How to Define the Best Hair System Supplier: A Salon Owner’s Review

Finding the best hair system manufacturer or supplier on the Internet is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack.

As you read through the best hair system reviews or the best hair vendor list, you may notice that the descriptions of the hair manufacturing companies or vendors are too brief and cover only some fundamental aspects of a hair system company.

You may want to see something more specific that can give you significant visual and audio impacts before you trust the vendor. Don’t you?

How about we combine the best hair replacement system reviews with a seasoned hair salon owner’s life experience and then show you around a hair manufacturer’s factory to see how a top-tier hair system is made? I believe that will help you make better decisions the next time you deal with hair manufacturing companies.

First, let’s get to know Casey.

Who Is Casey?

Casey is Canadian. His Ontario-based hair salon has operated for over 30 years. He took it from his father, who ran the same salon for 20 years with his son before retiring.

The salon was doing well. It still is. Over the past 15 years, it supplied Casey with a beautiful two-story cottage with a sizeable piece of land, five minutes drive from work.


Casey lives with his beautiful wife, Danielle, and his two kids, David and Dorothy, 7 and 3. We paid him our first home visit 3 years ago, on our business trip to Canada, when we visited some local distributors who’d been partnering with us for over five years. That day is memorable.

“I Wish I Could Travel More,” Casey’s Wife Said

It was a late summer afternoon. As we opened his white fence gate and walked in, he didn’t see us right away. Perhaps he was too occupied showing his 8-month-old daughter Dorothy how to walk beside the trampoline.


Danielle was preparing our dinner. She was expecting us. As soon as she caught sight of us through the arched French kitchen window, she dashed out the door, scurrying barefoot across the lawn, and greeted us with a toothy smile.

That was the day we first met with Casey’s family. We had dinner together in his cozy little dining hall. Casey is a nice guy with a sense of humor. The kids and wife love their man of the house.

We enjoyed pumpkin soup, sirloin steak, and a few cups of wine. But Casey only talked a little over dinner. His wife, however, was the leader of the entire conversation.

“I like your family,” my secretary said in a quiet tone as she looked around the gabled ceiling with beams, the chandelier, and the nicely painted green wall with photos of their children growing up. “You’ve got everything. Lovely children and you are such a loving couple.” She continued.

Casey looked away. Danielle, however, forced a smile. An awkward silence pervaded the room.

I was struggling to figure out words to break the silence. Danielle beat me to it. “I’ve always hoped we could travel more,” she said in a firm tone. “That’s why we’ve been thinking about starting a hair business.”

“We need to expand our salon,” she continued. “We want to add hair systems to the services we already have. We see the market’s demands here. Lots of the locals need hair replacement services. All we need is a reliable hair vendor, one of the best to keep our business on the run, and also offer us good deals. When we first started looking, we looked at China, India… you know.”

Casey and Danielle had been married for over 12 years. They always hoped they could travel more.

What Made Casey Want to Start a Hair Business?

When we talked about how people think of using hair systems today, Casey said:” I’m seeing a lot of young guys wearing hair, it’s like a breakthrough. Women get botox, eyelashes, and breast augmentation. And men are beginning to look after themselves a lot more. They don’t hesitate when wearing hair. I find that to be the biggest breakthrough. The stigma is leaving our industry. People aren’t stigmatized for wearing hair or putting it on.”

Casey also shared that he hired a local firm to do market research for them. That cost them two months’ income. They discovered over 10,000 people suffering from hair loss in their immediate vicinity, and there were no salons within three kilometers that provided high-end hair systems or toupees.


If they started a hair business or even started selling hair replacement systems or toupees at the salon, they would be the first to hit the one-million-dollar mark in that area.

Since they started brooding the idea of selling hair systems, they’d never slept well until they found one of the world’s best hair manufacturing companies, New Times Hair. Yes, that’s us. In a good six months’ time, we helped him get everything ready for the business. That mainly included a website, a social media account, their logo, and packaging boxes.

Why did Cassy Choose New Times Hair as the Supplier of His Business?

“We’ve always kept an eye on the best hair system reviews and hair vendor reviews, you know, trying to locate the best hair system company that could help us start a hair business.” Casey smiled humbly. “I mean to install hair replacement systems for people.”

“How did you know about us?” I challenged him. “Why do you reckon we are the best hair system company for you guys?”

I Love Your Website that Can Get Everything Done Online

“I’m a FB fan. I first saw New Times Hair on Facebook. Then it linked me to your website. There’s nothing fancy about looking for the best hair system company. I went to your website. The website just looked professional.

“Before you start a hair business, of course, you’d go through the best hair vendor list. We hoped we could find the manufacturer and order our products directly from them, which could be much cheaper.” He took a sip of his wine. “However, what set you apart was that only a few manufacturers had a website that was as fully functional as yours.”

