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Wholesale Custom Hair Systems

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As a leading hair replacement system manufacturer dedicated to hair replacement across the globe, New Times Hair takes pride in producing top-notch men’s custom hair systems for our partners. Custom hair systems are a great option if you have customers who have their own individual needs and expectations for their hair systems that stock ones just can’t fulfill. In that case, custom hair system turns out to be the only way to win their business.

In spite of a higher cost and longer delivery time, custom hair systems are becoming increasingly popular among hair system wearers in many countries as people’s needs for their hair replacement systems become more diverse.

Having manufactured thousands of men’s custom hairpieces, New Times Hair always puts its reputation ahead of everything. That’s why all of our custom hair systems are carefully handcrafted by the most experienced artisans using the finest materials. By doing so, we also achieve the goal of helping our partners gain trust and recognition from their customers. To customize the best hair replacement systems for your customers, it’s important to know what their true needs are with regard to different aspects of the hair system.

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What are the most suitable men’s custom hair systems for my customers?

To find the most suitable custom hair systems for your customers, it is very important to communicate thoroughly with them concerning their detailed needs for the hair systems. This is the only way for you to get a clear idea of the type of customization that will lead to the right cheap hair replacement system for them.

The first thing you need to know is what size hair system will best fit the hair loss area of your customer’s head. If you order the wrong size, the men’s hair pieces are likely to end up looking awkward or even being unwearable.

Next, you need to choose the right base design for your customers. Unless they already have a specific base design in mind, you need to figure out what kind of base design of custom hair systems can best cater to their preference. For example, some of your customers might really care about how natural and undetectable their hair system appears, while others might give more importance to whether the hair systems feel breathable and comfortable enough for them to fully enjoy themselves in many situations. Thus, you can determine what kind of base design would fit them best after learning about their preferences. For the base material color, it is recommended to choose the one that most approximates their skin complexion for the most natural look!

For people’s front hairline, there are four common front contour shapes: AA, A, CC, and C. Determining the right front contour according to your customer’s own contour shape matters greatly in achieving a natural appearance. The curl/wave and hair density of the hair systems also play key parts in how natural the men’s realistic wigs appear. To guarantee a perfectly seamless blend with their existing hair, you need to make sure the curl/wave and hair density of the non-surgical hair system match your customer’s existing hair (unless they are completely bald).

Additional hair units for men customization options, including length, color, direction, and type of gray or highlights, are totally subject to your customer’s individual preferences. Whatever they prefer to have should be what best suits them. Lastly, the knots in lace base material can be bleached to make the base appear more natural. Therefore, if your customers want to step their hair systems up to another level in terms of realism, it is recommended to have the knots bleached at extra cost.

Between stock hair systems and custom hair systems, which should you choose?

This is a very subjective question, and there is not a single right answer since people’s situations vary considerably. When choosing between stock hair systems and custom hair systems, you need to ask yourself if you really need a custom hair system. As opposed to stock hair systems that can be shipped out to you immediately, custom hair systems have to be produced from the ground up in accordance with very specific instructions, so the production period can be as long as 1-4 months. If you are in a hurry to get a hair piece to wear, then stock hair systems are what you need! Comparatively speaking, if you are planning to order custom hair replacement systems, it is necessary to plan a few months ahead to accommodate the long wait time.

Cost is another factor you should take into account when making this decision. Obviously, custom made hair systems cost a lot more than stock ones since they are exclusively handcrafted for you according to your requests. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider whether or not it is worth the money to custom hair systems, especially when some stock hair systems may already meet your needs and expectations. By buying a custom hair piece, you could end up spending money on something you don’t actually need.

The variety of designs, as well as product specifications such as color, length, and density, for stock hair systems have continued to grow in recent years. Thus, there are now stock systems to suit most people’s demands and preferences. In spite of that, some hair system wearers crave more individualized hair systems that will set them apart from others. For these wearers, custom hair systems turn out to be what best suits their needs. Generally, if you do not have a lot of experience wearing hair system products, it is advised to go with stock options for a while to get deep and accurate insights into your true preferences. Otherwise, you may end up getting a custom hair system that you wish you had not ordered.

How should I make a hair system template for my clients?

