What’s the Fuss About Ted Danson’s Hair?

Debuted in the well-known 1982 show Cheers, twice Emmy award winner, Ted Danson, the 70-something San Diego-born actor, director and producer, the 6-feet-3 slender-looking dasher has always stayed in shape and kept fans impressed by his lush, professionally cut full head of hair.


Well over the age of 70, from his very first AKA Sam Malone on Cheers to Neil Bremer on the latest Mr. Mayor series, throughout the decades, the celebrity’s forever lush, perfectly cut quiff seems to have long been coded into his personality and recognized by fans around the globe as a unique Ted Danson trademark.

However, none of his biggest fans including me, by just looking into his photos in all magazines, posters, newspapers, etc., would ever be tantalized to enquire: Is his hair real? Soon turning 75, how has Ted Danson managed to save himself from balding? 

Could Ted Dansons hair be fake?

Google Ted Danson’s photos right now and do a thorough research. Leave a comment somewhere to let the world know about your doubts – Ted Danson is possibly wearing a wig or hairpiece, then Millions of his fans would feel obliged to scold you publicly for just questioning about Ted Danson’s hair being real.

Look at it, just look at him, look into his image from young to old! How can he possibly be wearing a hairpiece or wig of some sort?  However, as you dig even deeper, you may come to something you don’t feel like to admit that Ted Danson is indeed balding. Plus, he has been wearing a hairpiece not just for a few years, but for a few decades! Heck!


Yes, Danson has been a baldy for many, many years, and he HAS been wearing a hairpiece or toupee.

“My hair became a topic of conversation in the beginning of Cheers,” Ted confessed to reporters at the time, justifying that he had only a small bald spot when the Show started and that he’d hide it with brown colouring and a comb over, per Desert News.


Ted Danson is balding for sure. He admits it himself, why be bothered to believe otherwise? But the thing is, based on his own attestation, he’s been balding ever since his very first show, Cheers, back in 1978. Yes, the iconic figure with his perfectly grown full head of hair has been a baldy for over 40 years! And the secret is a toupee.


And that’s true. In one of the Cheers episodes, Ted Danson, AKA Sam Malone was seen revealing his bald spot. One of his fellow actors said to the media, “I indeed have to wear a little divot hairpiece for Sam Malone, And then one of the tabloids airbrushed his entire head and said that he is one of the people who are totally bald. And I, once again, couldn’t say, ‘no, no, he just wears this little…’” 

For many years Ted Danson was never seen in public without a hairpiece or toupee. However, in 2017 some nosy-parker spotted him in Hawaii with his wife. Ted seemed to have a bald top head and short light gray hair, his formal hair looked tidy in shade and neatly cut.


How about a hair transplant for Ted?

Many people including some insiders have wondered, a Hollywood star, money is never an issue to him, has Ted Danson ever had a hair transplant? His answer remains constant: I, Ted Danson, am always confident about my look; I would never disturb my natural hair growth unnecessarily (if it’s ever got to grow naturally and lushly one day).

A master hairpiece is the answer

However, that doesn’t mean that there is zero solution for Ted Danson. Ted does own a top-quality hairpiece that has invisible netting to help glue it to his scalp.

What’s the Fuss About Ted Danson’s Hair?

Millions of audience have wowed, eyes bulging, “are you kidding me! Don’t you ever say Ted Danson is a baldy!!” Well, as a matter of fact, He IS and never looks like one!! And by just looking at him, people take it that Ted Danson is one of those who has the best hair in the world.

If Ted Danson has been wearing a hairpiece, how long has he been wearing it?

Ted started wearing a hairpiece with his hair dyed to suit his role in Cheers. Let’s mark that year, 1978 –  over 40 years ago, that balding had already started hitting him impartially. Later on, when recruited in the CDI series, his cherished hairpiece again served him well by ‘blinding’ his audience and even his fellow actors who’d acted along with him.

How does Ted Dansons hairpiece work?

The celebrity has never been absolutely bald. There are only a few bald spots on top of his head. When acting, he would get the hairpiece to cover those bald spots professionally; man-made hair and his natural hair blended perfectly well. That no individual throughout the world could possibly tell Ted Danson’s wearing a hairpiece. Don’t get me wrong! It is perfectly legal for celebrities to wear hairpieces.


What is Ted Dansons view about hair loss?

Well, Ted himself has never refrained from showing off his baldness. Confiding in himself completely for his looks, the comedy icon has already established a significant slender-looking figure with professionally cut full head of hair. This to a large degree is attributed to his master hairpiece, that no one on this planet could even tell he is wearing one. And that is exactly what a quality hairpiece is designed to do.

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