Best Human Hair Toppers for Women’s Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Female pattern hair loss, or alopecia, can be emotionally draining. You become self-conscious and insecure as you wake up to find hair on your pillow, and when you shower each time, your hair blocks the drain. You get less confident about going out. You feel people’s eyes are on you all the time.

For a practical solution, we recommend hair toppers for women. In this post, we will explain why hair toppers are the best choice for women with hair loss or alopecia and how to choose the best women’s hair toppers for a thinning crown.

What Is a Hair Topper?

Hair toppers are also known as top pieces or half wigs. They cover the crown of our heads. They are highly helpful when the wearer’s natural hair begins to thin out at the crown. However, hair toppers typically differ in size. The coverage may vary depending on how big the hair loss-affected area on the scalp is. If the crown loses a massive amount of hair, the wearer may need a big hair topper.

As their name suggests, hair toppers for women complement their remaining natural hair. They cover only the top of the head and blend with the natural hair around the head. So if the wearer’s natural hair color is brown and the texture is straight, she will need a hair topper similar to that to fit nicely.

Hair Toppers Before and After

Are you feeling terrified? How would I look? Are hair toppers easy to attach? Could others tell I’m wearing a hair topper?

We know these questions will bother you if you or your clients have yet to handle or try on a hair topper. Watch and finish watching the half-minute video below. You will be amazed at how easily one of the best hair toppers has transformed a half-bald grandma into a dame..

Here are some more images of hair toppers before and after. Then you will understand why hair toppers are a bankable item to keep in your warehouse or closet.

Hair Topper Before&After

How to Find the Best Hair Toppers for Women?

To get the best women’s hair toppers, we must first define “best.” Here are some factors to consider as we search for our best women’s hair toppers. And the best hair topper varies from woman to woman.

Hair Quality

Most hair wigs, toupees, toppers out there on the market are made of synthetic hair and human hair. Human hair toppers look more natural than synthetic ones. The hair looks more realistic when mixed with the wearer’s natural hair. Synthetic hair, however, apart from its shorter lifespan, has a glare that’s hard to get rid of, and many people can tell the wearer is wearing a wig or topper because of that.


Virgin hair is a type of Remy hair. The only difference is that virgin hair is usually from a single donor, whereas Remy hair is not always. Virgin human hair toppers are even more durable than Remy human hair ones. They can endure much heavier hairstyling procedures. With proper care, Remy or virgin human hair toppers can last over a year or longer.

At New Times Hair, we only make the best women’s human hair toppers. When you buy just one hair topper, a human hair topper may cost more than a synthetic one. But most human hair toppers for women at New Times Hair are made of 100% Remy human hair with intact cuticles. Hair toppers made from this hair will never tangle or mat, lasting 3–4 times as long as a synthetic hair topper.

Hair Topper Base

Another thing to consider is the topper’s base material. Here are the most common base materials for hair toppers.

Polyurethane skin bases: polyurethane skin (or PU) bases are the most adhesive bases. Hair goes in and out of the upper side of the base in a v-loop, so the hair roots are knotless, creating the illusion that the hair is growing out of a person’s natural scalp.

Lace bases: Lace or French bases look natural and breathable. They blend in with the wearer’s natural scalp and make the most natural-looking hairlines and parts. For their excellent breathability, they are ideally used in tropical areas.

Swiss lace bases: Swiss lace is an upgraded version of French lace. They cost a little more for their increased comfort and softness.

Read more: French Lace vs. Swiss Lace

Monofilament bases: monofilament bases, or mono bases, are the most durable, but we usually make monofilament bases with a PU perimeter to strengthen the edges.

Mono top (silk mono) and silk top bases: whenever ‘silk’ is mentioned, that means we are dealing with a double-layered base. Silk top is a delicate material that creates the best base surface. Though takes a little longer to make and costs a little more, the hair gets tied to the lower layer and goes out of the silk top layer, just like the wearer’s natural hair and scalp in every way.

Silk top bases: whenever ‘silk top’ is mentioned, that means we are dealing with a double-layered base. Silk top is a delicate material that creates the best base surface. Though takes a little longer to make and costs a little more, the hair gets tied to the lower layer and goes out of the silk top layer, just like the wearer’s natural hair and scalp in every way.

