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Hair loss is a very common problem for old people. The best solution for them is to choose a suitable hair replacement system but for old people, the hair color is more often than not, the key factor in choosing their hair system. To make it look natural, gray hair toupees are the best choice. So, today New Times Hair would like to share the different types of gray hair that exist in the hair replacement market with you.

Different Gray Hair Types

So, what type of gray hair is available at New Times Hair? There are three types: human gray, synthetic gray and yak gray.


Gray human hair is the most natural gray hair type. We use the finest quality Remy hair that is processed and then dyed. That’s why human gray hair is the most expensive type. Its biggest advantage is that it is natural. Yet, just like our own hair, after long exposure to sunlight, gray hair will easily change color – usually to yellow. We do not source our gray hair from elderly men and women because first of all, it’s hard to collect the hair of the same gray color as each person’s gray hair may be a different color. Secondly, people’s own gray hair will more often than not have been treated. After chemical treatment – bleaching and dyeing, for example – human gray hair becomes fragile. Therefore, the lifespan of gray human hair may not be the longest of the three types of gray hair.

Another point to be aware of is that gray human hair can be dyed. This can become an issue for a customer who wears a toupee with gray hair in it because when they dye their toupee, they will also dye the gray hair. Gray hair can also not be treated to make small curls since small curls make the hair fragile.


Gray synthetic hair is also a popular choice. Gray synthetic hair is a chemical fiber made from a polymer compound. It is favored by more and more people because of its many advantages such as its low cost and the fact it does not discolor easily. The best advantage of gray synthetic hair, however, is that the color is constant: it will not change after long exposure to the sun and it cannot be dyed to any other color. This makes it the best choice for customers who only want to dye the non-gray hair of their hairpiece. The other advantage of synthetic hair is that the curl pattern is good. It’s easy to style and the style will last and not easily change. However, gray synthetic hair cannot take high temperatures so careful use of hairdryers is required otherwise the synthetic hair may lose its curls and turn straight or even get burnt.


Yak hair, as the name suggests, is hair collected from yaks. Compared to gray human hair, yak hair is thicker, harder and much brighter. The main component of yak hair, like human hair, is protein meaning it can be easily dyed too. However, in terms of normal day-to-day use, it performs better than gray human hair because it does not change color easily or go a light shade of yellow. As there is a plentiful supply of yak hair, it is inexpensive and much cheaper than human hair.


How to Choose the Correct Gray Hair Type for Custom Men’s Toupees

With the development in techniques, the texture and appearance of gray synthetic hair are almost the same as real human hair and it is becoming more widespread in the toupee-making industry. If you will dye the hairpiece yourself after buying it or if you have experience of how to take care of synthetic hair, then inexpensive, 100% synthetic hair will be a good choice. Please note that the hair should not be combed with force and again, please avoid constant high temperatures when using a hairdryer.

If you want the most natural gray hair, will not dye the hair after buying it and can accept the color changing from gray to a light shade of yellow, gray human hair would be the best choice. It’s worth remembering that the gray hair of human beings will also eventually change to a light shade of yellow so opting for gray human hair actually gives the most natural of effects.

Whilst the use of gray yak hair is not as common as the other two types of gray hair for custom men’s hair replacement systems, some of our clients still prefer gray yak hair. They use 100% gray yak hair or mix it together with gray human hair. This is because gray yak hair is the strongest of the three types so it has a longer lifespan and there are no issues with it shedding. On the other hand, compared to gray human hair, gray yak hair looks much whiter and does not easily change to a yellow color. These two characteristics may meet the exact needs of some clients.

New Times Hair, as a high-quality hair product manufacturer and wholesale synthetic wig supplier, has a large number of stock toupees for sale including those in gray hair color. You can check the following stock toupees with gray hair below. All of the gray hair of our stock toupees is synthetic gray meaning it cannot be dyed or will not change hair color.




We hope this blog can help you to have a better understanding of different types of gray hair. For any other information, please feel free to contact New Times Hair info@newtimeshair.com.


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