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Knowing the features of each base material is important for your hair replacement system business, if you have a clear understanding of it, then you will know how to order a suitable base for your customer no matter what kind of customer you meet.

At Newtimes hair, we have a lot of types of base materials including lace, mono, mono lace, poly(skin), silicone skin, silk lace, PE line, etc. Not only that, but each type of material also has many different materials. Generally speaking, base material and base design are big topics, it is hard to explain all of them in one article, so today’s article will focus on one of the most popular base material- lace hair system, we will talk about the characteristic of several different lace materials, and which lace wig is suitable to your client.

Lace hair systems have become more and more the favorite choice for hair loss people. However, are you sure that you really know about “Lace “? What is a lace hair system? Compared with other base materials, lace is very delicate, soft and invisible for human hair wig. A lace hair system always has a natural appearance, when a customer wears a lace hair system, we can still see the scalp skin behind the lace net, lace net is very invisible, people cannot see it even from a close distance. In addition, due to its holes, it will have a very breathable and comfortable experience even wearing in a hot climate.

New Times Hair has many lace materials, such as French lace, Swiss lace, German net, Korean lace, fine welded lace, super fine welded lace, and so on.

French lace vs Swiss lace


French lace and Swiss lace are the most commonly used lace materials in the market, they are very similar, both two materials have many hexagonal holes, like a mosquito net, the texture is soft and thin. Therefore, a hair replacement system with a French lace base or Swiss lace base will have a realistic appearance. The only difference between French lace and Swiss lace is that our Swiss lace is super fine Swiss lace, it’s thinner and softer, which means Swiss lace hair system has a more natural-looking but shorter lifespan than French lace hair system.

German net


German net is a traditional lace material, its holes are a little bit bigger than French lace, and the texture is harder and thicker than French lace. Maybe its effect is not as invisible as French lace, however, some clients choose it because of its durability, also it can withstand a heavy hair density. Besides, compared with fine mono, the German net is more natural, with the bigger holes, the hair knots on the German net can be bleached, so it will further increase the natural effect.

0.11 super fine welded lace


0.11 super fine welded lace is a kind of special material between lace and mono, we called mono lace. Super fine welded lace also has lots of holes but it is square shaped, so we can distinguish lace and mono lace through this feature. There are many other mono lace materials coming with different sizes of holes in New Times Hair, like 0.12 fine welded mono, 0.15 welded mono. Mono lace is harder and thicker than the lace we mentioned above. Some clients who pursuit a long lifetime prefer it due to its durability.


In order to make a hair system more realistic, we usually do single split knots on the front area to create a natural hairline, double split knots on the rest area to avoid shedding and prolong the hair system's lifetime if clients have no special requirement. In addition, the hair knots on all the lace materials can be bleached, that way the hair roots will be really invisible just like real hair growing from the scalp. Besides with mature bleaching technology, we can guarantee a well-bleached effect with an enough lifetime at the same time.


 Features of different lace materials 

  • Material:French lace
    Feature: Thin and soft, natural, invisible, breathable
    Lifespan: About 3 months
    Max density: Medium (120%)
  • Material:Swiss lace
    Feature: Super thin and soft, breathable, the most invisible and realistic
    Lifespan: Within 1 month
    Max density: Medium-light (100%))
  • Material:German net
    Feature: Durable, breathable, relatively natural
    Lifespan: Over 6 months
    Max density: Heavy to Extra Heavy(170%)
  • Material:0.11 super fine welded lace
    Feature: Thicker, very durable, breathable
    Lifespan: Over 6 months and with good care even over a year
    Max density: Medium-light to Medium( 110%)


At Newtimes hair, we have several common designs of lace base, such as full lace base, lace with poly around, lace with PU back and sides and so on. Each design has its intention. For example, full lace hair system can give the customer not only a natural appearance but also a breathable experience, lace with poly around can make the base easier to attach to the customer’s head and clean the tapes.

Besides, lace is often used on the front area of a base, which we called lace front hair replacement systems. The lace front is an ingenious design for customers who pursuit a longer lifespan but still want a natural appearance. With a front lace, the hair system will have a natural front hairline, then connect with another more durable material like poly, mono, NPU. We all know that the front area is usually the easiest to shed, so after using it for a period of time, the front lace may get broken or hair may fall off, customers can just ask for a repair service to change a new front lace, then they can continue to use the hair system.

In order to increase the durability, some clients will ask double layers of lace base. For a double layer lace hair system, our workers will ventilate hair through both two layers of lace, in this way the two layers of lace will stay together which makes the base shape even and flat. In addition, the double-layer lace base will face a problem of edge sealing. as we mentioned above, the edge of lace material is prone to break. At new times hair, we have two methods to solve this question, one is making a folded net, another way is connecting with poly, such as you can choose folded lace all around, or poly all around, or folded lace front and poly sides and back according to your customers’ needs. Also if your customers want a natural front hairline, we can keep a single layer lace front as well, and keep the double layer lace only on the other areas.

One question that has always dogged our clients is the relationship between natural effect and durability. Do clients always ask which lace wig is the best? You can't have your cake and eat it. Generally speaking, the thinner, more natural and invisible the hair replacement system is, the shorter the lifespan is. What base material you should choose depends on your customer’s demand, if your customers pursuit a longer lifespan hair replacement system, then we recommend mono lace base or German net base, if they prefer more comfortable and invisible lace hair systems, we recommend French lace system or Swiss lace system. We should realize that a natural and realistic effect is gradually becoming a popular trend of hair system all over the world.

New times hair is a professional hair replacement system manufacturer and wholesaler with over ten years experience, we can produce any product according to your customers’ requirement, not only the base, but also the ventilation method, hair type, color, length, wave, hair direction, all the details can be customized to meet your customers’ needs. We hope this article can bring you some useful information, for more questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].



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