Integrated hair toppers: integrated hair toppers are also known as mesh hair toppers or hair integrations systems. They are braided or PE-lined meshes first installed to the wearer’s remaining natural hair around the head. We then thread the wearer’s natural hair through the meshes to blend with the hair of the topper to deliver the most authentic look.

The most commonly used base materials at New Times Hair are lace, PU skin, and monofilament. We can use one or combine any of these materials to make one of the best hair toppers for thinning crowns. Their prices, however, differ depending on the purpose of the hairpiece.

Base Sizes

As aforementioned, the best hair toppers are defined differently from woman to woman. We should choose the hair topper base of the correct size or customize it to fit the size and shape of the baldness or a thinning crown.


Hair Color

Make sure you choose a hair topper that matches the exact color of your or your client’s natural hair.

Most hair distributors or vendors use scalp color rings to find the right color to match the scalp color and hair color rings to find the right color to match the wearer’s hair color. All hair or skin colors with tiny differences in tone or tint are recorded in the rings; indeed, one will be a perfect match.

As one of the world’s leading hair manufacturers and distributors, New Times Hair has the most hair colors available. From black to bright blonde, New Times Hair has them all.

Let the video explain more of it.

Hair Length

Surely you want the hair to be your desired length. New Times Hair has the most hair lengths available for you or your clients to pick. Before you purchase, check what lengths are available on the product page. If you have a client paying a visit to your salon, measure for them.

Watch and finish watching the short below. It shows hairstylists’ common mistakes when measuring hair topper or wig lengths.

Hair Density

Like hair colors, hair density is essential to your or your client’s best hair topper. Surely you want hair with the same density as your or your client’s natural hair to get the perfect result.

You can refer to the globally used hair density chart to find the hair topper with the matching density.

Overall, 130% is the density that matches the most women.

Best Hair Toppers for Thinning Crowns at New Times Hair

Now let’s see some quality hair toppers for thinning crowns at New Times Hair. That will give you some perfect examples.

Inseuw Women’s Hair Topper

Base MaterialInjected thin skin 0.08mm
Base Size8″x10″
Front ContourCC
Hair TypeEuropean hair
Hair Length6″, 8″, 10″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair DensityMedium
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)#2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #20
Hair DirectionFreestyle
Lifespan2-3 months

Do you want to swim, dive, or even go skydiving in your favorite hair topper? Our Inseuw women’s hair topper is a perfect choice to do that. Inseuw is one of the bonded hair toppers, also known as permanent hair toppers.

More than a hairpiece for thinning hair, the 100% injected European virgin human hair is in the perfect shape of a v-loop, which makes the hair roots knotless. The rarest and most delicate European hair goes well with the natural hair of European wearers.

The hair has never been processed, ideally for multiple styling purposes. It has a hair density of 130%, which is medium and suitable for most women.

The skin base is 0.08 mm ultra-thin poly skin, which is transparent, melts into the scalp seamlessly, and keeps the scalp nice and cool.

Best Human Hair Toppers for Women's Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Use harmless and chemical-free American adhesive or tape to attach the hairpiece. Once on, the wearer can go swimming or skydiving, and the hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.

ANN with a Lace Base and Silk Top

Base TypeSilk top
Base Size14cm×16cm, 13cm×15cm
Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length25cm, 30cm
Hair Color (NLH COLOR RING)Natural Black
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

One of our best lace base crown toppers for thinning hair is ANN. The base is professionally made with a double-lace base that lets air in; the wearer can enjoy the cool of the day in hot summer; it is ideally worn in tropical areas.


More than a hair topper for thinning crowns, on top of the realistic-looking lace base, there is a silk top covering exactly the crown of the head. 100% Remy human hair is tied to the lace base in double-split knots, meaning it will never come off. The silk top looks and feels like the wearer’s natural scalp, making it absolutely undetectable.

Instead of using tape or glue, it has three pressure-sensitive clips to get attached to the wearer’s natural hair. The wearer can attach or remove it any time they want. They can take it off before bed and put it on the next morning, as easy as that.