“If it wasn’t stated on the product and about us page, I thought you were an online retailer.” Danielle interrupted. “The website is like your gateway. We were impressed.”

“But there are wholesalers with their websites that also look pretty good Why did you choose us ?” I challenged him again.

“Well,” Casey laughed. “You guys just looked more like a manufacturer. That was a good impression that got us hooked. But later on, I found that everything could be done on the website, from order placement to face-time conferences and online tutorials. You guys have all of that. When one order is placed, you can rest assured that the items will arrive at your door in less than two weeks on average.”

You Guys are Professional and Transparent About What You are Doing

 “I think you guys are on the right track. I love the way you talk about problems in the industry in some of your videos because a lot of the stuff previously has been a secret. Nobody wants to talk about the dirty areas of the hair industry. You guys are very transparent in your videos and I like that. I think people would love to know more about that. ” Said Casey.

I Really Like that I Have a Sales Representative to Help me With Everything

“I contacted and soon I got a response from Bella, she was the one that I talked to and I  appreciate the question and the concerns of how to get orders done correctly. It has helped some people over the years.  I like the level of quality of concerns in getting things done correctly.”

“I really like that every customer has a sales representative,” He added, “With one of you guys specific, no. I wouldn’t say you have any specific problem, It’s just industry-wide stuff. You guys care more about stuff. You guys are concerned about the problem which I like. When I tell you that I’ve got a problem, the person I talk to listens to me and gives me a good solution so I like the communication between you guys.”

“You guys make us feel like we are the first class!” Danielle said. “Very prompt. All messages are promptly responded to. A few times, I sent you guys a query at around 11:30 am; I thought it must be midnight on your end. I expected a to be replied the next day. But they replied in 10 minutes. I thought, ‘OMG, do these guys sleep at all?'”

I Find the Front Hairline is Everything

“I’m good at what I do as far as work goes but I need to have a good product that I can put on him and for me, I find the front hairline is everything, ” Casey said, “I order a lot of lace, I order as many point zero threes, a lot of lace and I need all that lace to look absolutely stunning in the front. It needs to look the best in the front, or else I’m not doing business with people so that’s my biggest concern. I order about 240 of these a year so I’m busy enough but if I have a good company like you guys then I’ll run it all through you, It’s easier for me if you keep the price good and give good quality, I’m happy to put it all through you guys.”

“Apart from that,” said Casey. “Excellent quality, as promised. Hair and base quality are essential parts of the business. I love them. Soft, all hair wigs your sales girls recommended were exactly for the customer. Above all that, you offer reasonable prices and great quality together. It feels good to order directly from your hair factory.”

Casey Had Hit the Two-Million-Dollar Mark Till Last Year

Around mid-July last year, we had a phone conversation with Casey, asking how his business had been doing. All we knew was that since that home dinner with us three year ago, he and his wife put all their effort in their newly started hair business, and over the past three years, they kept ordering more hair systems from us. As the conversation started, he couldn’t wait to share that he had hit the two-million-dollar mark.


“After I ordered a few samples, I sold them out pretty quickly,” said Casey. “You know, I posted them on Facebook, Ins, Pinterest, etc. I made a few videos and loaded them on Tiktok. Your guys helped me set them all up. Men, people just started coming. I sold the samples out pretty quickly, and then I started ordering more.”

Casey was pretty excited as he sold out his samples. One thing we suggested to Casey and all our clients is that whatever business you do, never underestimate the power of the Internet. Even if you run a local business. Social media pages, your website on average could attract ten times more customers to your store.

“Then I ordered about 40 human hair wigs, and sold them all out in two weeks,” said Casey enthusiastically. “That was amazing. It felt like we’d found a gold mine.”

As Casey’s business started picking speed, they hired more hairdressers. Through our training program, they quickly learned how to install hair systems and care for them. Casey soon started distributing hair systems to all the salons in London, Ontario and had the owners locked up in partnership.

Casey has maintained a yearly income of $400,000 since he started distributing hair systems. He bought an apartment at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles as their holiday stay. As we called them three months ago, they were planning their safari through the Kenyan national park next June.

New Times Hair has over 2,000 wholesale clients worldwide, mainly based in North America and Europe. They are regional distributors, hairpiece resellers, salon owners, and cosmetology schools. We’ve helped a lot of them start a hair business like we did Casey.

We helped Casey start his hair business from scratch. We designed his logo and made it for him. We didn’t just make and ship his products; through our Find-a-Salon program, we also reached out to people close to his salon who suffer from hair loss.

How Will New Times Hair Help You Start a Hair Business from Scratch?

Does Casey’s experience sound appealing to you? We are here to help. We can supervise you just like we did Casey.

