Why It Matters to Have Gray Hair in the Hair Systems of Many Wearers

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Why It Matters to Have Gray Hair in the Hair Systems of Many Wearers


When buying hair systems, the first thing that most people always judge by must be whether it appears natural-looking enough to be fully undetectable, especially on public occasions.


As many of us are aware of, the most dominant determinants of the naturalness level of hair pieces for both men and women are indisputably the base design and hair type. However, aside from these two, another factor that can make big differences in how realistic your hair systems appear turns out to be the amount of gray hair mixed, largely depending on your age range.


Given that aging is an inevitable process to each one of us, gray hair will eventually grow out after certain ages of our lives and gradually mount up into our later years.


So it matters a lot for the wearers to buy a hair system with the right amount of gray hair that well matches up with their age ranges. For example, a 50-year old man appearing with no gray hair at all can look awkward enough to be suspected of wearing a hair piece or having the hair dyed.


In spite of that, people at the same age can look older or younger than one another since everybody’s aging speed varies. Plus that some people are genetically predisposed to have more or less gray hair than others.


So there does not exist any standard answers to how much gray hair there should be for people of certain age ranges, even though there is a strong positive correlation between age and gray hair amount.


Therefore, the best way to pick the right gray hair percentage option for your hair systems is actually choosing the one that most approximates your own gray hair proportion in order to have the most possible natural look.


At New Times Hair, our hair replacement systems are widely manufactured in a large variety of gray hair percentage options to meet the needs of hair system wearers at all ages.


Men's Toupee: HS1-V | New Times Hair

One of our all-time top sellers HS1-V, known for being super realistic and comfortable, has been highly favored by our hair distributor partners with its wide range of gray hair options that goes up to 65%!


On the product pages of our website, you will be able to tell what gray hair percentage options are available from the “Hair Color” section as the gray hair percentage is always preceded by the color code. For example, the hair color “#220” means the hair is in color #2 with 20% gray hair in it.


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