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In recent years, the development of the wig industry in the world has been on the rise, which is mainly due to the following reasons. First, the global trend of hair loss is becoming more and more serious, driving an increase in demand. Second, with the improvement of people's living standards around the world, more and more people, both men and women, are willing to pay to create and shape their perfect image. In addition, many international politicians and celebrities have led a craze for wearing wigs. It has been suggested that "Half of the stars in Hollywood wear hairpieces." All this has led to growing awareness and demand for human hair wigs. Obviously, huge market demand represents a huge profit pool, which constantly attracts businesses large and small businesses to enter the wigs wholesale market.

One cannot discuss wigs without mentioning China, the largest global supplier of human hair wigs. Most people in the industry are very familiar with this fact. The purpose today is to discuss the characteristics and development of China's wholesale hairpiece market and how to wholesale human hair wigs from China. It is hoped that this information will help both the industry insiders as well as the people who are preparing to enter the industry.

Why wholesale human hair wigs and hairpieces from China?

China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of human hair wigs mainly because China possesses advantages that other countries do not have:

1. Mature production chain and Advanced processing technology

The Chinese hair product processing industry has a long history. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, German businessmen, having realized the growing demand for wigs from Europeans and Americans, went deep into China, located and bought abandoned human hair. This hair was transported, processed into various kinds of wigs and sold to European and American costumers. Having become popular in the European and American markets, consumers continued to purchase wigs. Therefore, Europe has also become the first marketplace for hair products.


Driven by the European demand, the hair products processing industry grew. China began its own simple production of hair products in the 1930s, but this was mainly based on the export of raw human hair materials. In the process of human hair export, Chinese businessmen gradually realized the potential of the industry and began to engage in rough processing of human hair wigs in the 1970s. By mid-to-late 1980s, domestic businessmen actively introduced deep processing technology of human hair through the establishment of Sino-Foreign joint ventures that engaged in the production of hairpieces. After decades of development, China's processing technology becomes high mature and professional, and gradually transformed into a global exporter of semi-finished and finished hairpieces.

2. Abundant raw materials and labor force

According to statistics, the scale of US hair product consumption reached 5 billion US dollars in 2016, and per capita consumption was 15.75 dollars. Experts predict that the global wig consumption will reach 10 billion dollars in the next few years, and the only country that can provide such large-scale productivity and raw materials is China. First of all, China is the world's most populous country, so it can provide a steady stream of raw human hair materials. Secondly, the processing of wigs, especially human hair wigs, is very complicated and time-consuming. It is not a simple machine production, most of them need to be manually produced. For example, it takes about a week for hooking hair to all over the base by a skilled worker, which does not include the processing time of the other part (like combing, dyeing, bleaching, perming, making mold and base, etc.). Soft fire makes sweet malt, the hairpieces thus obtained will have a natural and realistic look, but at the same time, it means that the bulk production of human hair wigs requires a significant amount of labor, and China can just meet this requirement. At present, Chinese human hair wigs production has 80% of the global market share.

In the past decade or so, due to the constraints of human hair resources and rising labor costs, most manufacturers in Japan and South Korea have gradually withdrawn from the hairpieces industry. A small number of suppliers set up human hair wig production bases in Qingdao, Xuchang and other places in China through a sole proprietorship or joint venture, and others turn to the production of synthetic hair products. Eventually, it has formed a production pattern in which human hair piece production is centered in China and synthetic hairpiece production is centered on Japan and South Korea.


3. Excellent quality and reasonable price

The products made in China have always been favored by the world because of high quality and low price point, and the wigs are the same. The production requirements are extremely stringent. Whether raw materials or processing technology, the factories operate at the highest standards, especially high-end wigs. Moreover, the completed wigs will undergo multiple quality inspections and only flawless products can be sold.

The hairpiece business is usually unobtrusive, but its potential market profits are considerable. It is said that in the United States, consumers need to spend about $400 – $600 to buy a human hair wig through retail channels. If they go to a hair clinic or a salon for additional services, the cost could rise to $1,000 or more. However, if a businessman wholesales human hair wigs from China, the low-end only cost is not more than 100 dollars, and the high-end hair replacement systems are about $200- $300. Wholesalers can get almost double the profit, which is both attractive and impressive. Combining high quality and low price make China the world leader in the production and sale of hair products.