Can you OEM our products? Do you mean to order products from us and put your own labels on them? Yes, indeed, you can. We can do a lot more than that.

If you want to sell hairpieces or help people put them on if you own a hair salon, we can help you from the beginning. Stay calm. List out what you need before you start, and see if we have everything covered for you.

Products? We have heaps of it. Our annual output is over 150,000 units, with over 80,000 currently in stock.

How about the logo and packaging boxes? Yes, we have that, too. We can help you design logos, packaging boxes, etc., manufacture them, and make them suit your products perfectly.

You certainly can design your own logo and packaging boxes. But we can get them manufactured for you and put them on your products, package them, and ship them directly to you. What else do you need from a hair system supplier?

How Good Are Your Products?

As one of the best hair manufacturers in the world, each and every item we produce must undergo a 6-stage inspection before being shipped. Besides checking how good the hair system is, we also check the packaging and its security after the product is boxed.

Our customer service runs around the clock, answering our clients’ queries and helping them sort out product- or service-related issues. If the product quality isn’t as good as we promised, or if we sent you the wrong product, we’ll provide a full refund or swap. We will cover the shipping cost, too.

Watch and finish watching the video testimony below. You will see how a guy tried a New Times Hair toupee and went for extreme sports such as snorkel diving, riding a motorcycle, etc. The hair system stayed in place. Besides, you will see how much he liked our services regarding quick response, fast shipping, etc.

By the way, the hair system Michael tested was a typical PU-based hair system. One thing to clarify is that, at the beginning of the video, Michael mentioned to his barber that the hair system was 100% PU. He wasn’t talking about the hair but the base. The hair system was made of 100% human hair, with a few gray synthetic strands mixed in to match his age.

Our Supply Chain Cuts Out all Middlemen

Indeed, there was more to it than ordering directly from the hair factory. Throughout the years, we never shifted our focus from technological innovation and chain restructuring. We created a new supply chain that lets us keep a close eye on every step of production, keeping costs low, and retaining top quality.

With a factory run by our own educated team of management, from production to quality control, online operations, shipping, and local distribution, the best quality combined with reasonable prices, and no middlemen involved. We are one of the few hair manufacturing companies that can offer high-quality products at the best prices.

If you need more clarification, please watch and finish watching the one-minute videos below. They will show you bits and pieces of what we do inside our hair factory, warehouses, and final processing departments.

Base shell contouring and final product tidying:

Base making and baking, and a glimpse of our warehouses and hair styling:

Base making, hair processing, and knotting hair to the base:

How About You Design the Product and We Make It for You?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you’ve just started a new hair business or are seasoned and one of the best hair vendors in the world, you can design your own hair system base or ventilation mechanism. You design it, and we make it for you. That’s how it works.

Once your blueprint is out, you don’t have to worry about your intellectual property being violated. Whatever you’ve designed will be your intellectual property, and it’s our job to keep it safe. We won’t give it to anyone else to use.


What products do you make?

Our products mainly include men’s hair toupees (hair replacement systems), full-cap wigs, partial hair systems, hair patches, and so on. We also have hair integration systems for women with thinning hair, such as hair extensions, frontals, closures, medical wigs, hair patches, etc. Please visit our official site to learn more.

What’s hair do you use for your hairpieces?

All our hairpiece products are made of 100% human hair. Some toupees or hair systems are designed for middle-aged men. We may mix it with 10%-20% of synthetic fiber to make it look like their age.

How do we get customers if we start a hair business?

We suggest you do some research before you start a hair business. 90% of a business is about planning. Plan well, so you may run well. We can reach out to your potential customers or people who are already wearing hair systems. Start a hair business through us. We may help your potential customers living nearby find you and visit you regularly.

How many hair systems do wearers need per year?

It depends on the base material and the hair used for the hair system. On average, a hair system wearer needs around 4-6 hair systems annually.

How do you get the hair systems to us?

As one of the best hair manufacturers in the world, we always ensure our wholesale clients get the best deal, so we can keep a lifelong partnership. Before placing a bulk order, you can order three hairpieces from any category to test.

When you place bulk orders, if you are a salon owner or a stylist running your own business, we will ship the products directly to you. The products will be sent to your warehouse if you resell hair in your area or nearby. There are absolutely no middlemen involved.


New Times Hair is here to help if you plan to start a hair business. Besides the hair systems, we will help you design a logo, package boxes, and everything else business-related.

Enthralled by Casey’s story? Want to become the next master hair system distributor and make your first million in the next few years? Contact New Times Hair, one of the best hair manufacturers in the world, who makes, supply, and design the world’s top-tier hair replacement systems for over 2,000 wholesale clients worldwide.

Contact us to start and expand your hair business today!

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