Monot-RH Mono Base Hair Topper

Base TypeMono
Base Size5″×6.5″
Hair TypeVirgin hair
Hair Length12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, #1B, #2, #4, #4P27, #8, #10, #22, #613, #LV8, #30RT, #60RT, #3/4, #3-10, #4-22, #9-60, #6-8-613
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
DensityMedium-light to medium

Monot-RH is perfect if you or your client are looking for a robust and durable hair topper for thinning crowns.

Like French lace, we tie the hair to the base in double or double-split knots so the hair never comes off.

Mono bases are the most durable on the planet. With proper care, this mono hair topper can last over a year.

12″ -20″ long, medium density, we have them all. With the help of clips, the wearer can attach or remove it anytime; preferably, remove it before bed and attach it again the following day.


SP5*6.5 with a Silk Top

Base TypeSilk top
Base Size5″×6.5″
Hair TypeIndian hair, Virgin hair
Hair Length12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair Color (NSL COLOR RING)#1B, #2, #4, #60, #4P27
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

SP5*6.5 is a hair topper with a silk top. However, this one has a PU base underneath that, so the 100% virgin human hair can get injected into the base’s bottom layer in a v-loop and comes out through the silk top layer knotless.

It has five strategically positioned clips. The wearer can attach and remove it daily. The hair has a medium density and is available in five colors, from black to blonde; hair lengths are from 12″ to 20″, surely one will suit.


IN6*6 Stock Silk Mono Hair Topper

Base TypeSkin, Mono
Base Size6″x6″
Hair TypeChinese Remy hair
Hair Length16″, 18″, 20″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)NATURAL BLACK, #4, #22, #613, #1740T, #2020T

Never let your clients or yourself compromise on quality. The IN6*6 Stock Silk Mono Hair Topper is made with the perfect curls for those ready to shine. It is more than a hair topper for thinning crowns.

Again, 100% virgin hair makes it outlast its counterparts; the most durable hair sourced to endure heavy styling tasks.

The silk top and the first two rows of the hair are stitched to the underside of the base, creating an ultra-natural hairline.


A super-thin skin base coupled with a diamond-shaped lace patch comfort the scalp to the max and makes it twice durable.

Multiple colors and lengths are available. Again, the clips are strategically attached around the weft, giving a solid hold. The wearer can wear or remove it at will.

FM6*7 Mono Hair Topper

Base TypeMono top, Wefted
Base Size6″×7″
Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length14″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NHN COLOR RING)Natural Black, #4, #CAFE, #8R120, #613

FM6*7 is another mono-base hair topper for women with thinning crowns. The base is in fine mono, making it even more breathable than other mono bases. The base has a weft that wraps around part of the back of the head and pressure-sensitive clips in the right places to keep it in place.

Best Human Hair Toppers for Women's Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

STWL8*8 Silk Top Hair Topper for Women

Base TypeSilk top, Lace front, Wefted
Base Size8″×8″
Hair TypeVirgin hair
Hair Length16″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NHJ COLOR RING)Natural Black, #2, #4, #613, #6-8R, #T4-8-60, #T24-613

STWL8*8 silk top hair toppers for women present a full-head-of-hair image, undetectable; it is ideal for women with hair loss at the crown. The silk top base illuminates that the hair is growing out of the wearer’s scalp.


All units have a unified length of 16″, a density of 130%, and medium, and they are available in seven colors.

100% Virgin Remy hair can be freely styled or dyed. Again, it has a weft around the back that strengthens the base. Five pressure-sensitive clips hold the hair firmly. The wearer can attach and remove it daily.

NSL-PE Mesh Hair Integration Systems

Base Material4×4mm and 1×1cm PE lines, Mono top 9×13cm and PE lines 1×1cm, Silk top parting 5×11cm and PE lines 7×7mm
Base Size6″x6″
Hair TypeRemy hair
Hair Length12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″
Hair Color (NSL COLOR RING)Natural Black, #2, #4, #6, #8, #613
Curl & WaveNatural Straight

NSL-PE Mesh Hair Integration Systems are designed to seal the women’s thinning crown conveniently. You need to shave no part of the head to attach it.

