for the front hairline section.

Depending on the temperature, humidity, and skin type, this hairpiece tape can last a few weeks before replacement. It even holds firmly on very oily skin without causing discomfort.

Another reason this hair piece tape is considered one of the best is its various shapes align with how people’s front hairlines appear. So users of differing front hairline shapes will find one that suits them best, from Shape A to C.

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Tape Contour- The Longest Hold Tape Contour

Just as its name suggests, the Ultra Hold Walker Tape holds so firmly, which is what most wearers want. It easily holds the hairpiece for over six weeks, typically outlasting all other toupee tapes.

With a very stretchy urethane carrier, it is very comfortable yet flexible, and the users will find it easy to handle. It is characterized by a “fingerprint” texture pattern to reduce the shine.

The actual tape is entirely clear, with a white liner. Like the Lace Front Support Tape Contours, many different contour shapes are available for users, making it one of the best toupee tapes for men worldwide.

Walker Tape Extenda-Bond Plus—Most Breathable Tape Strips

Substantial hold and breathability are what Walker Extenda Bond Plus is about. Wearers who live in tropical areas will love this toupee tape.

Numerous tiny holes throughout the toupee tape allow air to circulate, and no heat can hide underneath. Another reason is that the toupee tape is much thinner than other hair system tapes.

It is similar to the Ultra Hold Tape Contour in that they both feature a “fingerprint” textured pattern to lower the shine. The liner is blue and white, but the tape is clear, making it no less undetectable than the Ultra Hold Tape Contour.

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Roll-The Longest Hold Tape Roll

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Roll is another strong toupee tape under the Walker brand. Like the Ultra Hold Tape Contour, it can last over six weeks.

These toupee tapes are so versatile. You can use them on the front hairline, sides, and back, wherever you need a strong and consistent hold. These toupee tapes are very user-friendly, as they work well for sensitive skin types without causing any scalp irritation.

As a fully waterproof toupee tape, the wearers can engage in any water activity without worrying about limitations.

Walker Easy Green Tape Rolls -Safest for Delicate Hair System and Sensitive Skin

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price:$16.99 / Count

As the newest maximum toupee tape, the Easy Green Tape Rolls are also user-friendly because they are easy to work with.

Despite only two weeks’ hold, it is the dullest toupee tape that the Walker Tape brand offers. It won’t damage any delicate hair systems, such as ultrathin skin hair systems, and is very safe for wearers with sensitive skin.

Walker Easy Green toupee tape rolls are thinner than other toupee tapes under the Walker brand, making them a more natural-looking option. Walker Easy Green toupee tape rolls are similar to the Lace Front Support tape but have a stiffer carrier, making the toupee tape much easier to apply and remove. This toupee tape became enormously popular soon after being put on the market.

Supertape Adhesive Contours—Long Lasting and Super-Strong Option

A company by the name of True Tape introduced this toupee tape. The Supertape adhesive contour is also among the most popular options for extended wear bonds.

Supertape promises, “No meltdown, no goo.” The toupee tape hardly breaks down and is resistant to damage. The wearer can rest assured with an average of four weeks of hold time.

Formulated with a water-based adhesive, Supertape is friendly to sensitive skin, causing zero environmental harm.

The toupee tape is entirely transparent and undetectable, which the wearers greatly appreciate. Many different contour shapes are available for the wearer to choose from. The toupee tape is one of the best toupee tapes we’d recommend.

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Adhesive-Best Glue for Lace Wigs

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price: $31.12 ($9.15 / Fl Oz)

The Ultra Hold Adhesive for Lace Wigs and Toupees by Walker Tape is widely recognized as the best toupee glue for lace wigs.

Unlike toupee tapes, it is an acrylic adhesive with a hold time lasting up to four weeks. Ultra-Hold revolutionized the men’s hair system industry by creating an acrylic toupee adhesive that is better than the previously dominant silicone-based toupee adhesive.

The wearers can apply it to their hair systems before quickly spreading it to the scalp because the glue takes little time to dry. On the other hand, the toupee glue allows the user to easily remove the glue residue and clean up the base with little hassle.

Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive-Most User-Friendly Glue Adhesive

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price: $13.03 ($26.06 / Fl Oz)

As a flexible toupee glue option for men’s hair system attachment, the Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive is used for daily and extended wear. This is one of the attributes that make it better than toupee tape.

