Toupee and HairPiece Wholesale Business in South Africa

As the hair piece market in South Africa has become much more active, the same is true with the wholesale hair piece market. Most of the hair piece wholesalers are located in South Africa’s economically developed cities, such as Gauteng, Durban, and Johannesburg, and they work with toupee and hair piece manufacturers from China and India. Most South African hair piece wholesalers choose to purchase hair systems from China. In this issue, the focus will be why they buy from China and what kind of hair pieces do they prefer?

Due to the geographical environment and physiological characteristics, the hair of South African people grows very slowly. As it grows longer, it  will curl and becomes very fragile. Usually real hair is only one or two centimeters long and very frizzy. When their hair grows to a certain length, it will automatically fall off and grows back. It does not stay long. In South Africa, due to the characteristics of their hair, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish women from men without wearing hair products. As a result, South Africans love toupee and other hair pieces. Notably, having wonderful hair is benefit for their daily life and career.


In this specific market, natural hair systems having a modern stylish appearance and made of synthetic and real hair are in demand. These new and exciting hairstyles need to be taken care of by professional styling salons. Hair pieces in South Africa can be called “just need,” as long as the men, women and children in South Africa have good economic conditions, they began to wear hair products from their youth. Additionally, those desiring a professional appearance, especially office workers, has at least three to four toupees.

The market in South Africa can be divided into two sections. One is medium grade, the other is high grade. Depending on economic level, purchasers buy the quality toupee they can afford.

The reasons why the people of South Africa love hair systems is clear, but let’s return to wholesale toupee market. South Africa has 9 provinces and Gauteng is important financial center. It is tropical savanna climate so it has long period wet season, and another is hot. Most of wholesales prefer to purchase toupee and wigs with a lace base. New Times Hair has developed the HS7 model hair piece to fit this need. It is made of full lace and has hand-sewn stitching for better shape contour and extra durability. The bleached knots are undetectable and natural. Most importantly, it is breathable so it is comfortable to be worn in the long wet and hot seasons. It can usually be worn about 3-5 months, depending on individual activity. The HS7 comes with 8”x10” base size and 5”-6” hair length with slight wave. Moreover, we offer both med-light density and medium density. Of course, if the customer needs a different hair length or density, we offer custom orders to meet the customers’ individual requirements. The HS7 is strongly recommended for your customers living in a very wet and hot climates.


Similarly, the HS25-V is also a natural-looking base design and is always in stock. The HS25-V has a 0.03mm ultra-thin skin base. Due to the thinness of the skin, it is very soft and undetectable. Many customers living in the far south of South Africa like this stock model. But the HS25-V also has some distinct disadvantages. Because it is ultra-thin, it is very fine and delicate and, as such, the HS25-V 0.03mm’ does not have the same durability and will last a shorter time period than thicker skin and Lace hair pieces and based on use. Its lifetime can be as short as only one month. If the customer is careful and takes good of it, it can last a little longer. Thus, if your target customer is from the south of South Africa and they care more about the most natural appearance more than durability, the HS25-V 0.03mm ultra-thin skin may be a great option. 


The N6 is another available men’s toupee in our stock for immediate shipment. It’s made of French Lace and clear polyurethane (PU). The hairpiece base is clear PU on the side and back. N6 is bleached, but just on the front and crown. What is the advantage of the N6 compared to the other models? Since the clear PU is smooth, it makes the hair on the sides and back to be flatter. At the same time, the French lace allows the hairpiece to breathe. Should customers prefer lace to the skin and want a flattering effect, suggest the N6 Swiss lace and clear PU. The base sizes in stock, are 8 X 10 and 7 X 9. If the customer requires a hairpiece with a larger base size, it can be customized to suit. 

Toupee and HairPiece Wholesale Business in South Africa

What kind of stock piece should be recommended if the customer prefers PIU to lace? HS15+ would be a suitable choice. It is made of a 0.08mm skin base with a 1’’ French lace front. This toupee’s style of the base creates a natural and flatter appearance. 


New Times Hair also stocks hair systems with an Afro appearance. The base design is French lace with clear PU back and sides. French lace is one of the most natural base materials available. It is also very light and breathable. The clear PU back and sides make it easier to stick the tape to as well as making the area easier to clean and maintain. This toupee is made entirely of afro curls. To make very small curls like an afro, Chinese hair is used as it curls better and Indian hair easily breaks when curls are small. As with the other systems, hairpieces can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

More and more people are investing in their image, and the demand for fine quality hairpieces and products grows. Many hair product wholesalers have also begun to transform to special salons. Customized toupees for men are the current trend. Qingdao, China has become the focal point of customized hairpiece factories. New Times Hair focuses on providing unique and exclusive wigs for customers. It has an exceptional inventory of high-quality products. Its ability to customize according to customer requirements makes it the exclusive choice in meeting wholesaler and end-customer demands. Finally, it’s continual research makes it the leader in providing cutting products.

Whether it’s base design, hair quality or hair color, it can be customized. Hair systems can be reproduced according to hair samples, templates and other information provided by customers. Hairpieces can also be created to match hairpieces provided by customers.

South Africans generally prefer light and breathable hairpieces due to the climate. New Times Hair has the styles and inventory to meet customer demands. Models HS7, HS25-V, N6, and HS15+ are available for immediate shipment. Custom orders are a growing trend and are always welcomed. Contact NewTimes Hair today.

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