Underventilated Hair of Hair Replacement Systems

Many customers want to know what underventilated hair is. Allow us to explain. Underventilated hair is hair that is ventilated to the bottom edge of a hair system, hence its name. Normally, hair is ventilated to the top side, so why is hair sometimes knotted to the underside? Underventilated hair can make a hair replacement system look undetectable because it covers the front edge and hides the base material. 


Which kind of wig bases use underventilated hair?

Underventilated hair is mainly used on thick-edged bases such as fine mono bases with poly around the edge, bases with folded net along the front hairline, hairpieces with ribbon around the edge as well as silk tops with poly coating. When these kinds of hair replacements are worn they may not look as natural as others. So, in order to make the front hairline appear natural and make it undetectable to others, we usually knot underventilated hair to cover the edge. The photo below will help you understand better.


Which kind of bases cannot have underventilated hair?

Underventilated hair cannot be used on lace front hair systems and ultra-thin skin base hair systems because these bases are already very natural along the front hairline so there is no need to hide the edge. You can see how natural lace front and thin skin front hairlines are in the photos below. Underventilating hair here would actually make the front unnatural.


Baby hair

When we talk about underventilated hair we also need to know about baby hair. Baby hair is short hair. There are two types of baby hair. The first type is very short and curly and is used for wholesale men’s hair systems. It measures approximately 1/4 inch (4mm-6mm) in length. If baby hair is used on fine mono bases with poly around the edge, the baby hair is the same as underventilated hair but it is small, curly and about 4mm-6mm. It is used to cover the edge too.

If baby hair is used on French lace hair systems or thin skin hair systems, it cannot be knotted to the underside of the base: it must be knotted to the hair side. In this instance, baby hair is just like normal hair but it is very short in comparison to the rest of the hair. This kind of baby hair is typically used for wholesale women’s wigs and you can see it in the photo below. When your clients ask for baby hair you should confirm if they actually want short, curly hair (4mm-6mm in length) because when many female clients say baby hair, they really mean normal straight hair but about 4 inches in length.


We hope this blog has explained underventilated hair and that you now have a better understanding of baby hair. If you have any inquiries about under hair, please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help you.

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