To make a hair system template for a client, you need to prepare a number of things in advance, including scissors, plastic wrap, transparent tape, and a marker.
Step 1:First, clean your customer’s scalp and make sure the surface is smooth. Then, tear a big piece of plastic wrap off and place it onto the customer’s head. Make sure you’re pressing down firmly and evenly and that the plastic wrap is airtight without any gaps or bumps.

Step 2: Next, use the marker to trace around the bottom of the wrap. To locate the front hairline, place four fingers flat on the forehead with the pinkie resting above the eyebrow. Where your index finger lies is where your front hairline should begin. Draw a line from this point to form your customer’s hairline. Ensure you make a smooth outline that goes all the way around the head.

Step 3: Next, attach the tape on the plastic wrap starting from the front, and then run the tape evenly across the scalp piece by piece. Each piece of tape needs to overlap and completely cover the bald areas. Apply three or four layers of tape across, from the front to the back and from left to right to ensure the template is sturdy enough.

If your customer requires a part and a crown, mark the pivot point where the original growth would be in a part. Then, draw a line from the pivot point at the back of the crown to the front hairline. Write down the customer’s name and make an ‘F’ for the front and a ‘B’ for the back along with any special requirements regarding a part or the crown.

Lastly, cut along the outline that has been drawn out and get rid of the excess wrap. To make sure the template fits, place it back on the customer’s head.

Why should you order wholesale custom hair systems from New Times Hair?

New Times Hair has many features that make us a top choice for your wholesale custom hair systems needs.

Highly experienced and specialized customization team
As an experienced hair replacement system manufacturer that has been designing and supplying custom hair systems for more than a decade, New Time Hair has a very mature team that is exclusively dedicated to hair replacement products customization. Each member of the team is incredibly skilled and experienced, which guarantees that any custom hair systems you get from us are top-of-its-class and are made to the exact requirements of your customer.

Wide selection of customization options
Having manufactured numerous custom hair systems for thousands of hair system sellers across the world, New Time Hair has some of the most diverse custom hair systems options for your customers, and everything is done with world-class expertise and craftsmanship. That is why an increasing number of hair system suppliers are choosing to partner with New Times Hair for custom hair systems. There are very few customers requests that we cannot fulfill!

Superior quality and top-grade hair material
We always use carefully sourced, top-grade hair material in the production of our custom hair systems. That is why our custom hair systems are known for their incredibly natural appearance and longer lifespan. All of the custom hair systems have to undergo at least two rounds of thorough quality inspections to rule out any chance of product defects or discrepancies.

Extremely competitive wholesale prices
New Times Hair is widely recognized as a hair replacement system manufacturer that offers the best value-for-your-money custom hair systems. Indeed, it is very hard to find another hair replacement manufacturer that can offer such top-notch custom hair systems for prices lower than ours. We put our reputation and client satisfaction ahead of everything. By offering lower prices, we want our custom hair systems to reach more and more people who are struggling with hair loss and help them live better lives!

How long is the delivery time for custom hair systems orders from New Times Hair?

It generally takes 4-12 weeks for you to receive your order from the day your order is placed, depending on how much work it takes to produce the hair system.

Order Type

When We Can Sent Out

Stock(all items)

Within 3-5 working days

Custom(skin: v-loop, injected, single knot)

Within 4-6 weeks

Custom(lace/mono base)

Within 8-10 weeks

Custom(full cap/extra long hair)

Additional 2 weeks

Rush Order(skin)

Within 4 weeks

Rush Order(lace, mono)

Within 6 weeks

Add-on Service(haircutting/base cutting)

Additional 1-3 working days

Due to many impacts of the Covid pandemic, the production cycle for custom hair systems orders across the industry tends to take longer than before, and many companies have even terminated their customization services. Howevert, New Times Hair never stop provide fast customization service to our clients amid these tough times. With a relatively short production cycle in comparison to most other hair system companies, New Times Hair has turned out to be a more resilient hair system manufacturer that is less vulnerable to such impacts.

If you only need small quantities of stock hair systems, you can directly log in to our website to place an order and buy hair replacement system online. If you need customized products or bulk purchases, please contact our sales staff directly, we will provide you with the most affordable price as soon as possible.

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