At present, China's hairpieces production bases are mainly in Henan Xuchang, Shandong Qingdao, and Zhejiang Yiwu. These different regions also have different characteristics. Let’s review them.


As mentioned earlier, China produces more than 80% of hair products worldwide, while Xuchang and Qingdao produce more than 80% of hair products nationwide.

Xuchang's wig factories are good at hair wefts, hair extensions, and female wigs. These are very well suited for people of African descent and mostly servicing Africa and other low-end markets around the world. As one of the birthplaces of Chinese hair products, Xuchang's hair products manufacturers seized the opportunity and quickly occupied the African market.


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Africa’s demand for wigs has been amazing. Africans' hairs grow slowly and begin to curl when it is slightly longer. The hair is also thin and weak, which makes it very difficult to handle. Usually, the real hair is very short (only one or two centimeters long). When the hair grows to a certain length, it will automatically fall off and regrow. Thus, hairpieces have a “rigid demand” in Africa. It doesn’t matter whether it’s men, women or children, as long as they have sufficient financial means, they will start to wear hair wigs from childhood.


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Hair products in the African market are consumed frequently, and the consumption cycle is relatively short. Continuous demand for wigs has also led to Xuchang's economic development, and now Xuchang has become the "world factory" for human hair wigs production and wholesale.

2. Qingdao

Shandong Qingdao has always been the production base of high-end hair replacement systems and enjoys a high reputation in the global human hair wigs wholesale industry. The factories specialize in the production of men's toupees and high-end black human hair wigs, with the European and American countries and African high-end market as the main markets.


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Qingdao is a modern coastal city, close to the Bohai Sea, with highly developed international trade and transportation. In the early stage of development, Qingdao merchants combined its geographic advantages vigorously studied and introduced the advanced production technology and applied the experience of Japanese and Korean enterprises to develop human hair wig production. The trade scope covers Europe, America and other developed countries and regions around the world.


Yiwu is the world's largest small commodity city. More than half of the world's headwear is sold from Yiwu. Yiwu's factory mainly produces synthetic hair products, and gradually developed into party wigs and holiday wigs (costume, Halloween wigs, ghost wigs, Christmas wigs, etc.), as well as various hair accessories. These hair products basically low-end products and most of them are sold to Africa, America, and some to Europe.


How to wholesale human hair wigs and hairpieces from China

First, become acquainted with market conditions and global trends of the hairpiece industry can develop business faster.

human hairsynthetic hair

As can be seen from the above two graphs, the global hair product consumption scale continues to rise at a growth rate of about 17% – 20% per year, indicating that there are still great development potential and dividends in the hair products market in the next few years. Moreover, the consumption scale of human hair wigs is far greater than that of synthetic hair products. It is obvious that human hair wigs are the trend of the future, and China, as the base of hairpieces production, is absolutely the best choice for wholesalers.

Before choosing a supplier, have a clear understanding of your products and target groups. Then, choose a suitable Chinese hairpieces manufacturer. The general process is to search online for human hair wig manufacturers through search engines, e-commerce platforms, social media platforms or other network channels.

Learn as much as possible about all aspects of the manufacturers operations and performance, including: whether they have their own factory, the size, and production capacity of the factory, the maturity of the production technology, the qualifications/certifications, the price point of the products, and whether the characteristics of the product meet other requirements, for example, is the product popular, what is the delivery channel, payment method, etc. The more detailed the better. Most of the information can be sourced from the Internet, but confirm the information. Then select a few suitable manufacturers to buy samples. After receiving the samples, a detailed comparison and the quality test must be carried out. Finally, determine which supplier to partner and cooperate with.

Of course, a field visit is the most reliable way. Our company has a customer who worked with a supplier in Guangzhou, but later when he went to the supplier location he found that their hair products were also wholesaled from Qingdao. In fact, there are very few factories in Guangzhou that can produce human hair wigs. Most of the manufacturers/suppliers of wholesaled human hair wigs are from Xuchang or Qingdao factories. These completed products are then sold to other companies. Know the source. Often, hairpieces or products purchased may actually come from an intermediary that drives up costs.



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