We worked out three mesh designs to cover the most common female hair loss situations based on the study of various women with hair loss issues.


The first base has smaller holes for the front half of the scalp and smaller holes for the other half. That’s for women with more severe hair loss from the forehead to the crown area and slight hair loss from the crown further back. Hair can be pulled through easily through the ideally designed holes and mixed comfortably and naturally to give a full head of lush hair.

The second base is a mixture of a mono-silk top front and meshes at the back. If the wearer barely has any hair at the front, then this base is a perfect fit for her.

The third base is ideally designed for women developing a wide part from the middle of the front hairline to the top of the crown, and their natural hair can be pulled through the meshes around the back and sides for a good mix.

We used 100% Remy human hair, available in six colors and five lengths. Indeed you can find your most suitable unit here.

STF Hair Integration System

Base TypeSilk top
Base Size6″x6″
Hair TypeVirgin hair
Hair Length16″
Curl & WaveNatural Straight
Hair Color (NHJ COLOR RING)Natural Black, #2, #4, #6, #8, #613

STF Hair Integration system is ideally designed for women starting to develop wider parts on the top of the head. Again, a silk top is used to cover from the middle of the front hairline to the top of the crown, covering precisely the part and giving the most realistic part and hairline.


Again, 100% unprocessed, virgin Remy hair is used to endure robust hairstyling tasks. The PE mesh allows the hair to mix perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair neatly and professionally. The hair is 16″ long, available in six colors, and ideal for salon owners, qualified hairstylists, and cosmetology schools.

Why Hair Toppers and Not Hair Transplants or Other Medications?

Unlike men, female pattern hair loss is more subtle and develops more slowly. Their hair typically starts to thin at the crown of the head, not the hairline. Women eventually notice a wider part or a more exposed scalp.

The good news is that women rarely become bald. Most women only need hair toppers to cover their thinning crowns.

Most Women’s Hair Loss Is Temporary

Most women lose their hair due to stress, pregnancy, hormonal changes, chemotherapy, and other things, and their hair loss is temporary. While waiting for their hair to grow back, hair toppers are the best way for them to get a full head of thick, smooth hair without harming their scalp.

Hair Transplants Don’t Work for All

Hair transplants are not for everyone, especially women. Less than half of the balding population (including men) has hair that’s fit for transplants.

Even if someone has had a successful hair transplant, no doctor worldwide can promise that the hair will stay where it is. Many hair transplant recipients lose hair again in five to ten years.

Alopecia areata happens when a person’s immune system gets so hyperactive that it attacks her hair follicles, and the person starts to get bald patches anywhere on the head and body. New patches could develop anywhere across the scalp if that were the case. Also, the younger the patient, the more likely new patches will develop.

How About Medications?

Doctors often prescribe minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) to help hair grow. However, with both medications, it takes months, if not a year, to see the result. For many, they don’t work at all.

With alopecia areata, doctors typically prescribe corticosteroids. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) studied 32 patients with severe alopecia areata. Many had some regrowth after taking corticosteroids for six weeks. But severe side effects did occur, such as swelling legs, high blood pressure, mood swings, etc., and they had to stop.

Hair Toppers Presents Immediate Results

Whatever the root cause of your hair loss, a full head of healthy-looking hair transforms your confidence, boosts your self-esteem, and makes you feel proud again.

As mentioned above, most women’s hair loss is temporary, and the thinning of hair mostly starts at the crown. Hence, dermatologists frequently recommend hair toppers as the ultimate solution for female pattern hair loss.


Women don’t get bald as easily as men do. Most women’s hair loss is temporary due to pregnancy, chemotherapy, hormonal changes, etc. With most women, hair loss starts at the crown of the head. Hence, hair toppers for women are the best solution to cover their thinning crowns. Unlike a full-head wig, hair toppers for women can blend more easily with their natural hair and cater to more hairstyles.

Whether you are a hair distributor or a wearer, we are confident that you have found an ideal hair topper for thinning crowns because New Times Hair has something for everyone. Click here to view the world’s best human hair toppers fully.

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