The Best Hair Toppers for Women’s Thinning Hair

Have you been experiencing hair thinning on the top of your head? Don’t let yourself lose stress over it. Wear a hair topper instead. Take a look at how the best hair toppers help cover up your thinning hair.

Hair toppers go by many names including wiglets, hairpieces and hair enhancers. Each one has a different method of attaching to your existing hair to cover areas of hair loss of an authentic hairline.

The Best Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Hair

Hair toppers for women may be used to solve a variety of women’s hair loss issues. They may be used to supplement hair in just the crown area, adding volume to the top of the head while maximizing the use of existing hair. This is a particularly good solution for women suffering from diffuse androgenetic alopecia. They may also be a perfect solution for women with thinning hair across their hairline or anterior mid-scalp hair loss.

We have several varieties of hair toppers to meet the needs of different customers. They are all made with high-quality Chinese or Mongolian Remy hair and come in different colors and different hair lengths, different base designs and different base sizes. To help you understand the base design better, the below base topper is used for creating a natural parting line and the circular base is used for the crown.

1. PE line base

The hair topper with PE line is a non-surgical procedure that involves blending your existing hair with real hair that is attached to a custom-made unit. It provides an alternative to surgical methods, as well as a more natural look than traditional wigs and hairpieces.

The Best Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Hair

The base is made of single PE line with a PU front and flower net all around with 4 sewn-on clips. Single PE line is very thin and creates an invisible appearance. With a PE line base, clients can simply pull their natural hair through the holes of the piece. Clips around the edge mean the piece can be firmly attached to the hair of the clients. It is cleverly and discreetly secured to your head. Your own natural hair is then blended with the unit to create a full head of great looking hair.

A patch of PU at the front and top will allow the clients to have a natural parting line. We also add under hair along the front edge to mask the appearance of the base. Flower net makes it possible to pull your clients’ hair through the holes and then braid the hair to ensure it stays attached to the integration hair pieces.

Clients will notice that their hair will mix well with that of the hair integration system and that wearing an integration system will increase the volume of their hair to give themselves a better look. Hair integration systems are, therefore, not for people who have lost much hair but are an ideal choice for people with thinning hair.

2. Silk Top Hair Topper

Silk tops are made of at least two layers of nets. Therefore, they cannot exist separately for a wig base. They are usually combined with other materials such as PU or ribbon to seal the edge. We also add clips around the sides so wearers can apply them without glue or tape.

The Best Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Hair

The base is a silk top with PU and folded lace front and mono, with ribbon on the back and sides. Mono is durable and PU and folded lace front and ribbon on the back and sides offer more durability to the base. And PU is very convenient to attach, remove tape or glue.

Silk Top is regarded as one of the most natural ventilation methods on the market since there are no knots left on the base. It creates an extremely realistic parting line and crown. Under hair is also used at the front edge to make the base hard to detect. They create the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. We use top-quality Mongolian Remy hair on this wig topper. The hair is smooth, shiny, has no tangles and also lays well. It has a better texture and a longer lifespan since it does not go through much treatment.

3. Monofilament Base

The base design is fine mono with an 1/8” folded lace front and two strips of 1/4” NPU all around. Four clips are also attached on the edge to make it easier to wear and handle.

The Best Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Hair

Two strips of NPU all around and a folded lace front make for a better shape and added durability. Fine mono is one of the most durable base materials in the market and with a PU coated, they create a particularly strong base.

We use Mongolian Remy human hair for this hair topper. It doesn’t need much processing, so the hair texture is better and can last for a long time. We also make under hair at the front and back edges to make the base difficult to detect.

4. PU with Ribbon

The base is PU with 1/4” ribbon on the sides and back. Three clips are also attached around the edge to make the topper easy to apply.

The Best Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Hair

PU is one of the most durable base materials and it’s easy to clean. Ribbon around the sides back gives extra-durability to the base. So this base is strong enough to last a long time.

Normally we use under hair at the front edge which makes the base well hidden. And the hair type is Mongolian Remy human hair. Without much processing, it stays natural and can last long.

The beauty of hair toppers is that you can:

  1. Enhance the appearance of your own hair
  2. Prevent the need to remove or cut existing hair
  3. Avoid wearing full coverage hairpieces
  4. Regain a full head of hair without surgery
  5. Easily maintain the unit with the occasional help of a skilled hair consultant

Since the system uses your own growing hair, hair toppers have restored the confidence of many wearers. Wearers are relieved they do not need a full wig and cannot believe the difference a hair integration has made to their overall appearance. So please choose the suitable hair toppers from Newtimes Hair.

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