How to Attach a Toupee to Your Customer’s Head

Many hair toupee wearers are not familiar with how to actually attach a toupee to their head. That’s why they usually seek help from hair toupee wholesalers, retailers, salon technicians, etc. This blog will explain how to attach a toupee wig to a customer’s head and how to maintain one in order to offer your customers a better service.

There are different methods to attach a hair system. First, you can use double-sided tape with glue to attach a toupee like the video shows. This provides extra security for the hair unit.

How to Attach a Toupee Wig

But how to use toupee tape and glue? The following steps below will be of help to you.

Step 1: Take the tape and cut it with scissors into thinner, shorter pieces to the size and shape that suits your customer. If necessary, you can use a scalp protector before applying tape to prevent the tape pulling out your customer’s own hair. After positioning the tape, press down on the tape 3 or 4 times.

Step 2: Choose where you want the toupee to be and make marks on the head.

Step 3: Use rubbing alcohol to clean the toupee and your customer’s head. It is very important to clean off dirt and scalp oil before taping.

Step 4: Once the head is dry, apply the glue evenly on your customer’s scalp to give the toupee a better hold.

Step 5: When the double-sided tape is completely flat, pull off the back from one side to the other.

Step 6: Position the hair toupee, slowly apply it to the scalp from the front of the head to the back. Make sure you do not tape down your customer’s baby hair during this process. Continue to apply pressure to ensure the toupee is completely secure to the head.

Step 7: Style the hair as your customer pleases

Three Different Ways to Use Tape and Glue

If you need tape to attach a toupee wig, we have many kinds of tape in stock available for immediate shipment as below.


If you need a very durable type of tape, you can try ultra-hold tape or super tape. Easy green tape is more suitable for lace bases. No-shine tape is, as the name suggests, less shiny or visible when it is attached to the base. You can choose a kind of tape that is most suitable for your customers according to their actual needs.

The second way is to use wig tape only. If you take the hair unit off every day and want to make it last longer, you should use tape. The tape will not hurt the wig base much as glue does.

Thirdly, if you want to wear the hairpiece for a long time without taking it off, you should choose glue

Skin base hair toupees can be easily attached with glue because skin bases are easier to clean than lace bases. Glue can hold a toupee more firmly compared with tape. However, we do not sell glue because it is prohibited to ship it by plane.

How to Remove Tape and Glue

Now that you know how to attach a hair toupee with tape and glue, let’s discuss how to take it off.

We highly recommend using Rapid Release for soaking the units but this product should not be used for skin bases.

If you need something to soak the unit that can be applied to skin, we would recommend C22 or Action Release for numbers No-shine bonding tape, Ultra hold tap, and Ultra-hold glue.

For tape with lace bases, you can use Lace Release to remove the hair systems while leaving the tape on the head, and then use the C22 to remove the tape from the scalp.


Next, if your customers still have their own hair, we can sew combs or clips on a hairpiece, so the customer can fix it on his or her own hair without having to use tape or glue.

Combs are usually added to the base of women’s full cap wigs. We rarely see combs on men’s toupees because compared with clips; combs can’t hold short hair firmly. Clips can be added to both men’s toupees and women’s wigs. We can supply small, medium, and large-sized clips, and they can be in a flesh, brown or black color. If a toupee has clips, your customer can easily wear or remove the toupee at any time compared with attaching with tape or glue.

Please remember to remind your customers to pay special attention to cleaning the tape or glue thoroughly each time when they wash their hairpieces. This is very important.

If the tape or glue is mixed with the hair roots for a long time, the hair will gradually become damaged. So, when you pull the hair, it may break the hair roots. When the holes of a base are very small, such as a fine mono base, customers must fully clean the shampoo or hair conditioner, glue, etc. from the base otherwise it will result in hair loss in the fine mono area. In this case, we usually suggest the customers use a spray-on hair conditioner. Spray-on conditioner is easier to clean compared with a traditional liquid hair conditioner.

Glueless Wig

What if your customers are allergic to tape or glue? What if they don’t want to use tape or glue? No problem! We can do glueless wigs for them.

Glueless wigs usually have an elastic net in the crown area, so it will make it easier for your customers to put on or take off their wigs, and they will feel very comfortable. In addition, an adjustable band is added to the back and sides which will make the wig size perfectly fit your customer’s head. What’s more, to prevent these wigs from slipping down, we often add anti-slip silicone PU to the front, temples, crown or the perimeter so your customers will not need to use tape or glue for attachment.

A medical wig is a type of glueless wig. A medical wig is one of the most suitable types of wig for customers who suffer from cancer or who have completely lost their own hair.

The bases of medical wigs are of the highest quality. We usually use super-soft net or silk top for the base design at the top. A silk top does not have any knots at all so it will look just like the hair growing from your customer’s own scalp. We also use natural and breathable French lace in the front so the front hairline will be invisible and realistic. For further comfort, elastic net is usually used on the crown and at the back with elastic bands on the edges. This means the wig will fit different shapes of heads whilst also providing a high degree of comfort. Anti-slip silicone PU on the temples and front helps prevent the wig from moving. There may also be metal stays on the temples to help hold the wig more firmly.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, knowing how to attach a toupee wig for your customer is a must for your hair business and a must if you want to improve the level of service you offer. To attach a hair replacement system, you can use tape, glue, combs, clips or order a glueless base design. Besides, you should also know how to maintain them in order to extend the lifespan of your customer’s hair systems.

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