Unlike many toupee tapes, the hairpiece glue is in a small and compact vial, which is excellent to carry around if you need a touch-up or are in an emergency. The toupee glue is clear, strong, and can last over two weeks.

What is more? Its waterproof formula holds firm through showering, swimming, and challenging workouts, making it one of the most user-friendly glue adhesive options.

It is a particularly clear toupee glue for those seeking a soft bond lace wig adhesive that suits oily skin.

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold Extreme Creme-Most Undetectable Glue Adhesive

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price:$19.97 ($15.36 / Ounce)

As an ideal water-based, non-toxic lace toupee glue capable of a two- to three-week hold, the Bold Hold Extreme Creme is a primary lace adhesive by The Hair Diagram.

It contains no latex besides being odorless, humidity-resistant, and waterproof. The toupee glue is white fluid. But it’ll become an invisible layer as it dries up, making it one of the most undetectable toupee glues for hair system attachment.

This light bonding hair piece adhesive gives the wearer a superior hold without damaging the lace material. This toupee glue is designed to create a solid bond while ensuring that it is safe for the skin and will not cause any damage to the scalp.

Vapon No Tape Liquid Adhesive-Most Durable Liquid Adhesive

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price: $26.63 ($26.63 / Ounce)

Vapon No Tape Liquid Adhesive is the toupee glue to go for if holding time is essential to you, as the adhesive can keep for up to six weeks.

And it will not release from things such as water, heat, and perspiration.

Plus, it can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full-head bonding. And it takes very little time to dry and appear invisible before wearers can attach hair systems.

This men’s hair system glue adhesive is particularly popular in hot and humid areas, given how well it fights against heat and humidity.

Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive-Safest Liquid Adhesive

A Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and GluesA Men's Toupee or Hairpiece Calls for the Best 12 Types of Toupee Tapes and Glues

Price: $17.25 ($13.27 / Ounce)

Ghost Bond XL hair system glue is ideal for sensitive skin types as its formula contains no nasty chemicals, latex, or toxic ingredients.

Besides, it is specially formulated for those with oily skin and scalps, heavy perspiration, and those living in places with high moisture and humidity.

It is safe for poly and lace hair replacement systems and achieves an invisible bond after application.

This invisible bonding can hide your hairline and present a realistic appearance for both men and women.

Ghost Bond is a water-based toupee glue that provides 4-5 weeks of hold time.

Hair System Tape vs. Glue: Which One Should You Go for?

The above all are the best toupee tape and glue that we recommend in the market.

The above are the best toupee tapes and glues we recommend. What’s more? It would be better to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of toupee tapes and adhesives, as it will help you figure out the best option to cater to your client’s needs and situations to have the most pleasant hair system-wearing experience.

Thus, we also list the pros and cons of toupee tape and glue to help you better understand them and make the best choice.

Hair System Tape Pros and Cons

Toupee tape goes better with permeable net materials like lace and mono.


  • No need to wait to dry.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Less damaging the base of the toupee.
  • Toupee tape requires fewer chemicals, which works better for sensitive skin.


  • Less potent than glue.
  • Not as flexible as glue, may have space left on the base.
  • With 8-10 mils thickness, it appears less natural than glue, especially when it is used on the front hairline.

Hair System Glue Pros and Cons.

Toupee glue is more of an ideal option for the poly base since the hair would be kept entirely away.


  • Toupee glue is more robust and offers a more secure bond than toupee tape.
  • Liquid, more natural, and undetectable, compared to toupee tape.
  • More flexible, with no air or space left under the hair system base, preventing water from seeping in when engaging in water activities.


  • Toupee glue may cause irritation to sensitive skin compared to toupee tape.
  • It takes more time to clean than toupee tape.
  • It can seep through the base and cause damage to the natural hair.

Ideally, use toupee adhesive on the most noticeable parts of your hair system, such as the front hairline, making it undetectable.


The 12 products listed above are the best toupee tapes and glues that have won the hearts of countless hairpiece wearers worldwide! I hope this guide will help you make a better choice, and if you have any questions about choosing and using hair systems or supplies, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@newtimeshair.com for help!

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