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4 Valuable Tips on How to Get Hair Clients Fast

4 Valuable Tips on How to Get Hair Clients Fast


With hair loss being a more and more common issue that is disturbing to people’s lives in many aspects, hair toupees for men have become more popular than ever as an instant, affordable and non-invasive hair loss solution in many countries.


Hair loss is more than a health problem to most people given how much it eats away at their self-esteem and confidence by causing an unwanted change of personal image.


The number of people who seek such hair replacement to restore their appearances is still on the rise at an accelerated pace. That mainly accounts for why many places have seen a steady growth in the amount of hair toupee sellers that are getting prepared to make the most of this more of an untapped industry.



In many places where there is a huge need for hair replacement products, accompanied by a high economic standard, a men’s hair piece can be sold at a price that doubles or even triples how much it is wholesaled by the widely recognized human hair wig distributors.


For another, since all men’s toupees come with a rather limited lifespan, your business would be running sustainably with repetitive purchases constituting the majority of your sales number. In spite of that, things are never easy at the very beginning when you have to build up your customer base from the ground up, especially as this industry is getting increasingly competitive.


To bring yourself onto the right track towards gaining your clients faster in a consistent and effective way, there remains much more for you to carry out than just aggressively running ads campaigns. So we are more than pleased to share you some valued tips that have been widely adopted by many successful men’s toupee suppliers on how to get hair clients fast!


1. Set up your social media platforms

The world has long entered the information age featured by massive amount of online activities. The use of social media platforms has become a daily thing for the majority of people to share and follow many kinds of things in their lives.



So such platforms are basically the best place where you can introduce yourself as well as your hair toupee business for free. The right use of social platforms plays a variety of roles in fueling your client growth in the long run.


Aside from posting a very complete and informative business profile that includes your business name, contact info and address, your scope of operation, it is important to keep your followers updated about everything going on in your business by posting consistently. And doing so will also help in keeping your presence rooted in their minds.


However, you need to be selective when deciding on what to post as posting the wrong things or useless things can backfire.


Since most of your followers are either hair toupee wearers or people interested in knowing more about this kind of product to deal with hair loss, you need to make sure your posts are relevant, valuable and helpful in that regard. Whatever you are posting should pass a sense of professionalism and reliability to the audience.


Another thing that is very convenient about social media is it facilitates instant communication. People who want to reach you for inquiries can just leave a message for you to immediately see on the platforms and that tends to be where the bridge is built between you and them. If the conversation goes well, they are very likely to end up being your clients.


2. Encourage referrals

Never underestimate the number of new clients that referrals can bring you as client referral has become a very effective and widely-used marketing strategy in the modern world with regard to how to get hair clients fast.



To expand one’s social networking, it is becoming more and more common to rely on the existing social circle to come into contact with people that are connected with the people you know, and that can be also the case in the business world as a wise way to connect with more potential clients.


As your customer base is growing, the power of referral also gets scaled up. Provided you had 100 clients and they would be able to recommend your company to 50 potential clients in total. Once your client base grows to 1000, that number would be 500.


However, it is never reasonable to expect your clients to refer your business to the people they know without offering some sorts of incentive to keep them motivated. For example, you could reward your clients a free men’s toupee for each successful referral and the degree of reward can go up with the number of successful referrals one client manages to provide.


3. Offer free trials & services

There is a saying that “The first-time purchase is always the hardest for the consumers to make”. This is especially true in the men’s toupee world.



For those who have never tried this hair loss solution that requires long-term commitments, they understandably have many kinds of concern that keep them from being brave enough to make the first attempt.


Without knowing exactly what it is like wearing hair toupees to restore a full hair look, people are usually reluctant to make the move. So offering the inquirers a free trial can often do the trick. 


It does not cost much to offer them a free hair toupee attachment trial to let them get a deeper grasp of how men’s toupees work, as well as to give them a chance to see how brilliantly their appearances can be transformed simply with a men’s toupee. Once they are impressed with everything about your products, you usually can end up sealing the deal.


On the other hand, to achieve a better retention of your clients, it is also necessary to give them well-rounded and considerate overall customer experience other than good toupees. This can be best achieved by offering free complementary services such as hair cutting, base cutting, toupee attachment and cleaning.


The cost of offering such free services is usually quite minor in comparison to how much a toupee typically costs, but they could allow you to gain a big edge over your rivals in building brand loyalty to boost up the number of repetitive purchases.


4. Reward positive reviews

Nowadays, the online world has seen more platforms for consumers to leave their reviews on the products or services offered by a company, which in turn gives consumers a quick and direct way to judge a company and make up their minds.



So many people will go online to check out the customer reviews of your business before deciding on whether to buy from you or not. And such actions are usually done by those who barely know about you and never bought anything from your store. So it is not hard to imagine the significance of raising your review scores to appear reliable and highly recognized. 


Companies with very high scores can remarkably outperform their counterparts with low scores in winning first-time customers. Other than consistently improving various aspects of your business to keep your clients satisfied enough to be likely to leave positive reviews for you, there is actually more to do to boost your review scores faster.


The most common and practical method is incentivizing your current clients with things they would like for them to be willing to bother to leave good reviews for you. For example, a $20 off discount on their next order can be enough in exchange for a 5-star review for many clients.


Although offering too many discounts is undoubtedly to the detriment of your profitability, it is definitely worthwhile to trade the profit loss for an outstanding reputation in the long run.



The above 4 tips have proved to be the most effective and practical methods for how to get hair clients fast, especially when it comes to those men’s toupee start-ups. When carried out properly, your client base is sure to grow at a different level of pace.


As one of the leading men’s toupee wholesalers in the world, New Times Hair is privileged to have played a part in assisting hundreds of toupee sellers with how to get clients fast by offering top class human hair replacement products of various kind.


At New Times Hair, you will get very generous offers for the most popular types of men’s toupee that have been spoken highly of by all our partners!

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